Episode II - The new lands

( This is a writeup I made for The Atys Chronicle )

Episode II – The New Lands.

So now it was time to find out about the elder parts of the planet named Atys.
For just a few days ago Homins had been called by the leaders of their races to meetings where they were to pledge alliance with the Gods, be it Jena or be it the Kami led by Mabreka.
Many Homins gathered at these meetings to give out their views to the leaders, some came to listen and learn others just grasped by the happenings.
These meetings took their share of the time as they were many Homins that wished to express their feelings and standings in the matter at hand, whom they believe in and what actions they were to take.

After these meetings many minds were stirred by what has been said and done. Whom could they trust ? Would the pronounced coming of Jena really stir Atys in such ways that was told ? Would they be separated due to what God they worshiped ? Would enemy be friend, would friend be enemy ?
And so many left these meetings with a worried mind while other had found guidance by attending.

A few days later a quick look at the local noticeboard would suggest that Homins were to gather at the respective Teleporting Unit in each of the four capitals of Atys. There they were to be greeted by a representative of the God whom they have taken as their guidance. So Homins gathered up at the given places at the given time. In Fairhaven the Karavan Ambassador appeared and told the Homins that she was to show them the way to the elder lands of Atys. She also told them that due to their voting at a previous meeting, there was also a Kami temple with equal teleporting skill to be built built in the Lakelands. But the location was never told.
So with the words “Please follow me” the ambassador started walking across the Kami Hill in Fairhaven and downwards to the waters. As the Homins got closer the structure of a building in work appeared to them and as they got closer they also say how it was undone and awaited aid to grow and turn into a complete building.

Then something ,that scared many happened. As the Homins started to gather up at the newly found place the guards all of a sudden sat out in a rampage and drew their weapons, everyone turned around looking for what dangers that was upon them, yet no danger could be seen. Then the screams of a few came across everyone’s ears.
It was not animal that was the target of the guards, but the Homins themselves. As the screams settled down as the air was whipped out of their lungs they lay there on the ground whilst the last blood slowly dripped out of their body and as they faded away all the asked was “why?”. As others tried to heal them but was not able to place the life back into them, they was all taken away. Yet even though this tragedy was harsh some Homins made up their minds; They were not allowed to travel by the means of the Karavan yet they had been told that there was a way for believers of Ma-Duk to travel to the elder lands through the Kami temple. Which was built due to the Trykers voting of great tolerance towards those that follows the Kami. They now sat out on a mission to find this temple, which location was left undisclosed by the Karavan Ambassador.

As the Homins was taken to the elder lands they were baffled with amazement over the area that now was in front of them. Some were not taken at all since it was all very assembling the deserts of Fyros.
In the Karavan area there were electrical fences put up around the camp to defend the Homins from the raging Kinchers that roamed the lands outside. In here they could seek refuge when dangers were at hand.
What they could not seek hiddence from was what to meet them next.

As they all got ready to explore the new lands and find what been hidden for so long in the elder lands Homins ran out into the open towards a hill they noticed not far off the camp. They avoided the Kinchers as they usually did and then got ready to find what secrets the ground held as they had taken upon them to help gather materials to build the temple to cherish and worship their god.

It was then the rampage began.
As screamed were bellowed over the vast area it shortly got mixed with the screams of death as the Homins that were attacked and slayed, not by Kitins, but by the hands of other Homins. For this area was not the peaceful crest of Atys as they thought. Here it turned the calmest and kindest into a raging beast seeking for blood, the blood of Homins. Many attacked in fear and self defense as they raised their weapons and took aim for the Homins that was not on their side. It was a carnage out of imaginary, everywhere there was Homins lying whilst the life itself flowed out of their bodies. Homins that tried to fight back, yet was not suited for more than harvesting, Homins running to save their friends while avoiding the Kitins and others that sought to inflict harm upon them.
Many Homins minds were upset about these happenings as they sought to find a way of cooperation and together fight the common threat, The Kitins. Yet still they were stumbled on how it all turned out.
Some found ways to protect themselves from the attacks and created smaller teams that stuck together whilst others sought the heat of the battle or to heal the wounded fighters and harvesters.

One thing still stands clear, no matter if you are a harvester or a fighter;
The echoing screams of pain,death and fear will not leave the valley of Aelius Dunes for some time..