A journey begins - part 7

Part 7.

The sun was still shining clearly on her and the medallion as she was looking at
it closely. She knew that somewhere on it there was a sign or a latter or
something that she had seen on the coin.
It was all so strange to her, what was these items she held in her hands ? She
had got them both through dreams, or were they dreams ? She could not really
tell if it was so, but sitting there holding both the medallion and the coin
told her otherwise. Even the carvings in the rock was there, and it was no
dream. How strange.

She was comparing the coin to the medallion, she tried hard to find the letters
that she had seen but it was as if they were lost somehow. After a moment of
staring into them her head started to hurt a bit so she relaxed against the rock
while closing her eyes.

Suddenly she was back a the battlefield, but not the last one she had seen. But
the first one, it was as if it was rewinding itself in front of her and she
ended up meeting eyes with the man that had lost the medallion. It was as if
everything just froze, she was just looking at him. The arrows that had hit him
was just levitating in the air just behind him, as if they had stopped just
before piercing through his body. She looked around and was stunned to see that
everyone around, everything was just standing still as if time had frozen. Why
did this happen ?
She did not dare to move, what would happen, would she be trapped in this
tragedy over and over again if she did ? She looked around, was it telling her
something, if it did what was it.
She looked around, it was hard since everywhere there was pain and blood,
wounded people. Then after a moment she noticed something different. This time
the man was not dropping the medallion. This time she was wearing it, in her
dream she had the medallion around her neck.
She held it in her hands staring at it, trying to find a solution to all this.

“What is it that you are trying to tell me” She asked it.

As if her voice was the trigger the medallion sounded off a “click” and it
looked as if it was opening up, or rather as if it was cracking up in the center
revealing a blue gem inside. She held it up in front of her staring at the gem
so much that she forgot that she was trapped in the dream.
The gem was round and blue, but it was as if the inside of it living, she could
see two small , what seemed to be white balls, moving around in harmony leaving
facing tails behind. They moved as if they were swinging in the pace of tunes,
or performing some kind of dance. She was absorbed by them, just kept looking.

Suddenly the world shakes, as if an earthquake made its presence. She had to
take a step backward to regain her balance, and as she did the dream moved from
its frozen state back into what had happened before. The mas was pierced and
fell to the ground and she once again lost her balance, this time the sun hit
the medallion and the reflection lit up the side of the rock, it emanated on
parts of the carvings.

“…key that opens door…” Was all that she could read on the rock before
waking up again.

This dream had been so different, she had actually been standing in it didn’t
she ? She had been there, seen it all again but now it was all so different. It
had been in a frozen animation until the moment she had looked at the medallion.
The medallion ! It had changed its shape in her dream, it had displayed a gem
whom in return had showed her parts of the carvings. Could it be that the
medallion was the key to decipher the carvings, what they means ? She stood up
and looked at the sky, the sun and clouds were still there as before she had sat
down. She tried to get a reflection of sun from the medallion to hit the
carvings, it was trickier then she had thought and she tried several times from
different angles before giving up. It seemed as it didn’t want to work now.
Then she realized that when it had happened, even though it went very fast, that
it was the gem that had reflected the sun, not the medallion itself.

She sat down and looked at the medallion. It looked as before the dream, nothing
new or unusual about it. She examined it closely, ignoring the carvings on it,
trying to find some sort of lock or switch on it which could activate the gem
again. There was nothing, in fact it was as if it was laughing in her face with
its perfect lines and shapes, nowhere was an opener nor lock seen.

“What is it that you are trying to tell me” She said in an attempt to activate
the medallion.

Still nothing, it didn’t react the least to her words, just lied there in her
hands silent and glistening.
Perhaps the time of the day was wrong, perhaps it only activated at a certain
time of day she thought to herself. Perhaps there was something she could see in
the dream what might help her activating it. But she was not sure if she wanted
to return to the dream again, just being there as everything was standing still
was scary enough for her. But she was so curious, it seemed as it constantly
teased her to continue to seek out more when she lost interest in it. She had
already convinced herself when she thought that and decided to once more let her
curiosity take the upper hand.

She lied down by the rock after eating just a few berries and closed her eyes
squeezing the medallion in her hand. She tried her best to fall back into the
dream. She fell asleep.

She dreamt, but not about the medallion or the rock. Not even the coin.
She was back in her own hometown walking down the street heading nowhere it
seemed. As she walked she met all her merchant friends, they greeted her and she
answered. At some she stopped and talked with them a bit before moving on. One
even gave her an applefruit as a kind gesture.
She continued to walk along the street taking a left and right turn around
corners. It seemed as she were heading somewhere anyhow, but where she couldn’t
put the finger on. She was just walking now, it seemed as she street would never
end. She tried a left turn down a small alley just to find out that the street
there looked just like the one she was just coming from. Down through another
alley from there and she was still facing the end of the merchant street, but
even as she walked closer to it it was like it would never end. Another small
alley and the same street appears.

It had started out as a usual walk down a street but now it seemed to have ended
up in a maze of confusion. A labyrinth with no end and no goal. Whatever turn
she took it was always the same, the maze was a labyrinth that was a circle. She
started to get confused and scared, what would happen ? What was the point and
meaning, where was she headed and why ? She didn’t know but she decided that the
best thing would probably so just walk straight towards the end of the street,
even if it never seemed to come any closer. She walked and walked and nothing
seemed to ever change, had this happened to her before ? Had she been lost on
the street as a child trying to find back to her friends or parents and as being
a small one the streets had seem endless ? She didn’t know at all.
In a flash a large shadow appeared in front of her and she woke up.

“aahh” She said out loud.

It had just been a bad dream. She was a bit sweaty but in a way she was happy
that it was just a bad dream. Thinking of it she had felt it right from the
start that it was just an ordinary dream, not like the one she had just got
stuck in earlier. And she was in a way thankful for it not being the same dream.
But it was scary anyways.

The sun and clouds had already sought refuge behind the horizon and the stars
and their dark blue and black drapery had now taken over. The stars were showing
their patterns in the sky as she looked at them. The breeze was calm and
cooling, but never cold enough to make it chilly. It seemed to be a nice
evening, or night as it was. She leaned back at the rock, it had almost become a
kind of friend to her now. Since she had been there so much, and well so much
had happened there lately.
Quite funny as she just set out to see the lands, she never expected to end up
in something as confusing as this. A fight or something like that at worst she
had thought, but she was good with handling the knife so she didn’t fear that
too much, but to get taken away by this. It was way over her understanding. Why
would something like this happened to her ? Why not someone else, she was no one
in particular and this seemed to be a task for a grand mage or at least a

Oh well, the night was beautiful so why not enjoy it while it last.