Stand tall and proud, shout out aloud.
They come in the horizon roamin with their poison.
Fierceful and ill, to destroy all is their will.
Thoughs of past history tell, when you hear their roaming yell.

For this time you have worked hard, stand fast to defend your shard.
Grasp your armor and your sword, wait for the commanders word.
Shields and knifes, magical amplifiers for all strives.
Armors and helmets, guns and bullets.

There is a battle to win, to defend the lands from the Kitin.
They be many, they be strong, facing you they shall not last for long.
Let magic light the lands, as they fall before your hands.
Let the sound of metal sing, as it moves in a ring.

Let the forcefull magic bring them another tragic.
Let the cure form a seal, as it Homins heal.
Let the bullets fly through air, telling them of their despair.
Let magic bind them to the ground, madness strikes them as found.

Use what you know, give the beasts a show.
What you have studied and learned, now is the prize you have earned.
It is time to put yourself to the test, together with the rest.
Be whom you are and give them a massive scar.

Together with friends, everyone will make this come to ends.
Homin be short, Homins be tall, they shall make Kitins fall.
Roam at them with greath thunder, show them your wonder.
For Atys to be free, this battle is for you and me.