Episode II - The new lands - Part II - The Refugee Rebellion

( This is a writeup I made for the Atys Chronicle )

The new lands part II – The Refugee Rebellion

“Calling all Homins” This was printed on a small note attached to the public noticeboards around Atys. It was not a large note and it was easily drowned among all the other notes on the board.
Yet it was a special note, for these times it was special. And the message it held was of great importance.
The note asked everyone that read it to gather up in a small place that used to be a farm just past the hill in Fairhaven. It asked every Homin that did not wish to take part in the requests from the descending Gods with the risk of their own lives. Those that did not want to meet other Homins in combat. Those that wanted to stand united against the changes on Atys. The Homins that celebrates friendship and cooperation over anything else. They were summoned to this place by this small little note.

So then as the time that was printed on the note approached some had already found their way to Farely Farm and awaited what further notification there was.
Many of these Homins had put their beliefs in the Gods, yet as they was told that they should do all in their powers to hinder the creation of the temple of the threatening God, they did not harm each other. They all sat there and talked together, just as they had done before the leaders of the cities had asked for their assistance, before the envoy’s of the Gods had appeared and told them what sacrifices they have to do to please their God.
For this short moment as they sat there, all was as before. The boundary of belief had no impact on these Homins, the thread of friendship had.

Their mission this day could seem to be a simple one. They were all to join forces and together seek to harvest materials for the building of the temples. They were to show that through understanding and cooperation everyone could succeed in their hard task. As they formed teams and made themselves ready to move to the elder lands known as Aelius Dunes they walked towards the transportation unit that the Karavan had built not far away. Due to the mistrust the Gods held towards each other the believers of Ma-Duk had to seek a different route to the elder lands.
Yet this was not something that bothered the Homins as they knew that the mission was not taken its place here, it was in Aelius Dunes and the way there was not of importance.

Once on the lands of Aelius Dunes they all quickly and swift organized themselves as they took a known place of materials as their initial point. One could only start to imagine what faces the Karavan did behind their masks as the saw how there was Homins of the Kami approaching in the distance and the followers of Jena that ran out towards them, not to fight, but to greet them.
And the thoughts of the Kami’s as they found about this. Did theme Homins not listen to the words of the holy God ? Were they not heeding the call to build temples and honor their God ?
Or were they ?

As the Homins met on the devious lands of Aelius Dunes they once more greeted each other and then quickly took the positions they had decided on before. Some took off their amps and equipped the harvesting pick. Others stood around in a circle in their armors holding their swords ready to fight what came upon them. Some had their magical amplifiers ready and prepared to heal and retaliate against whatever that chose to lay foul hands on their friends.
Their task was simple in words; Harvest while defending the harvesters and do not strike on anything unless it strikes at you first.

In the beginning they faced hardness as they where not knowing of each others skills and experience of combat and it was a smaller effort to organize them.
Yet their will and determination to see this through and to come out of this as victorious was stronger than they had even imagined themselves. Through time and training comes experience and these Homins learned in an amazing pace as soon they were ordered into a group that was like a wall standing around the harvesting Homins. Some kinchers tried their luck and ended up lying on the ground at the feet’s of these brave Homins.
Even Homins that thought they saw an chance of opportunity to gain honor towards their God was proven wrong and had to flee from the area.

The most amazing things can happen sometimes and even the smallest of stones can start the largest of landslides and soon even some of the Homins that had previously attacked now turned around as they joined in with the harvesters. And they were most welcome to.
Even if this did not last for more than a short while the Homins that participated, that was there and with their own hands fought and worked to fulfill a request by their God, they were there together. Friend beside friend doing what they could to reach a common goal.

Some Homins found this behavior to be of the strangest kind, how could they not follow the words of the Gods ? How could they sit there side by side with those whom posed as a threat. How could this be they asked themselves as they stood there astounded over what they saw. And even their attempts to brake this up was of no good. For now even the Gods seemed to be unable to change what be happening.

This day many brave Homins stood up, standing side by side, for what they believed in. Their trust for each other and the respect they have was all shown this day. No matter race, faith or heritage of the old you are a Homin, a Homin of Atys. And with this you never walk alone.

All this was shown this day by three things, Homins, Friendship and a small little note.