A journey begins - part 1

Part 1.

The rain kept pouring down as it had ever before. She stood there under the tree and wondered what had happened, how it all had become like this. Yes it was not long ago as she set out on a journey looking after what was beyond that line some named the horizon.
Oh and what a trip it had been, she had seen so many new places , so many strange animals and other fauna that had caught her vision within a glimpse. Ah yes there had been so much joy in seeing all this, but also the darker side had made themselves apparent. As for when she ran out of food and there seemed to be anything near that could be edible, unless those animals that saw her as a quick snack. And she did not wish for them to notice her. And as for what the nature had to offer she did know less or nothing about the plants and what grew here. It could prove to have been poisonous and fatal.

She had not seen any other either, no Humans, Elves, Gnome or Half-elves. This had been strange, were there no one to live past the horizon ? Or had she just taken the wrong turn at an intersection ?
And what was that strange glowing thing she had noticed one night ? It looked like a human but still not. As it constantly changed its shape. And the strange animal that looked like it was half of bird and half of lion. She was astounded by all this and it gave her much to think about. To think at times such as this. The rain still kept its pace falling down lading softly on the blades of the trees and flowers. Making small puddles on the ground and as it grew it floated away into other puddles or made their own small paths in the ground.

So where were she supposed to go now ? She was happy that she had found some things to eat before as her stomach had made her more than noticeable by hearing. It had protested loudly for some time and it seemed as her body too would give in under its protests. It was then she had found something growing. This time hunger convinced her that even if she did not eat what this strange flower provided she would still fall under the death of starvation. She found herself lucky as she had taken a small taste of the strange fruit like thing hanging from the flower and gently chewed it.
At once her stomach silenced as she was eating a whole feast. After a few minutes she felt how her body was as strong again as the day she had left for her travel. Once more the spirit had returned to her and she felt as good as ever. She had quickly looked around and found more of these fruits, she even noticed that they had some strange shiftings in their color. And a bite later confirmed to her that it also meant a change of taste. All wonderful and sweet. She filled her bag and then set off to where she felt was the way to go.

She looked around to see if there was someplace that particularly tickled her sense of curiosity.
The mountains in the distant looked appealing yet would she even reach them with the package of food she had now ? If the effects of the fruits she had lasted she would have food for perhaps fifteen to twenty days. One fruit seemed to keep her up and focused for a day. But should she chance on the mountains in this state, perhaps when she came better prepared. Another thing that catched her eye was the large green open meadow towards west, could there be something worth there in the grass ? Or what lied behind it. Or the forest that was a bit more to the northwest. What could be found in there ? Some strange people or magical beings that was friendly ? Or worse unfriendly creatures. She sat there with her head resting on her knees staring out through the rain, at the small drops that fell , how they shined through the air for later to create a rumble in the puddle they landed.

After a time the drops became fewer and fewer and she stood up and stretched for she had been sitting there for some time now. She stretched out in her entire length with her arms reaching for the sky, she leant backwards a bit and closed her eyes as she took a deep breath. Aahh that felt so good.
A small bite of another fruit gave her strength and a good mood.

“Oh, it has finally stopped raining” She thought to herself as she appeared from under the tree.
She made a quick last sweep over the area before she turned and started walking towards where she wanted to travel.