A journey begins - part 6

Part 6.

A light breeze swept through the trees around the hill and made the grass dance
in pace with the trees. Some dust followed in and flowers took the opportunity
to spread with the wind.
She was still sleeping deeply near the rock on the hill. The latest vision had
taken its toll on her, not to mention all the other things she had been
experiencing since she walked into the area to find the strange rock. She was
sleeping and did not mind what was happening around her, and neither would she
as nothing in particular was happening. She did not have any dreams that would
wake her up, but after some time she woke up by herself. She stretched and stood
up. She looked in her bag and found that her supplies was on their last straw so
she decided that it was time to learn more about the fauna and what it could

She got up and looked at the rock. “There is no use to wander off from here, it
seems like I will end up here sooner or later anyhow” She thought to herself as
she walked down the small hill.
Her stomach accompanied her with a growl telling her that it was empty and
wanted something to work with. But what? What was there to find in this unknown
area, she had planned to travel light and fast and not to be upheld too long at
the same place. Then again she didn’t plan to be attacked, getting visions and
finding strange items either. But that was thinking for later times, for now
food was on the list of things to find. She reached a tree nearby and decided to
climb up it to get a better view of the surroundings, perhaps even find food in
Moments later she was sitting in a large branch that was sticking out from the
tree and that was not covered in too many leafs that would hinder her sight. She
looked around and found that the lands looked as empty viewed from the tree as
from the ground. So it was berries and roots that was the safer thing to look
for. And she had never been any greater cook when it came to meat.

Well back on the ground, after looking through the branch for something edible,
she looked around for some nearby bushes and berries. Seems as luck was one that
had left her side for some time ago as her sight could not find anything that
clearly resembled what she was looking for. She walked a bit along the path
heading back from where she came, the berries that she had found earlier came
into her mind, what was it that she had called them? Perhaps she would find some
if she walked there. Said and done she walked along the small path while looking
around for more things which could dampen her appetite which by now had grown
quite big.

After a little walk she noticed how the grass around started to get thicker and
thicker and soon turn into smaller bushes. She started to walk faster as she
noticed this, not because she wanted but because the hunger told her so. She was
quite happy to find that her guessing had turned out to be true for soon she
noted some familiar bushes not far off from the road and she headed to them. As
she got next to them she saw that they were full of the berries she had eaten
She quickly grabbed a fistful and shoved in her mouth and started to chew. The
strong sweet taste ran a shiver through her body as she swallowed and she felt
how the energy started to come back to her once more. She grabbed as many
berries as she could, leaving a few behind just in case she had to return here
on a later time.

Once her bag was filled she looked around trying to find some familiar places so
that she could better remember this place. It was not that hard to notice that
the plants, grass trees and bushes around here somehow were more colorful, it
was perhaps not easy to spot at first as every plant was as colorful as the
other. But comparing with from where she came it was different. Then it hit her
, her vision had showed her. Could it be that the place looked a bit colorless
due to the battle that had taken place there ? And what was the battle about ?
What did the man on the horse want, what was he looking for. And that rock..

As her bag was as full as it could be with food she decided that she could head
back to the rock and try and think over the latest happenings a bit. She was now
full of both energy and curiosity to find out what it could be about. Perhaps
she could even decipher the carvings on the rock itself. That was not too likely
though. As she walked on the path back she found herself to be humming on a tune
that just came to her mind. But when she thought about it it was not a tune that
she had heard before nor learned herself. Perhaps it was an effect of eating so
many berries at once. So she continued to humm as the song came to her. She
tried to remember the song and it almost surprised her a little that it was not
as hard to.

She finally got back to the hill, it did not look as horrifying as it had done
before, it was a bit like home to her. She walked up along the hill but decided
that she should take a lap around it when reaching halfway to see if there was
something that she might have missed. It looked like an ordinary hill to her,
she could not catch a glimpse of anything unusual.
When she had a good luck she continued up along the hill and was soon near the
rock again.
She sat down and looked around, it was all as when she had woken up earlier so
she decided not to put any further thoughts into it.

As she was correcting her bag she felt something in her pocket, it was the coin
she had found where she had seen the man being decapitated by the horseman. She
looked at it using the sun to light it up as good as possible. It glistened as
the sunbeams reached it and shined in a strange way. The markings on it was
signs she had not seen before but some bare an resemblance with the carvings in
the rock. Or at least she thought so when she tried to compare them both in
order to find clues. After looking at the coin for a moment her eyes got tired
of the strong light and she sat down to think things through a bit. About what
had happened, how she had seen something and how the medallion had saved her
when she was hunted.

The medallion ! She had seen some carvings on the coin from somewhere but had
never really been able to put the finger on from where. But now she remembered,
she had seen one sign on the medallion.