A journey begins - part 5

Part 5.

So it seemed as she once more was headed for this strange rock on the hill. She
had no other way to turn to either way so why not go there again. “But would I
get another sensation again, what will I see ?” She thought to herself as she
continued to walk closer and closer. The shape of the hill grew clearer and
clearer. The sky faded more into darkness but still it seemed as the hill and
rock was as clear as when she had seen it just moments before. Perhaps it was
her eyes and tired body that played tricks on her, she didn’t know and for the
moment she did not care. She had to find some place safe to rest for the night.
She was not sure if the hill was even safe again but for now it was all that
would do. Hopefully there wouldn’t be any rain this night but a clear sky.

Soon enough she was walking up alongside on the hill stood next to the rock. The
inscriptions were still there giving of their message that she could not
interpret still. What did they mean and why had the man carved them into the
rock, did he know that he was about to die?
She sat down and leaned against the rock and let her head fall backwards so that
she could watch the sky. It looked as she was lucky for it was a clear sky with
hardly no clouds. The stars shined strongly, some blinking and some were just
bright. As she was looking at the sky she thought of what had really happened
before she returned here, she had been hunted by some men that spoke a language
she did not know as little as she knew the reason for them hunting her.
She looked at the sky and it slowly faded out and turned into shapes. As she
closed her eyes and fell asleep the medallion around her neck started to
levitate just a little above her chest and started to glow.

When she opened her eyes the sky was black and filled with dark clouds, as if a
thunderstorm was coming. She looked down and was horrified of what she saw. All
around there were bodies of fallen fighters, blood was covering the once green
ground, everywhere there was pieces of armors and weapons lying around. It was a
mayhem and a carnage that was in front of her eyes. With fear she saw how this
giant battlefield stretched over such great lands that it almost looked like she
was not able to see the end of it. Such horror and death she had never seen
before, yet now it was right there in front of her eyes. Where was she ? She
looked around and saw the familiar rock and the carvings, the carvings ! They
looked different from when she had fallen asleep. They were not as old and
weather torn , but they were also not as fresh as if they were newly carved.
Where was she ? Or more important, when was she ?

She tried to stand up but her legs did not follow her commands, she fell back on
her behind with her back against the rock. Did it want to show her yet another
vision ? But why her, why should she be the one to see all of this ? Then she
looked at the battlefield, there was a man on a horse there whom rode through
the field, over corpses and through puddles of blood. The horse and man seemed
not to be affected at all by the destruction that surrounded them. He was
looking at the corpses.
Suddenly one of the soldiers made an attempt to stand up but a deep gash in his
knee told him otherwise. The man on the horse noticed this and changed his
course towards the soldier.
As the came close he unshielded his sword, it was a magnificent sword not like
the others that were spread around. It was either the sword of a kind or a great
warrior. He pointed the sword towards the soldier who was sitting on his heels
trying to stop the flow of blood from his knee. When he saw the blade of the
sword appear in front of his eyes he looked up straight at the man on the horse.

The rider made a swift move with the arm and was now pointing towards the rock,
straight at her, with his sword. Could they see her, was he pointing at her ?
The soldier looked at the rock and his eyes told her that he could not see her,
but that he also understood what the horserider meant. He then looked at the man
and shook his head and then lowered it again to see to his wound. The rider
looked at the soldier then started to ride pass him.
As he passed he lifted his sword and let it fell towards the neck of the

Suddenly she woke up with a gasp. It had been a dream, or a vision. She had
another one of the sensations. She looked around and it was a she thought, it
was all back as usual. No battlefield, no soldiers or weapons. And no blood.
She stood up and tried to move, now her legs obeyed her but she was taken by
what she had just witness. Why did she continue to see these things ? She then
remembered the medallion and how it had appeared after she had seen the man fall
by the rock. But it was impossible to happen, but her curiosity took over and
she walked towards where she had seen the man on the horse and the soldier.

As she entered the area where they had been she started to roam the area with
her eyes but could not see anything special there. “How silly of me she thought”
and turned around to head back to the hill. It was the as the evening sun
blinded her a little, but it was not from the sky but from the ground. She
looked down at this little source of light and found it to be a coin, one that
she did not recognize. At home she had lived near the merchants and often
visited them to see what all foreigners brought to town. This was she had also
come to know the different currency’s and their denomination. But this coin
baffled her memory as it gave nothing but emptiness when she tried to recognize
it. She picked up the coin and moved back to the hill.

Why did she see all this ? Why her, she was just a wanderer and explorer but one
that had already experienced more then she could ever imagined she would when
she sat out on her journey. And those back at home would probably scream if they
knew what was happening.

When she got back up to the rock she looked at it, it just stood there. It was
like the one form pillar in time what would never change no matter what happened
around it.

Soon she was lying near the rock sleeping deeply and calmly while the clouds
passed by on the sky.