Monster - Part 7

Did she have a blackout? Was the memory from that night causing her that much pain that she'd lost consciousness? Her head was aching like hell anyway.

“You are still very weak, Prey"

Fuck, it wasn't a dream that she had hoped for. He is still there. Or is he?

"I am still here"

"Get the fuck out off my head!" She said with an as firm voice as she could muster.

"No" the answer was short and not up for discussion.

"You know, if all this is real. If you are real, even though it sounds really fucked up."

"It is real, you cannot escape this."

"Don't fucking interrupt me when I am having a fit, ok. So even if this is all real and you keep telling me that I have just begun to see things. What if I do not want this huh? What's stopping me from just walking away from this?" She questioned not only the self proclaimed entity, but also her sanity was now on the line it seemed.

"I could, but would you really want to do that, Prey?"

"You know, that 'prey' thing really isn't helping your argumentation."

"As I said, I will call you that which you are."

"Sigh. Alright I'll bite. What did you mean by if I really want to walk away? I sure as hell did not ask for this."

"No. You chose this, Prey."

"What in the heck of everything do you mean with "You chose this"? How in hell would I chose something like this? A express ticket to the nut house, am I going bedlam here?" She exclamated. She tried to keep it somewhat down in order to not alarm the neighbors. Just in case.

"That is a revelation that you will have to come to yourself. There is nothing that I sho... that I can do to allow you to know. For now" That voice was starting to irritate now.

"Now that is reassuring. I need a rest." The thought of sleeping this ordeal off was quite enticing to her. She wanted this. She needed it.

"There will be no rest. You have set things in motion that cannot be stopped. Nor can they be put on hold for a rest. You started this, it is up to you to finish it." The dark voice said.

"Oh, come the fuck on, I need to sleep in order to keep my mind straight. Or at least, to have you to be silent. If you are even there that is; perhaps I need a padded room for  a while."

"That would only hinder us in what lies ahead, Prey. Have you learned nothing so far?" Why would that dark voice not fade away? Why was this not just a prolonged, bad, dream that would end soon she asked herself.

"A dream? Prey, do not confuse what is happening, for something that is imagination. No matter how you twist and turn this matter, you brought this on yourself. There is no other explanation than that."

Akemi firmly placed her palm against her face.

"Why would I ever imagine something like this? A voice in my head telling me that I fucked over my life?" If this was not a bad dream, at least she had the right to get some answers she thought.

"You seek answers, and as I have told you, I am not the one to give them. You have to find them yourself. I can only, in this moment, offer partial explanations. But what I can tell you for now, is that this is a path that you, yourself, set upon. And I can, in the end, only accompany you on this travel. This is the fate that we both chose that night. At this moment, I cannot say more." For some odd reason the dark voice seemed plagued what it said. As if there was an explanation beyond the words just spoken by it.

"Well, are you at least letting me rest for now?" She asked.

"Unless there is something to disturb I will not intervene" Was the reply. "But, you are not done yet, prey"

"What is it then, I am too tired to guess. Just friggin tell me would you. I want to sleep" She said, there was no point in keeping it subtle.

"Sleep, now that is something that I've longed for in an eternity, yet not been able to experience. Perhaps this fate will also fall upon you Prey. But that is not my place to say for now. I am but a passenger and a guide if you will. But the one to set the destination - and in doing so - deciding the direction of the journey will be you, Prey." Why did the voice now seem to be even more deceiving than before she asked herself?.

"I hold no deceit, I hold knowledge that you could only wish for to know. Yet I cannot - and will not - tell it until it is required for that would bring even more confusion to what is currently an disorganized mess. And there is neither time nor energy to untwist such a knot now. If you bend something too quickly there will be cracks, and that is not something a mind in your condition could ever manage, not in it's current condition." She could not tell why, but even if this response was as vague as an washed out pamphlet it still held some odd truth that seemed too convincing to overcome at the moment. She did not like it, but she was compelled to accept it in her current condition. And so Akemi decided to let it have its run for now. But soon there will be answers to her questions.

"Well,  fuck you - and fuck this - I am going to bed now." She thought and fell into the comforting caress of her bed. Nothing could stop her from having a few hours sleep.

Moments later she came to her senses, standing in a rainy alley in a place that she did not recognize. In front of her were two odd shadows that seemed to be infatuated with someone that was holding a passed out girl in his arms, and the feeling about what was to happen was not a good one as it sent shivers up Akemi's back.

"Ah, fuck" was all she could muster.