An electro technician's life - part 9

Finally a moments peace as the replacement battery did its job and the backup
unit once more showed that things worked as intended. A continuous scan of the
genetubes told her that there seemed to be no unstable reactions in the circuits
and that the status was green once more. She sat there staring at the ChimpBot
that had become the savior for the moment. “Never thought that when you
activated this morning did you” she thought while staring at it.

How much sleep had she got since she had the alarm ? It was not much, perhaps an
hour or two on her floatbed before. And now she felt that it was not much left
that kept her going as it had calmed down. She opened a small bag that was
attached to her belt and picked a StemPatch and injected it. Almost instantly
she felt refreshed and ready for what could happen next. “I have to thank that
Thosam fellow, these are some good ones.” She thought as she closed her bag and
stood up. It seemed as this Thosam started to become reoccurring now. And well
she still have that Portable Device she was making for him so why not.

She put her Necklink back around her neck and stretched out. Soon she got told
that the replacement materials was on the way and the addition was well on the
way too. So it was just to wait until they arrived. Then she remembered the
transmission logs that she had received from Thosam’s NeckLink when he had been
down into the older mainly unmaintained parts of the Tower. Since she had some
time she started going through them again. It was more a test if the current
equipment was able to send and receive well down there. She had to remember to
thank him for giving her the logs.

She took some time and made a few questions to execute on the logs to see what
result there was. It was rather the normal readings, the materials down there
was as usual the main metal components found throughout the Tower, no bigger
changes than the common corrosion. She thought that she should inquiry some more
unusual data, mainly for fun and to benchmark her Portable device, and to see
what she found. Still the same usual data of the metallic composition. But it
was not what was in the metal that interested her, it was how it affected the
transmission signals. Mainly the signals were moved via compressed radio waves
that carried the transmissions quite far, but since the introduction of the
CommunaChip2 a small addition was made which means that when there are no
available route for the transmission to take via the radio, it could use the on
board circuitry, not interrupting the usual communications since it worked on
another frequency and bandwidth.
So the readings there was quite usual for the composition and the lack of
CommStations to send the signals further. Working in small teams was not a
problem since the short ways was not interfering the signals, but longer
distances could prove to be a issue.

She kept on sending in query’s to the data to handle and to extract the
information needed. All ended either as expected or with no result.
A message telling her that the gear was incoming and should arrive in a few
minutes so that she could be ready. She accepted the message and sent off a
receipt that the message was retrieved and read.
The display on her Portable Devise gave off a blink and a beep as information
was found. Strange, she had not asked for any biological data on the surfaces
but still it had reported some strange composition that was not belonging on a
metal surface. Now things started to get more interesting, why should it report
a reading about organic materials on a metal surface in an almost unused and
uninhabited area ? She continued to query the logs as she tried to reveal more
data and information.

Another interaction from her NeckLink reported that the replacements were
inbound and that she should get ready to receive and repair. She hurried to send
a mail to Thosam thanking him and attached a note saying that it held something
that he might found interesting and that she would like to see what results he
gets from it. She also mentioned that thanks to the data in the logs she had
another idea how she could modify and add things that would make his Portable
Device more usable, especially in such areas as the unused tunnels and levels.

“I’m from MMT, you had ordered some parts and backup units to this location?
Yikes, what have you done to the place ?” A young man said as he approached her
followed by a floating carriage holding some boxes branded with some model and
serial numbers she was glad to see.

“Yeh, it has been a fun night. So you got all I see.” She replied as she
received the transfer log from his NeckLink.

“Yes everything is there, as ordered and wanted. Is there anything else you need
while I’m around?” He said.

“Nah, no need at the moment, hopefully I’ve had enough fun for one night.” She
replied and started unloading the boxes registering them.

Soon the young man walked off with his empty cart and she was working on openin
g the boxes and planning in what order she should install the replacements. It
would take some time, the second backup unit should be no problems exchanging as
soon as she had that part of the Genetubes up and working on the normal power
grid. The second was was just garbage and had to be replaced too. After the
ChimpBot had got it’s battery back of course.
It would take it’s time.

“I’ve definitely deserved a bath or two after this night” She thought to herself
as her AX-3 screwdriver touched the screw on the power panel of the second
section of Genetubes.