Dreamhack Winter 2014

Since we had such a blast at Dreamhack we decided that we should pay it another visit. And so, tomorrow, we set off towards Jönköping and Elmia for a few days of gaming and other sillyness that may happen. One of the most delightful parts of last year was to be able to walk around and see what the hardware manufacturers had brought, and what was in line to come. It was also nice to test out the Oculus VR and see some beta of upcoming games etc. Hopefully this year will be at least as eventful – its their 20th anniversary after all – with some fun games, events, new hardware etc.

We’ve set up a stream that will be running 24/7 (hopefully), starting tomorrow, Thursday, at 08:00 when me and Qraze starts the stream from the car while drive to Jönköping. Expect sillyness and other things :)

You can find more information about our stream etc here: FTIV (or here).
Feel free to join us in the Twitch chat, we’re also hanging out in #FTIV on Quakenet.org IRC!

Never heard of DreamHack? You can find more information about it here.