An electro technician's life - part 14

A Electro technician’s life – Part XIIII.

And so the message was sent off into the air reaching the built in wires in the
hub whom traversed the electrons to the nearest routing unit and from there
moving further down the hallways until the destination was reached. As you move
through the hallways your NeckLink automatically updates your location, this
information is stored in the central communication hubs ( Mostly labeled
DCC-HUBX-CXX ). In these lines and machines the message was now traveling in
order to find its destination, if the communications didn’t brake that is.

She put her Portable Device away after notifying the MTT that one fuse had to be
added in the hub in order to keep the supply on a decent level. Suddenly another
panel burst open due to a built up pressure inside it. It was an exhaustion pipe
that had broken and build up a pressure and the moist from it had found its way
to the electronics whom in return had malfunctioned. Nothing new really, at
least not for her so she connected her Portable device, after grabbing it again,
to the panel and noted that it was set to be repaired. It was routine when
fixing things, to flag then under reparation so that if there was pipes with
dangerous chemicals they were routed around the hatch, same goes for heavy duty
circuits. All in order to protect the one doing the reparation. Of course the
hatches has a built in sensor that notifies TAU when they brake so its done
automatically, its also a way for the maintenance system to report malfunctions
so the repair tech can get to them fast. Still it was a measure of security to
do this in case the automated shutdown of the hatch didn’t work properly.

She put on her goggles so she could see through the thick mist the broken pipe
was generating and picket up her cleaning swab in order to get some metal
surface she could use to mend the pipe. Moments later it was clean enough and
she grabbed the plate splitter and started bending the pipe right. It was quite
the burst and just getting the pipe back in order would take most of the repair
time she thought to herself. Fixing the electrical part first could have been
done, but the chance that the moist from the pipe would once more affect it was
too great, and she liked to to the jobs properly. A bad repair would mean that
it had to be redone, or well at least sooner then if it had been done properly
from the start.

With a snap a piece of the pipe loosened and hit her over the arm swooshing
beside her head.

“Damn” she said as she kept holding her tool even though it did hurt where it
had hit her she kept the plate up in order to get it in place.

Unfortunately it seemed as the sensor that had closed the hatch when it brake
had been damaged by the moist, or perhaps even by the same daub that she had
found in the previous hatch. It was not just a frontal pressure that had been
built up but also on a secondary pipe behind the panel had got itself bended due
to the explosive character when the hatch brake open. It had got a small leak
and had slowly let out some gas. And as the plate splitter had gone to work it
had ignited it causing a smaller explosion behind the panel.
All of a sudden the screws in the corner whom held the panel in place had busted
and the entire panel fell down over her. Luckily she noticed it and was able to
meet the panel halfway and pushing it back into its place using both her hands.
But now a dilemma appeared, the plate that had loosened had hit both her arm and
in its trajectory hit the NeckLink damaging the communication circuit.

So there she was standing holding the panel up as good as she could while trying
to get it back enough so that she could grab her tool. But as it were now she
had to let go in order to reach it and that was not an option for now. Quite the

“Hey, you need help or somethin’ ?” A voice behind her asked.

“yeah, that would be great, you mind shimming the screws here. It kind of
loosened.” She replied as she turned around trying to see who it was that had
The girl , dressed in a green suit with silver-ish hair, grabbed the shimming
tool from her belt and quickly started to work on the mounting screws. After a
moment the panel was somewhat back in place. They now switched place as she was
trying to fix the pipe behind the panel. She could barely reach it with her
plate splitter, but it was close enough to do its job and after some poking the
pipe was back in working order. She thought to herself that this panel and pipe
had to be reported to the MMT for a full replacement as it was so badly damaged
that the repair they did now couldn’t count to more then as temporary fix. As
soon as they were done that is.

Finally tightening the last mounting bolt was in place and the panel was firmly
mounted to the holder again. Now the electrical damage had to be dealt with and
with the aid of the girl it went quite fast and soon they could close the hatch
again, getting the covering plate back in shape was some job though. But now it
was there and the hatch was back to 70% use, she had intentionally limited its
use since it was in so bad shape and an order to MMT for a replacement was sent
off via the Portable Device.

“So, thanks for the help, much appreciated.” She said to the girl who sat down
next to her. “What’s your name ?”

“Absinthia” She replied as she looked around. “I haven’t been here before, its
so big.”

“Yeah, the complex you see here is just a part of Reqspace, there are several
other complexes you can see too.” Drakfot replied as she checked her arm, it had
taken a dent from the plate but nothing seemed to be broken. Still the wound had
to be looked at so the bleeding would stop.

“Oh.. I guess there is much still for me to see then.” Absinthia replied noting
the wound. “That don’t look too good.”

“Nah, I’ll tend to it soon.” Drakfot wrapped some bandage around it. “It happens
when repairing, you get pinned between things or get smaller cuts, it’s nothing
serious. If you want I can show you around the place ?”

“Oh yes, that would be great thanks” She replied with a happy voice.

“You are pretty handy with that shimmer there.” Drakfot complimented the girl.

“Uhm, I don’t know. Haven’t done so many repairs really, just took it since you
told me to.” Absinthia said as they walked through a corridor heading for the
garden area.

“Say, want to team up for a bit? I could use a helping hand now and then it
seems.” Drakfot said straight out.

“Sure, sounds fun” she replied.