A journey begins - part 2

Part 2.

A knife, a small , yet still efficient one, was all that she had brought when she set out for her journey through the lands. This little knife was given to her from Daranger, her mentor in basic survivial, that had helped her not just to handle a knife. But also to survive in the manner of using what was at hand in battle. He had shown her that with just a small branch from a tree you could in fact almost paralyze the greatest of dangers as long as you knew how to handle yourself and your surroundings. Thinking of this, she often swayed away in thoughts as she traveled, it was quite amazing that a mighty beast that seemed to be so strong could easily be beaten with the use of speed and agility. And to strike on a opponent that was well out of stamina often turned out to be a victorious strategy. A quick and well minded opponent was better to be avoided until a flaw in his o hers style of attack was shown then use that as the upper hand against the person. There were many way to defend oneself against what was ahead, all with the aid of a small knife.

She unshielded the knife and removed a part of a fruit as she peeled the skin of it and took a bite. She had just left the tree where she sought shelter for the rain and was now walking in the direction that seemed to the be the most appealing one. It could change in the swift of a second so she really did not mind to where she was headed. It turned out that she was closing in on the meadow that she had previously seen in the far distant. Perhaps they held more of the lovely fruits. What should she name them ? She had not seen any of their like in her village before leaving, and she could not remember any lore’s or tellings that held the answer to what they were. Has she discovered something new ? Then what would be a suitable name for them she thought. What did they do to the one that ate from them. They silenced the sound of hungry stomachs, they gave energy to the sore body that had wandered too far and brought spirit into the mind that was doubting. Would Sperbo be a good name ? Sp from Spirit, er from energy and bo from body. Perhaps it was not the best of names but it would do for now. Perhaps she would meet someone that could give a better explanation to them than her speculations.

“Ouch” She said out loud as she walked.

It seemed as she had accidentally cut her thumb a little as she had been walking and got stuck in a string of thoughts about the fruits. “Well that is how it ends when you think a bit too much” She thought to herself and laughed a bit. Yes, so far she had seen some quite fascinating bits that she never thought that she would encounter. And this was what made it all so interesting. To find out about the unexpected, to see what was beyond the line named horizon. And to seek out the new unknown lands that neither she nor any from her village had seen before. Ah yes exciting indeed it was, and dangerous. Many would give up at the thought of the dangers that lied outside the safe havens of the village. Yet she had always, even since she was a small one, had an urge and determined mind to seek what was beyond all that was well known to the townspeople.

She stopped a bit and looked on a small bush that grew by the road, it seemed as some animals had eaten , or at least tried to take a bite of, the branches of it. She used her knife to cut herself a small part of it and examined it closely. It seemed to the emanating a fluid of some kind in very small proportions. She gently moved it closer to her mouth and let her lips touch it, in an instant she was filled with yet another rush through her body. Even this bush seemed to hold its own secrets and magic as the small piece of it that she had in her mouth gave of such lovely and sweet taste that she could not help to hold it in her mouth as she walked further on, of course she also took some more of the branches of this bush for the travel.

Once more she casted a glimpse at the knife, the blade reflected the sunlight and an image of her.
Yes, she was not the best nor greatest of fighter that was born into this planet, but she knew how to care and defend herself and that was quite sufficient for now.

So she continued to walk along the road she had set for her. Holding some sweet candy from a bush to keep her cheery and the protection of perception and a small knife…