An electro technician's life - part 16

A Electro technician’s life – Part XVI.

“Don’t ever scare me like that again Drakfot! ” Absinthia shouted to Drakfot the
second she came to senses.

Drakfot continued to laugh loudly, it was the funniest thing she had seen for
some time now. All the time spent repairing hatches, fixing the genetubes and so
on had taken its toll on her so that she had almost forgotten to smile now and
then. Even the game on her Portable device had to suffer from less playing since
to many new things kept on happening every minute. It had been some busy times
lately it seemed, but as through a miracle the little practical joke had brought
it back. Drakfot laughed so much that her stomach started to ache so she had to
sit down next to Absinthia.

“I’m haha… sorry about haha that.” She excused herself and turned off the
ChimpBot via her Device.

“You scared me quite a lot.” Absinthia said and started to rub the circuit board
even harder while staring at it to mark that she was upset.

“Yeah, I did. But you have to admit that it was fun.” Drakfot said and smiled
and seconds later Absinthia started smiling too.

“You know, I am already planning my revenge on you.” She said and threw over the
circuit board. “There, clean as a whistle.”

They sat down for a while and picked a cloth to clean their suits since they
were covered in crud and the slippery fluid. It seemed as the Nimdra cleaner had
some work put up this night.

“Excuse me ladies, I need some samples from you both.” A sturdy man said, he was
holding a sort of a container in his right hand. And had a mask over his mouth.

“Whats up with that ?” Absinthia asked.

“I take it it wasn’t the water pipes that blew up and hit the ChimpBot.” Drakfot
said as she got up and unbuttoned her overall and held out her hand.

The man held another device on her hand and a quick sting later a needle had
grabbed enough to make a test sample. Same did Absinthia.

“You are right lady. Seems as a chem pipe burst but is back in order now. It’s
just a security measure don’t worry about it.” The man said as he placed the two
samples in the container and flipped a switch.

After two minutes the container lit up a green light and the man removed the
samples from it and gave then a thorough look, he shook them little and then
looked again. The fluids in them separated in matter of seconds after being

“Well it seems as you two are alright. This should cover anybody in this area
who was close enough when it happened. Time to fill in the report and bring the
samples back to the lab. Let us know if you starts to feel ill or something ok.”
He said and walked away placing the samples back in the container.

“Well that was great fun wasn’t it.” Drakfot said as she placed the circuit
board that Absinthia had cleaned back into the ChimpBot.

“uhuh.” Absinthia said and sat down again.

“I think MMT should be here any minute now, will just throw in the replacements
and its all clear to go.” Drakfot said as she tightened the last screws for the
board and proceeded to plug in her portable device to do a software check prior
to replacing the damaged parts.

“So, what do you want to do then ?” She asked Absinthia.

“Do what?” She replied.

“Well, you want to be a repairman, electro runner like me, or do admin things
and work with the machines and so on ?” Drakfot explained.

“Well , as I said I am pretty new around here, and I have just met you and well
I don’t really know.” Absinthia said as she thought about the options that
suddenly was available to her.

“Well there is a way to find out you know, just go out there and try it.”
Drakfot said as she stared into the ChimpBot pressing various buttons to test
the circuits and conductors.

“Yeah, well I might just do that.. And you ?” Absinthia said.

“Ive got this thing to get back online and well I sort of have things cut out
for me already. Ive always had an interest for electrical parts and systems, and
well that’s what I’ve been doing lately.” Drakfot replied, sat down and stared
into the ChimpBot.

“Well, where should I go to know more about other things ?” Absinthia asked and
looked at Drakfot who still was staring into the ChimpBot.

“Well I guess TAU has most of the information around here. Other then that I
guess you could always look around for some rings and see if they have any
ideas.” Drakfot said and pressed another button.

“Yeah, I need to get this cleaned too don’t I.” Absinthia said.

“You have my NeckLink ID and my Portable Device will work until I get mine
fixed. Go have a look around and get to know the place, its always a good start.
Talk to seedlings and stuff like that.” She said.

“How about you, aren’t you in a ring ?” Absinthia asked as she had not thought
about rings previously.

“Nah, not my thing sort of. Ive always been a bit on my own working in hatches,
fixing doors, climbing around. I don’t know.” Drakfot said while tightening a
screw that barely was loose. “I need to stick around here until MMT show up
anyhow. You look around and we’ll meet up later.”

Absinthia stood up and walked towards the entrance to the garden, just before
she reached it she stopped as she had forgotten from where she had come.

“Take a right” Drakfot said while giving her a thumbs up.

She smiled and walked right and continued along the corridor.

Drakfot sat down and looked at the ChimpBot. She had given it the overlook good
enough for a year by now. Why she had done it she really didn’t know there
wasn’t usually any time to do that. Perhaps it was circumstances, she didn’t
know and did not have time to think about it as her Portable Device buzzed with
a message that the replacements were on their way.
She leaned towards the ChimpBot waiting for them to arrive and soon a tall thin
lady came walking hastily through the entrance towards her holding a package.

After the usual handing over and signing the delivery order Drakfot unpacked the
parts and started to mount them into the ChimpBot. They were a bit sensitive
when it came to the assembly, after each little part was in place a diagnostic
software had to be run to ensure that it was connected properly and that the
hardware and software was operating according to the preset routines.
It took well over an hour to finish up and finally the cover was in place and
the receptor lit up as the ChimpBot started up.

“There you go you trouble maker” Drakfot said to the ChimpBot as she started up
the AI routines and unplugged her Portable Device. The ChimpBot made the initial
testing steps before wandering off.

Drakfot gathered her tools and placed the Portable Device in the belt.
With a sigh she turned and walked towards the entrance.