A Yubos poem

Here I do walk once again, reminds me of the times when.
When I was young and roamed the land, Atys held by Homins hand.
When time was bright and each days by sun made light.
It is the days of the old, that will now be retold.

In the forest and land of the King, honour be one important thing.
Another be one of improvement, to make better what be of Atys sent.
Proud Homins tall and pale, with the stride to never fail.
In these lands me and my friends, enjoys the forest hymn to no ends.

Praying delighted tall and blue, with the mind that will see things through.
In the spirit of the lands held the faith, that what is living will prevail great.
What be hiding behind their mask, to find out is one of greatest task.
Calm and with reason, their minds are sure to hold no treason.

In the desert warm and plain, they live without any strain.
The Emperor is ruling the scarce land, with the peoples aiding hand.
Ths heat might seem to last for long, as the sun shines so strong.
But this makes no one to haste, this is a land of their taste.

Near the waters close on the beach, there lives they with a mind for each.
They might seem short in length, still it tells little of their great strength.
Often with a smile and kind word to be seen, alway holding kind intentions never mean.
Often misstaken for a child, when they be running wild.

These be the lands of me and my friends, all on the planet that holds no ends.
These are the people that we each day meet, some to stop to us kindly greet.
Here the count of four race equals one wonderful place.
Somwhere in the great universe, we all on Atys will traverse.

This be where I live, and a part of this place I wish to you give.
A place where no one ever will be gone, for there will always be a kind one.
Somwhere wherever you see, there are those that your friends be.
I wish for you to meet my friends, on Atys the planet that never ends.

This is what I through my eyes see, things that are as they should be.
This is the honour and this is the pride, to which we all so hard stride.
This is what be held in our prayers, that we are all each others saviours.
This is the warmth of the lands one will feel, refreshing like the finest heal.
This is a place where one runs wild, here everone is an eager child.
This is a place of kindness that holds no lies, this all seen through a Yubos eyes.