An electro technician's life - part 8

A long night, now that was not an understatement. It had taken both its time and
toll to get things back in a fair stable state so that the initial repairs could
begin. But as a common fact things needs power to be up and running. And with an
old PWR C6 PSU unit, it would bring higher odds to achieve life by drinking
random fluids in a lab with your eyes covered then letting this old unit power
more than 9 units. Heck, its limits was at 8 but 9 were doable.

How come this section was added to its power route, the last 10 tubes should
have their own power supply, why was this one loaded by them then? A check told
her that the backup units still were functioning as intended so she decided to
have a look in the other tubes power transmission unit and she was not surprised
about what she found. Another PWR C6 PSU unit.

Her device blinked and a shiver told her that it was confirmed via her NeckLink.
“Damn, i am never getting used to that” she said as she removed it. The NeckLink
was standard issue for everyone, but for some reason she had never got used to
it, she could wear it if need be. But for now a wireless link to her portable
device did a good job enough sending and receiving information as needed.
It seemed as the parts for the initial repair of the life support for the tubes
were on their way so she had some time to give the backup units a quick check
and then to do a search for something that has caught her attention.

“Backup Life Support status : Working at 87%. ETA on backup unit life cycle is
1h 23m 12s.”

“Keep it that way” she said as she grabbed her Portable Device and made a quick
search in the documentation made for D-Level Subsection 9. As she was scrolling
through the reports from the inspection. She found the reason she was looking
for. Or at least what was the probable cause.

The PWR C6 PSU units are power units that are powering Genetubes and aiding
power to the life support units of the Genetubes. Once more standard issue, but
there was a difference. These units were often used when constructing smaller
habitats of Genetubes, not to use with more then 8 tubes per PSU unit. That made
two PWR C6 PSU units powering 20 tubes and that is 2 tubes over the limit. She
found that when they were doing the inspection they were notified that the PWR
C6 PSU was to be replaced with the PWR C11 PSU units whom are both able to
supply to more tubes and gives a more stable current. Obviously this had not
been done before the section was taken into production.

“I bet that there had been no problem in the beginning, but these old things
tends to burn out the monitor circuits before a meltdown happens.” She thought
to herself as she read the report. That was also a reason to get the C11’s, they
had protection against these kinds of things and better built in monitoring of
both the unit and the tube.

“Power fluctuation in tubes 3,5,6,9 monitored” The display on the Portable
device suddenly said as an image of the 20 tubes was displayed and the numbered
tubes shifted from green to yellow status.

“What now” she though and looked at the backup unit. “You are not going to give
me a easy night are you” she said to the backup unit.

“Backup Life Support status : Working at 12%. ETA on backup unit life cycle is
0h 06m 09s.” the display said.

It seems as something had happened to this unit too as it had likely reported
wrong battery status. And it seemed as the battery on it was damaged too hence
the power fluctuation warning. It was still working good and kept the life
support going, but the voltage probably shifted which placed the tubes in danger
and the warning was displayed on the Portable Device.
A busted PSU unit, the other on the way down and now a broken battery in the
backup unit. She looked around to see if there was something she could use as a
replacement battery. She could not connect the power directly from the circuits
in the wall as the current was too unstable in terms of peaks for the backup
unit, she had to use something that leveled the peaks out, and that was the
battery’s job here. But what could she use as a replacement?

She looked around, thoughts of solutions swirled in her mind but there was
always a vital part missing or that she could not get in time that rendered all
her solutions unusable. Then it appeared to her. She knew exactly where to get a
temporary battery. She looked around the corner and found her solution. Gah, how
stupid of her, why didn’t she think of this right away.

“Hey you, battery come here” She said.

With a small blip and beep the ChimpBot turned and looked at her.

The little Bot staggered up to her and gave her a scan with it’s built in
identification cam.
Then she removed a panel which held the power switch. She was an Electro
technician after all and they have the access to the ChimpBot’s for maintenance.
Her AX-3 screwdriver did its job again and she removed another plate that was
covering the battery, it was an easy thing to remove the battery from the bot
and soon she was connecting it parallel to the broken battery before
disconnecting it. When looking at it, she was surrounded by
malfunctioning units that screamed for repair, and the backup’s were a mess. It
is a fun job being an electro technician sometimes.

Things soon got back into order, as the new temporary battery was in place the
tubes soon got back to good statues and green indicators. She could sit down and
rest and wait for the replacements to arrive. While she was sitting down she
looked at the ChimpBot.

“I wonder how tweakable that bugger is…” she thought.