Below the crystal tree

Below the crystal tree.

As far as she could even remember they had lived their lives in the vastness of
the caves around them. Their history told them of how it was all created and how
their reason for existing was so imprinted into the tales of old that they
called history. There was not really much to discuss in the matter of the
reason, more then to take pride in the heritage that she now carried on from her
ancestors onto her children and into the future to be.
The caves had been their home, bringing them refuge and peace so that they could
focus on their own purpose, to perfect what lied in their hands. Crystals and
gems was her fortune and had always been since she started her training. Her
hand had, almost by itself it might seem, traveled along the raw stone slowly
turning it into a gem of a fine kind. It was not the best to be found around,
but for being new at the trade it was a well done effort and her skills was
praised by those around her.
But she had also done well in other areas, such as the art of restoration of
body and mind.
Perhaps it was something inside her, something she had inherited herself from
her parents. Even if it was so, she would never know as they have been long
since gone. Many thought it to be sad the day the little girl staggered into the
village, filled with bruises and bleeding wounds, and fallen into a pile at the
nearest fire.

They speculated in what might have happened to the little girl and it all ranged
from her being from a neighboring village to she being outcasted by her family,
or just a runaway. Even though the atter seemed illogical. But speculation was
all it was. Perhaps the real answer would never reveal itself as they had not
managed to get any word out of the little girl. She was dead silent, but her
eyes told of a haunted past. Still they took her in and cared for her for the
time being figuring that they would soon find her parents and home again. But
time passed and no word spread made the villagers wiser about the fate of the
girl. Meanwhile she seemed to have adjusted well into her new home, even though
she spoke rarely, and mostly just a few words, she seemed keen on the knowledge
that was passed down generation by generation.

Some thought that her lack of speak was instead adding to her will to read and
learn as she was often found with her head in a book or parchment, reading about
the art of stones and gems, and of healing. Still her past remained a mystery.
It did not take long before she had started to learn how to crafts gems until
she seemed to try to earn her keep by selling her makings. Some bought them for
their appearance, but most bought them out of kindness towards the girl. As with
her past her ages was also unknown to everyone, and to judge her by height was
not really helping as it was not a precise way o measurement. So they did as
usual and let her progress decide more then age. The more something can be
refined, the better the results will be.

so the time passed on for some years, no in fact it felt as if it was rushing
away in a sense as all of a sudden she was among the teen years. Or at least her
friends was and so it was assumed that she would be also.
As her friends set out on their own little quests in order to find out a bout
the areas around, even if the elders already knew about them it was a good
experience to have them obey to their own curiosity and find their own paths. It
was common that the young ones did things like this, it was a sign that they
were growing up and got ready to enter the adulthood.
Still as her friends left their homes with the promise to return within the
month she sat outside the home she was given years earlier and read a book about
the soft hand of heal. No one really thought of it as strange or odd, as she was
mostly silent and when she spoke it was with rare words, but it seemed as her
curiosity was more focused on the art of reading and writing rather then the one
of travel and such adventure. No one really mind, it was also nice to see some
young mind in the village, many assumed that perhaps she was afraid to travel
outside the safety of the village thinking about her state when she first
entered the it as the little bruised and beaten girl.
As she finished the book she placed it on the ground next to her and leaned her
head towards the wall and closed her eyes. She was going through what she had
just read in her mind again to see what she had learned, as she did so many
times before.

“I see that you are still in the village” Elder Danna said as she approached the

She nodded in reply and placed her hand on the book she had just finished
reading in order to pick it up.

“Have you already finished this book? I lent it to you just yesterday.” Danna
said trying to act a bit surprised even though she was not.

“I see then, you have not only become a fast learner, but also a speedy reader.
The guess that your mind is curious cannot be wrong there, and indeed you
improve.” Danna laughed as she said it.

“Speaking of improving, I went by the merchant earlier to look at his goods. He
told me to ask you to make more stones as those you sold him lately had indeed
been successful. He is almost out of stock on them, they are very appreciated
you know.”

The girl looked at Denna, smiled and nodded as she reached out to hand the book

“I see, do you want me to bring you a new one tomorrow?”

Her question was met with another cheerful nod.

“So then, the subject of tomorrow will be history!” Denna exclamated.

Suddenly the little girl’s eyes got more serious then the cheerful ones they had
been earlier. Denna noticed this and placed the book in her bag as she looked
back on the girl.

“What is it little child, what be it that burdens your mind like this?”

“Denna” – the girl said – “I want to sit under the crystal tree”

Denna was surprised both by the girl talking and the statement she just made.

“The crystal tree? What are you talking about Drakenn?”