A journey begins - part 3

Part 3.

It has turned mid day now. The sun stood high on the sky and she was still
walking on the path that lead towards the great meadow in front of her. The
small branch was still in her mouth and still as tasty as it had been a while
ago. The day was calm and nice, air fresh and playful as she walked along what
seemed to be a not so well traveled path. Or was that just her imagination as
she had not yet seen any sort of life since she set out on her journey. So was
the route ahead of her used before or was it just another of the natures
mysteries ? Even though these thoughts seemed to be discouraging she kept on
walking keeping her spirits high. She was the one that set out on this travel
and she was to finish it. But she had to admit that it had sometimes felt a bit
lonely, but it was soon remedied by finding something interesting to look at.
She was curious by nature and it sometimes had got her into smaller troubles now
and then. But it was all part of whom she was and the elders in the village had
soon accepted her person and came to know her pretty well as she often spent
time with them to hear the tales of the old and myths of magic. Yes magic was a
n area that she found to be interesting indeed, how could one tame such forces
without fully understand them.

The ones that was well wandered within this area all shared the same conclusion;
magic and its heritage was rather unknown of. But as long as the one using it
did it on equal terms and not walked against the will of the magical flow itself
this was what needed to use magic.

She had found its mysteries tempting in a way that she could not really explain,
but she had also had an easy hand for learning its skill. Many learned it as a
way to defend themselves or to overcome a hard foe. Yet she had chosen to use
her skills to heal the wounds of others in the first hand. As she was skilled in
both the use of heal and of handling of a knife she still was the last to seek
violence as the resort of an issue. There was no valid point for her to do it
otherwise than try to settle it. Last resort would be the one of violence for
her, and even that she did not like. So hopefully she would only get to use the
skills she had and learned in the ways she wished to.

But still it was all calm and nice as she walked there. Nothing could be seen in
any direction , not a sign of life except her own. So where was she then and
where were she headed, the explorer in her awakened again and started to view
the surroundings. If not she had learned to be a rather well tracker, but as
there seemed to be little life around what was there to track.

As she rounded a small hill she found that there was a large stone on the top of
it and she decided to have a look at it and perhaps get a better view from up
there. She walked towards the stone and as she approached it she could see that
it had some strange markings that she did not recognize as something the nature
had created. She tried to read it but it made no sense to her, she then closed
her eyes and let her hand wander over the carvings. Even now she could not get a
hint of what it was that was written on the stone in front of her.

A flash appeared in front of her as she stood there holding her hand on the
stone. She did not know where she was and she could not open her eyes. But
around her she heard noises, sounds of fighting and struggling. There was the
sound of arrows flying through the air, some seemed to find their target as a
short thud and then a scream was the obvious proof. Did she dare to open her
eyes and see what it all was ? She still stood there with her hand on the stone
with her eyes closed and listened to the sounds around. When would they notice
her and find her as their new target ?.
She heard something that crawled in front of her and then th sound of something
that tried to carve into stone. What was that, was the marks now being written?
Could she open her eyes to see it ?.

She decided that she had to try and open her eyes and see what was in front of
her. As she opened them she saw a tall man sitting in front of her trying to
carve the marks she had seen previously into the stone. From his back there were
arrows sticking out and he was bleeding heavily. Then all of a sudden a whining
sound of an arrow was heard and the man gave of a harsh moan and the last thing
she saw before he fell over her was that he lost an amulet that was around his

With a bounce she landed on the ground. She was back into the normal world, or
had she been here all the time? She was not certain yet she saw the rock in
front of her and the markings were now old. There was not possibility that what
she had seen had happened recently. Was it an flashback of history ? And why did
she see this, this was the first time even as she had experienced such thing and
why now. So many questions she had even before she stood up. As she looked at
the rock she could almost see that it must have been slightly altered since she
closed her eyes. But still she could not put the finger on what it was. It was
still in the same shape as before, yet different.
She turned around to leave as she did not want to stay there any longer, it was
then she noticed something that was lying in the grass close to the rock. It
reflected the sunbeams and caught her eye as she reached down to grasp it. All
she could get out of her was a small gasp as she recognized what it was she held
in her hand. It was the amulet the man had dropped in her vision. How could this
be , it had not been here before she had her vision, and how come it was here
now ?

She did not know why she picked it up and placed it around her neck before she
left. It was just something she had to do. For it was important.

Then she continued to walk once more along the way..