An electro technician's life - part 13

A Electro technician’s life – Part XIII.

As she had sit there for a little while, staring at the trees and the ceiling,
she heard the voices from the garden entrance. It was four persons, three came
from the MMT section as noted by their clothing and the Ring symbol on their
jackets. With them they had some toolboxes and materials of all different kinds.

“Excuse us ma’am, it has been scheduled to replace this current hologram as
noted in work order WA-MECH-D2-43” One of the men said to her as they stopped in
front of the holographic projector.

“Ok, well I’d better get moving anyhow.” She replied and stood up. ” I bet there
is an infoconsole somewhere that needs my attention.”

“Are you an electrician?” One of the other men asked her.

“Yeah, well its an field I like to work with at least.” She replied and set her
NeckLink to transmit her contact info over to the man asking.

“I see that you are not part of an Ring, are you interested in joining ?” He
asked her as he looked at the information she just sent him.

“Nah, for now I will just settle with getting my jobs done.” She smiling as she
started to walk towards the entrance.

“Alright then, perhaps I’ll ask you to come here and have a look when we are
done then.” The man shouted after her and laughing.

She lifted her right hand and waved as she left the garden and too a right
following the corridor. Even though the tower is large, its not endless and
still you meet new persons almost daily. Its quite convenient to have the
NeckLink then, to send and sort the information you send and receive during the
day. And of course a self custom made Portable Device.
Soon the characteristics of the garden faded into a small corridor that led to a
Radlock and to the left a Hub. She had hardly been to the Radlock here, except
for the times she needed to get into the canyon for repairs. But it was a
radlock known to be prone to errors. Often the doors did not shut properly or
the rotating lights in it did not rotate accordingly to the set schedule.
Thankfully the device itself handling the transfer had so many failsafe settings
it always worked as intended. And of course its a priority to keep that
machinery up to date and working.
She took a quick look at the little service panel next to the door that was
connected to the open and shut buttons. Through her Portable Device she noted
that it had recently got serviced and that tests had turned out that it was
working as usual.

“Heh, seems like I cannot go anywhere without thinking or doing a job” She
thought to herself as she wandered down to the Hub to have a look at its current

The status showed that everything was green, but a the voltage control of the
circuits had given off some strange readings so she decided to have a look. She
removed a small panel on the wall in the Hub and revealed the fusebox panel and
circuit board. It seemed as one of the fuses was in bad shape causing the
voltage and ampere in the specified circuit to wander up and down. It might been
a ordinary thing when it came to the old classic alternating current, but this
was sensitive communication devices, some were connected to the Radlock up the

As she touched the Fuse a tingling sensation went through her hand and up her
arm. It continued out into her body as she retracted her hand quickly. She had
gotten current in her and it seemed that the fuse were either badly damaged or
malfunctioning. She grabbed a tongs and grabbed the fuse. Just before removing
it she bypassed the circuit so it would use a temporary backup fuse while she
was replacing it. It was common that redundant devices had a way to connect
currents when need of repairs. A sparkle and black smoke from a panel not far
off told her that the fuse was far off from doing its work. It seemed as it had
short circuited another circuit while it was removed. So now she had two broken
fuses to replace. She found some fuses in a nearby maintenance locker and
replaced the first one so that the circuit could be activated properly again
before she moved to the second panel.

As she opened the second one she found that it was covered in something
strangely daub matter.
She used her cleaning sponge to remove most of the daub but still it was strange
that something like this were in a panel, and it seemed as it was the cause for
the fuse to activate. She had a quick look at the first fuse and now noted that
there were some small residues around the fuse socket that resembled the one
found at the second fuse.

She decided to send a mail to a scientist to look it up. She thought about
Thosam and decided to send him a message to his NeckLink.

Hi there Thosam sir !

I was just in Hub Rec-Beta2 near the Radlock to the canyon when I noticed a
fluctuation in a current. It was a fuse gone bad in panel D4-C1, but as soon as
I touched it it shorted out another one in a nearby panel and when I removed it
to change that fuse too I found it was covered in something strange. I just
cleaned up around it and changed that fuse too, but perhaps its something you
want to have a look at ? Ill attach the coordinates to the message to.

Oh, perhaps you can make use of that little thing I left in your lab too. And
have you had any time to look into the results I sent you from your
communication logs ? If so what did you find ?

message sent