At least it was said

At least it was said.

She :

It had been a nice evening, the dinner had gone along quite nicely. Well perhaps
it was not much of a dinner to speak about, after all it was just a simple
cooking and some cheap wine. But for her it had been a nice treat, she was
hoping that it had been for them both.
She had little time to prepare it even though she had known about it for some
time, well she had been nervous and totally got blanked about what to make. But
it had turned out rather nice. Some boiled potatoes and a nice steak works in
most cases and why surrender a winning strategy?
He had arrives a few minutes earlier then expected, but she had been planning it
advance and was already done as he knocked on her door. He had been dressed
causally as he used to , in fact it was one of the things that she liked about
him; not caring much for etiquette more then the polite behavior.
A hug later and the usual excuses about the flat being in a mess and that her
food was probablty burned anyhow and he was in the living room holding a cold
beer. They say down in the sofa and talked about things that came into mind,
about how the day was, what they had done and what the plans were for the
weekend. Moments later they slipped into how they had met and how funny and how
it almost had been like a movie. They laughed about it for a moment before
opening the second beer, she was having a spirit though as beer was not quite
down her alley. It had been a nice conversation and she thinks that both of them
liked it.

Then it was time for the dinner to be served and they both moved from the living
room into the kitchen and sat down on each side of the small table facing
eachother. He had taken some of the potatoes and some steak while she had
grabbed herself some vegetables and sauce. He had poured the cheap wine in his
glass then to offer to fill her glass which she thankfully accepted.
The dinner had tasted better then she had hopes, and seeing that he also liked
it , it tasted even better. She was happy, it had been so long since she last
had been happy.

The dinner was washed down with the cheap wine and a nice conversation about
the community and the future plans ahead. They had talked about what their
dreams was and compared them to what they could achieve in real life. It had
been both laughter and joy seeing what they both liked. There had similar
thoughts on several things while others were totally different.
The conversation continued in the living room again before turning on the tv, it
had little of value to them but they somehow ended up discussing a reality show
anbd how silly they both thought it to be.

Time runs when you have fun, and she had had lots of fun this evening indeed.
More then she could remember having for ages. But now the damn clocked ticked
and he had to go to his car before the parking ticket was invalidated.
She followed him to the door and they hugged. Then he did something she was not
ready for nor was expecting; he reached forward and kissed her.
He actually kissed her on her lips then smiled and with a “I’ll call you” he
exited the door.
She was amazed about what had happened, all she had planned for was to have a
nice dinner which she had. But it seems as it turned out to be something more
then that. It would make a nice ending for this evening.
She wished that she could meet him again, but knew she never would.
She poured up a nice bath while removing the dishes from the table and placing
it in the sink. Then she grabbed a glass and the bottle with the cheap wine and
went to the bathroom.
She turned off the crane and undressed. She opened a bottle aqnde washed them
down with the help from the wine and then laid in the bathtub.
Her thoughts went out to him and the kiss as the blood slowly mixed with the
water. It had been a nice evening, but it was to end.


He was a bit nervous as he drove along the street trying to find the right
address that she had told him. It was rather dark, it was winter afterall but he
tried to swallow his nervosity and stared harder at the signs at the roadside.
Finally he found what he was looking for and made a right turn, now to find the
right housenumber and a parking spot. Well the house had been just where she had
described it and the parking spot next to it had one place free for him and he
parked there and entered the fee in the machine.
As he placed the ticket in the front window and closed the door he looked up at
the 4th floor, there was his destination for the night. He locked the car and
walked to the entrance of the house. He thought about how he had met her,
through the internet. It had started as a nice coversation and ended with them
exhanging email addresses. After that they had talked wuite caually now and
then, it seemed as they had turned to be good friends during the last six
monhts. It was nice to be able to talk to someone whom was not jumping to
conclusions that all he wanted was to just get behind the underwear.

Three knocks later and the door was opening in front of him and there she was
wearing a blue skirt and a wonderful smile. She hugged him and he hugged her
back ensuring her that the flat looked nice and that he wouldnt mind if the food
would be a tad burned. He even joked about him seeing a burger retaurant nearby,
she must have liked it as she had laughed and punched him on the arm in a
friendly fashion. It felt good to be there actually.

She had offered him a beer and he had accepted it and they had sit down in the
living room and talked about many things, some of what they had already
discussed via mail and other new subjects. It was really fun to finally see the
girl that he had spoken to with so mucch through mail, and after an hour it
seemed as they both had relaxed enough. She told him that it was time to head to
the kitchen for the main dish and so they did.

It had been a simple dinner with potatoes and steak, never the less he liked it
very much and it tasted good. He had poured himself some wine and filled her
glass too. They had continued to talk during the dinner and it seemed as they
had much in common so even after the dinner was finished they continued to talk
while moving to the living room again. Something on the tv had given them
another thing to talk about which they had talked about so much that the time
itself had flown away and when he looked at the clocked he felt sad that he had
to tell her that he had to leave soon.

As he reached the door he did something daring, he kissed her on the mouth. On
the lips actually whithout she had stopped him. It had been a really nice kiss
he thought. She had seem a bit surprised and he was glad for that reaction and
had told her that he would call her before he had left.

Soon he was out in the parking lot just minutes before the parking ticket ended.
He started the car and went on to find the motorway heading home.
It was not hard to get our from the streets and the smaller ways compared to
finding the way there and soon he was accelerating on the motorway.

It had been a really nice night anbd he wished that he could see her again. But
he knew that he wouldn’t. In the distant he could hear the sirens as they
approached him, the people around him was standing not far away looking at him.

It had been a really nice night he thought as his blood started to mix with the
snow around the wrecked car. A nice evening, but it was to end.