An electro technician's life - part 15

A Electro technician’s life – Part XV.

Drakfot took a walk towards the garden again, funny how one often ends up there,
to see if there were anyone that could have a look at the bruise on Drakfot’s

“Darn” Drakfot said as she had reached at her neck to scratch it but stopped and
felt on her NeckLink, which was broken. “I knew there was something not right
with it, well seems as there are more repairs to do.”

“I wish there was something I could do, but I kind of lacks the skills for that”
Absinthia replied as she also noted the broken NeckLink.

“No worries, I’ll get it back in order in no time when I get to my tools.”
Drakfot said.

Soon they reached the starting corridor at the garden, passing a window heading
towards the entrance. The Garden was a popular place for seedlings to gather,
not only were there factories and sharepoints, it was also a TAU unit there whom
many had inquires to. So it turned out that many had it as a central meeting
point. As they passed the window they saw that some seedlings were acting a bit
strange towards a ChimpBot, as if they were afraid of it. Moment later the
portable device gave off a buzz and a sound telling Drakfot that an repair order
was received, she picked it up and looked at it.

“Well this will be fun, follow me and hurry up” She said as she quickened her

“wh..what ?” Absinthia asked as she just tagged along.

“Seems like we have a stray ChimpBot in the garden area. Probably have a broken
Object receptor.” Drakfot said with a little smile, it was time to bring out the
heavy tools and work.

“The object what thingy ?” Absinthia asked as they both reached the entrance.

“In short its an optical censor that scans the area around the ChimpBot and
tells it if it can walk there or not, if there is a wall or a box or anything
else hindering.” Drakfot said as she placed the portable device back in its
pocket and scanned through the garden. There was no ChimpBot around.

“You know anything about a busted ChimpBot around here ?” She asked a man
standing in the entrance.

“Yeah, I was the one reporting it.” He answered.

“So, what happened to it, you know anything about it ?” Drakfot asked without
taking her eyes off the garden.

“Think it walked by a hatch when a containment accident happened. A chem pipe
with minerals and nutrition for the garden broke due to overload, and the bot
was close and probably got drowned in fluids.” The man said as he removed his
goggles. “I was called here to fix the containment issue, its back on shape but
there will probably be minor leaks that needs to be fixed until it can be fully

“Notified MMT” Drakfot said. Absinthia was just standing beside them wondering
what they were both talking about.

“Yeah, done that, would take some…” He was just abrupted by a metallic “clunk”
emanating from the garden.
“There it is! Follow me.” Drakfot shouted as she saw the ChimpBot staggering
around by the sharepoint.

Absinthia followed her through the garden, stopping just after the TAU. The
ChimpBot just walked forward, to the left, to the right, back around in
irregular order as it bumped into the sharepoint or the factory nearby. It was
drowned in some green daub too, what seemed to be the fluid from the chem pipe.

“100 ap’s to the one that first catches it.” Drakfot said with a smile.

Absinthia understood what was going on now. The ChimpBot was damaged so it could
not see where it was going, it was clearly noticeable by its behavior.

“These are sturdy, but well the fluids in the pipes are sometimes purely eating
through them. That is why we have the protective gear to wear when around them.
Seems as this one was hit with both a shower of chem’s and a shockwave. Usually
the ChimpBot’s just turns off and reports in damage when something happens to
them. This one seems to have got some shortage in the movement controller.”
Drakfot said analytical. For some reason she often worked like that, seeing a
problem analyze its root and then plan the repair. All in order to do a good job
as possible.

“Uhm, sure ok. Now what?” Absinthia replied. She was new and did not know much
of all the different things so she just agreed and waited for more instructions.

“Well, first we need to get it to stop bumping around like that, we need to
catch it somehow. Second I need to open the service hatch on it, its next to the
battery hatch, then see if I can fix it.” Drakfot replied getting in position to
jump on the ChimpBot.

She took a firm grip on the ground with her feets then ran towards the bot
jumping up. As she approached it she tried to grab it in her arms. The fluid the
ChimpBot was covered in made it slippery and she lost the grip and fell off. The
gyro system treated it as an ordinary bumping and quickly regained the balance
moving forward. It bumped into a lower wall then somehow got its direction down
towards the TAU.

“Ouup… bang ouch!” Drakfot said as she flew off the ChimpBot hitting the
nearest wall. “Didn’t expect that to happen.”

“Haha, it is covered in liquids you know.” Absinthia said laughing at the show.

“Oh haha” Drakfot said as she got up and looked at the ChimpBot whom now had
found a cornered place to get stuck in. “Ok, I think we should try and lock its
legs somehow. If we can remove as movements as possible for it the gyro system
will shutdown. Its like its getting stuck in a hole or something with its legs,
instead of trying to forcefully remove itself it shuts down the movements in
order not to damage itself or the area around. We need to try and imitate that

“But how?” Absinthia asked, still giggling over seeing Drakfot fall and now
having green fluids almost all over her overall.

“Use your wrench, if we can attach each others to its back legs it will think
that its stuck and shutdown the movement.” Drakfot said as she grabbed her

“I don’t have one.” Absinthia replied as she grabbed towards an empty belt. “I’m
new remember.”

“Get one from the sharepoint, you will need one later anyway.” Drakfot said as
she pointed to the nearest sharepoint a floor up.

Said and done now both Absinthia and Drakfot had each wrench and was moving up
towards the ChimpBot which still was calmly walking and bumping into the corner.
It didn’t suspect a thing of what to come.
Moments later they had successfully attached their wrenches to the back legs of
the ChimpBot and was watching it as it changed its movement from walking around
to some sort of climbing as if it was moving up from a hole. It tried for a few
seconds before the sensors kicked in and it subsided into a resting pose. Now
was the time to get to action and Drakfot walked up to the bot, connected the
Portable Device to the connector and immediately shut of the movement system for
it. She let the rest be running since she needed the feedback for repairs.

“Yeah, its badly damaged in the optical sensors, it even got to the vibration
reception. It didn’t “feel” that it was hitting things, that is why it kept
moving around.” She said looking at the diagrams and data flowing by on the
screen of the device. That fluid had some pretty nasty components, if you are a
circuit board I mean.”

Absinthia sat down next to the ChimpBot while she was watching Drakfot open two
hatches and removing two boards. One of the boards had some condensers on it
whom almost all had melted into a giant pile on the board. The other one didn’t
seem to have any visual damage.

“You can clean the smaller one if you want, its the gyro control board, it won’t
move anywhere now.” Drakfot said with a smile before getting back to the insides
of the ChimpBot.

“With what should I use?” Absinthia asked.

“Just a cloth will do, don’t worry about that. These are sturdy things as I
said, just that some chemicals are like acid to the electrical parts.” Drakfot
said with a concentrated look on the ChimpBot as she was cleaning the insides of
it. “Sent MMT an order for a new board so we just have to clean up this mess
until they arrive with the new one. Can’t have a ChimpBot standing still too
long can we.” She was smiling.

Absinthia was cleaning the board carefully as she didn’t want to brake it or
anything. She hadn’t done these things before so she was not sure how to handle
it. She was really focusing on doing a good job from the beginning so she kept
on staring at the board while cleaning it.
Suddenly something tried to grab her right leg, its was the frontal hand of the

“Gaaah!” She shouted as she jumped up on her feets.

“Gotcha” Drakfot said laughing. She was holding her portable device and with a
few presses on its screen the ChimpBot suddenly started to wave at Absinthia.