An electro technician's life - part 5

“Wow, this is a nd-shard for an flexitron right ? I thought those were extinct”
She said as she was rumming through some boxes, as she always did. She found
many parts that she knew, and some that she was not that familiar with. But what
can you expect from a box with mixed junk really. These boxes were often a gold
mine for her, there were always some things in them that she needed, and
sometimes things she did not need. But as soon as she held them ideas of what to
make came into mind.

“Oh there you are, you are late.” And old man said as he entered from an room
behind the counter. ” We have already been open for over five minutes.” He said
and smiled.

“Haha, you’re a funny one Jorg. I know I was late but I had faith in you that
you would keep all the goods until I arrived.” She said and smiled back at the
old man.

Jorg was one of the older ones that still kept going on. He had been there for
some times and had also been involved in many of the rebuilds that had taken
place the last decades and it was from him that she had learned much about the
service tunnels, the walkways, small ducts to crawl through and more. And of
course he was a good opponent when it come to talking about most technical
things, he was conversant.
He had seen the most there was to see, the surroundings, the outside of the
rebuilds and more. And now he was the shopkeeper of “Robotics & Pneumatics”.

“I have your things here, you want them now or pick them up later ?” He said.

“I can take them now, I’m not planning on leaving here with all your items.” She
said and winked at him.

“Haha, you’ re always a little electron aren’t you.” He said and gave off a
joyfull laugh.

Little Electron, how had she gotten that nickname she did not really remember.
But perhaps it was from when she first entered the store and had been caught
breathless by all the gadgets and gizmo’s in it. She had wanted to look on every
thing and had moved between the shelfs and boxes and holders and looking at them
all. “You moved like an electron through a circuit” he had said to her when she
finally decided to purchase something. They had become friends since then and
she liked it. There was something special with this Jorg fella. He was old and
well knowing, but still he was young in mind and keen on things. Like he wanted
so much and only his body told him not to.

“So what took you so long to come here then?” He asked her as he handed over
the small cardboard.

“Electrical malfunction in the tram, an old one so it was almost called for.
Wear on the cables.” She said and handed over her CredoCard.

“Ah, hehe yes that happens a lot these days don’t it.” He said and identified
her and added a small discount without her knowing it.

“I don’t know, I rarely use the trams.” She said and smiled at him. “Bye, see
you next time Jorg.”

“Travel safe Little Electron, Hahahaaha” She heard behind her as she left the
store. That was most definitely an uplifting beginning of the day.

Now she had finally got the parts she was longing for. There were several little
items in the cardboard box, some for other projects, some good to have lying
around and some were for the portable device for Thosam.
Ah yes , that was quite the challenge to build so much into such small fitting
and she got eager to get home again and continue her build. But now she had a
day off and were determined to spend it in a good way, building and such , that
is what nights are for.

So now the small parts issue were settled, now to the fun browsing of the other
stores and perhaps have a small snack before leaving for home again. So there
were the Nan’o Matic, a store specialized in nano technology. It was sometime
used as maintenance drones in tight pipes and such areas where they could not
enter. Well nano perhaps is the most describing name, but it gave a good idea
about what was in the store. But today it was not much there that interesting to
her so she walked along down the street with stores and other shops. As she
walked by a store with seedings she thought that perhaps they had some good
things she could use for her plant.

“This will be the last try, then I have to ask this Thosam fellow, perhaps he
can help me in return for the Portable device I’m making.” So she walked into
the store. She had been in these kinds of stores before, though perhaps not as
often as others but they still were a bit strange to her. Technology, computers,
electrical devices were her fort´e, but when it came to such simple things as
plants and flowers she was rather a lost one. But there is no harm in trying and
after a small talk with the lay behind the counter she got a bottle of
nutricions that she was to pour into the pot. That had to do for now.

As she exited her belly tolde her in an audible way that it was empty. She found
a small store and got herself some food and a energy boosting drink to it. After
a moment she was once more ready to move on, but now there was not so much left
to do before going home. She passed the small galleria, she had spend some time
here a long ago playing games and having fun. Then she remembered the old arcade
machine that she held the record in. It kind of reminded of the game she had on
her portable device. She wondered if her old record still was there as she
walked over to it.

“Yuepp , it’s still there.” She thought to herself.