Drakfot's New Years Poem

Another year has passed, and here we be
You and I, Homins awaiting the future to see.
As time passes on for a new year to come,
Thinking about the past and deeds done.

Living on the planet that be alive
Through time and hardships we strive.
And so it has passed to turn into something new
No one will ever say that our time away we threw.

For what we have been through we all know
That there will be nothing we cannot overcome, we will show.
As time has passed as it would
We stand firm and ready, as we should.

Think dearly of the passed time
We all know that together we made it fine.
On this planet that goes of the name of Atys
We all live together with joy, and thus.
This evening we say our good byes to a year pass
And for the one to come we all raise our glass!

Dear Homins, dear friends, this evening another year will take its turn and so things will age in the equal value. This night we all will celebrate for what has been, and for what will come.
Dear Homins of the planet of Atys, I give you all my dearest thanks and my best hopes and wishes of a fine new year to all of you !