An electro technician's life - part 3

With a small hissing sound the door finally opened and displayed a girl holding
a AX-3 screwdriver in triumph, she had done it again. And this time outside the
ordinary working hours. She placed the panel back and exited through the door
that now quietly closed behind her. She was not rather close to the quarters
that was set up for a long time ago, some of them had even acted as shelters
while the remains of the last catastrophe. But this was her home, she had lived
here for as long as she could, or wanted, to remember. She was not the one for
all fancy things such was caniom plates walls, freed wood on the floor and what
ever they chose to name things. She just had her bed, her favorite stool and
couch where she rarely spend any time. Then there was her largest time
consuming item in the apartment, the desk. On this desk, that some might find to
be a smaller chaos, was what caught her attention mostly. All her electronic
gadgets and gizmo’s. Her computer’s and all other things she enjoyed spending
time with.

She entered the apartment through the door and walked through the small hallway
as she unhooked her tool belt and hung it on the hook that was just in the
corner where the hallway turned into the main room. It always hanged there,
ready to be used for either work or when she got an idea she just had to finish.
Impulsive thinker some would call her, spontaneous genius was a funnier term she
thought and smiled to herself.
She unbuttoned her overall and stepped out of it and placed it in the Nimdra
cleaner, it was a daily routine to do as the maintenance crew often were
crawling around in spaces that was , wel lets put it, not that clean as other
places are. Though as she was the electro runner, she didn’t have any problems
with that, unless he had taken a short cut again. Now it was time for the main
happening of the day, of every day. The Gas’o’cleaner, a contraption that looked
like a vertical tube where you stand in the middle, and it uses compressed gas
to clean the one in it. It was time for a simple shower and of course it had
been slightly modified which fooled the valves to believe that there was a
shortage of a component which in return made them use a little bit more air.
This of course made it all feel different as there now was more water involved.
And it felt good.

She spend a bit more time there today as she was tired. She got out with only a
towel around her and she walked over to the wardrobe and got herself dressed.
Then over to the desk and continue to think about her projects that all lied
spread out over the desk. She started to mess around in them as her screen light
up and told her that a new message had arrived. IT was nothing unusual, the
markets would have a sale and wanted as many customers as they could. The
reaction was rather a routine, in to the bin with that one.

She got up and stretched her back and legs a bit, she had a rather flexible
body. A perfect match for a not so tall girl, it was an aid when she needed to
get to those small tight spots that seemed unreachable. And someone always
placed something small, electronic there, that always broke. She went to the
small kitchen and found her way to the coffee maker, or well it did manufacture
a beverage that looked similar to it, same consistence and effects. But she had
long gone forgotten the real name of the device. She had started to call it
coffee machine since the day she was repairing a educational console and found
herself reading some of the very few historical documents it held. Much of its
information was clustered and damaged, though there were still small pieces
still available. And by mistake a copy had followed her home via her portable

So now she sat there with her old mug, drinking a bit while staring at the
pieces on her desk as a 3d image of a blueprint of a device was rotating on her
screen. She then started to put some of it together , some soldering here and
there, and things started to take shape. Well for those that was not into
electronics would most likely called it a circuit board filled with condensators
and small resistance circuits. To her she could start to see how the machinery
was built up, and their functions came with them
The little board she had in front of her was the circuit board that was for
Thosam. She had started to remake the comm console , but just after a few
moments she had found a bigger challenge in making him a more versatile piece of
equipment. She had decided that she should make a portable device to him, one
that he might have use for when he was doing his chemy things. She had
intentionally given it a DAR-212 port, it was a rather common communication
interface for many devices such as portable computers, measure devices used in
medical departments or where accuracy and stable transmission was required. It
also had wireless communications except for the DAR-212 which increased its
areas of use. Yes it would be a really kickin’ device. Oh yes and of course it
held the same communication circuit as the one she had placed in his comm
console. She was recently working on the screen part of it, how to attach it in
a good way that made it rough to bumps and still easy to use even if you were
wearing a space suit. Her mind wandered off again, sometimes to return to tell
her body that drink from the mug and eat from the Food plate. After an hour the
screen was attached and put in its place and all good to go. Though there were
still much to do before she would call it done.

A sound of something hitting the large window that was behind the desk, in fact
almost the entire wall in itself was a huge window that stretched from the floor
to the roof. It was one of the things she liked with the apartment. Just a small
rock or something that had hit the window, it happened now and then.
As she looked out she saw the light again that earlier had caught her sight and
taken her mind off things.
Her flower, or what it now really was, stood there on the small shelf at the
window. It seemed a bit worn, but it had done for the last month or so, still
stood there.
As she saw it she thought “I wonder what’s with that. It was well when I first
got it. Full of life and colors but lately it has been loosing all that and
almost as if it was to throw in the towel.”. Still she had tried what she could
do with it, surfing the knowledge databases for informations and ideas what to
do to get it back in its previous state.

“Perhaps if I show it to this Thosam guy he might know what to with it. But that
is for another time.” She thought as she got up, placed the mug in the sink in
the kitchen and got ready to hit the bed for the night.