An electro technician's life - part 12

Reoccurring, redundant, repetitive are some words to tell how certain objects or
things can seem to be. Reoccurring; it always happens again and again and mostly
on the same places as before. Redundant; Well what can one expect when using
outdated tools and machines in order to get it done. Repetitive; as a circle it
continues on an on.

Well, perhaps not the most lucrative description of the job, but it fitted in
there somewhere. And what would it be without a challenge ? Fixing the same , or
similar, things one after another might seem quite monotone , but it can also be
seen as a good practice.

Perhaps it had been her strongest force and motivation when she was training her
skills and learning more for her knowledge. She had always had that small tint
in her telling her to continue, to solve the problems at hand. But why
electronics and electronic engineering ? She had never quite figured that one
out herself and didn’t really put much energy into it. She was good at it, had
an understanding for it and that was enough. It was effective enough.
She had some time over since Thosam had not been there when she came to hand him
the Portable Device. She hadn’t bothered to seek him via the NeckLink either, he
was probably out doing something important, or staring into another set of tubes
or something.
A smile went over her face as she imagined him standing, staring on some tubes
with some strange fluids in them and then suddenly jump up because of his
NeckLink and her message.
She had been looking forward to tell him about all the little extras she had
been adding to it. But it seems as it has to be for some other time. She just
hoped that he would notice the message she had attached to it, with the
information that she had discovered while going through the data from the
communications log. Perhaps he could make something out of it, or perhaps she
will get a message asking her why she attached samples of hydraulics fluids or
something. Still she smiled for what ever it could turn out to be.

So what to do now then, she was not really that tired as she thought she would
be. The Jab’s had done their work and soon was due to wear out. Perhaps she
should take a stroll to the room with the small bridge or something, perhaps
there was something there to do. And besides, she hadn’t been there so often so
she did not really know the place. So she started to walk along the corridors,
by the pathfinders towards the longer tunnel heading upwards and slightly taking
a left turn to finally lead out onto the bridge. Perhaps not the best view,
still even large machines depends on the small screws which makes them as
appreciated as the nuts and bolts.

As she came out on the bridge she noticed that there wasn’t much to notice at
all, it was all the same as when she had left it a few days ago. Still it was
kind of nice to be here, she had wanted to go here so at least her goal was
reached. She sat down and let her legs swing from the edge. It was quite nice
sitting there for a moment leaning towards the rail and just looking forward at
something or nothing. She got her Portable Device up and had a look at the game,
she had been neglecting it a bit lately, but now seemed to be a nice time to
continue it.

The terraform units were up and running so it was time to lay the resources on
finding minerals to harvest. So clicking the engineering unit and selecting
hardware construction was the next step to do . Said and done and soon a small
little drone were driving back and forward on the little screen in its search
for minerals and other usable things.
But it was not that much fun, perhaps she was a bit tired anyhow. Or she had
just played it for so long that it was no longer a challenge or something new.
Placing the Portable Device back in the pocket as she got up and started to walk
she decided that she might just as well go to the garden and see if TAU have
anything interesting to read, or anything other that might be good to spend some
time with. It was better then nothing at least.

So down the corridors again, through via pathfinders and hubs, actually making a
short stop in a hub only to repair a broken circuit board and some wires hanging
loose. Quite old hardware again it seemed, but it would at least hold for now or
until the next tech came along. Repetitive and redundant.
Soon she noticed how the colors of the walls changed, even the looks and it
meant that the garden was not far off. She looked through the glass showing the
insides of the garden and she could catch a glimpse of the TAU hologram as she
moved along the corridor and soon the lights of the pathfinder displayed the
entrance. She walked into the garden and found her way to the TAU hologram
standing there in the center of it. She had a look and found that there were
some bits of information worth to know, some newly formed rings and
administrators that had got their seats replaced. Perhaps seemed as strange
information for an electronic tech, but it is always good to keep order of whom
one can contact for different materials or tools. Or what was needed to get the
job done in fact. It was not that she was so much interested in it, she just
wanted to have a hint on where to turn if needed.

She sat down leaning towards the wall a few meters away from the TAU hologram
and let her head fall back while looking at the trees.

“So this is how it could look like…”