Monster - Part 1

The room was nearly as black as the night. But still she approached it knowing that what was waiting inside was not of this world. In fact, it was the sort of thing that parents – and scary stories – warned little kids about in order for them to go to sleep. Yet still, she took the first brave step into the dark realm of the room. In her mind she knew what was waiting inside, yet still her curiosity took the upper hand and led her forth. She knew that after the door there would be nothing stopping her from facing her worst nightmares. If she allowed it to be so.
She could hear the echoes of the shoes as she walked into the room, step by step, closing in towards the centre. She knew that with each step she would come closer to her fate, and perhaps her ending. But it would be worth it, to know the answer it would be all worth it. Why had no one ever stopped running and asked the question what it was that you are running from? Why would be so horrendous that you had to quickly pace away from it? As she came closer and closer she could hear the heavy breath of the beast that was sitting in front of her. Each step culminated in yet another heavy breath. But she kept on walking, one more step closer towards the supposed evil that was in front of her.
It took a good while but finally her eyes got used to the darkened rootm. The details slowly started to take shape in front of her. Yet still it was dark enough that her mind had to finish the form of all the objects in front of her. A collection of chairs and accompanied benches was in front of her, but she evaded them quite skillfully as she slowly , step by step, moved forwad closing into what it was that was breathing heavilly in front of her.

Suddenly her foot bumped into something and the dampened sound was soon followed by a few pens that rolled across the floor. This of course caught the attention of what it now was in front of her. Though she did not doubt that it had already noticed her the second she entered room. But now it would most likely give her its full attention. She could hear a distant low gnarling sound as she, bravely, took yet another step. She inhaled deeply trying to gain some confidence. Her eyes had adapted a bit more she now was able to discern a few more contours in the room, most of them being benched and chairs. She was in school after all. Another step forwad and she should be near the centre of the room by now. Outside thunder started to make itself heard more frequently, and more powerful. Rain was not far away as the air suddenly dampened.
A short breeze gently caressed her face as she suddenly came to a stop. It was not air from the outside, the windows was still firmly shut. It came from the centre of the room. It came from that thing she was slowly moving towards. Between the contours of chairs and benches, shelves and other things spread across the floor there was a sudden source of light. In fact, there was two sources, she could clearly see the two eyes looking at her. It was watching her sipping in every possible detail of what it was that was clumpsy moving towards it. Through the light emanating from the eyes she could see hints of breath as it exhaled and then slowly inhaled again. It was well avare that she was in the room and that she was walking straight towards it.
Se felt how the air around her suddenly felt colder as it inhaled in a more strained sort of way. Was it about to jump her? Was this her final moment? During a millisecond her heart took not one, but several, extra jumps as the thought span through her mind. What would happen now? Would curiosity kill the cat?

“Are you not afraid?” The voice was dark and deep. Hostile, yet still not unfriendly.

“I.. I do not… should I be?” Was all she managed to stutter.

“That would be the sensitive reaction. But still, you did the contrary and chose to enter this room rather than run away from it. Thus killing the joy of the chase.” It replied and she could almost sense some sort of disappointment it its voice.

“You.. you can talk?” Strange that the thought had not struck her before now. But then again it would not be totally unexpected that it would have the ability to communicate. She was overthinking things.

“Do I speak, or do you understand me?” It replied, somewhat taunting her intelligence.

She took a deep breath. If this were to be her end she would rather make the most of it than just succumb to a possible fate. She steadied herself as she replied.

“How would I know. I am not even sure if you are moving your lips or anything. All I can see is the color of your eyes. ” As soon as she spoke the creature got up and walked towards her. She instinctly shut her eyes as hard as she could. She could feel the warmth of the creatures breath as it came closer. It stopped in front of her for a second before it started to take a walk around her. She almost froze where she was standing. She felt a quick breeze as it exhaled at her.

“I see. Then I ask you; what is the color of my eyes to you? Answer truthfully and you might live to take another breath before I end what is left of your life.” It said almost taunting, instead of a chase it seemed as it was challenging her mentally.

“I.. I..” She stuttered.

“Well then, the question is simple – as drawing a breath – so answer it” The creature took yet another lap around her, carefully sniffing at her as if it was somehow scanning her. She could hear the claws touching the floor as it walked around.

“The color.. eyes..” She studdered. This was not as she had imagined it would go down as she had entered the room.

“Yes, what color do they have? Answer human!” It almost felt strained.

“I..” She fell quiet.

“NOW!” it suddenly shouted making her twitch.

“I don’t know. They are red and blue. A mix, I do not know” She shouted out as she fell to her knees. She could sense how the creature suddenly stopped behind her. And now it gently exhaled in her neck . This was it.

“And do you know the meaning of colors, human. Do you?” It was once again taunting her, playing with its prey.

“How would I know this?” She asked, if this was the end perhaps going out knowing as much as possible was the best outcome she thought to herself.

“Should I tell you then? Curious are we? Odd indeed, but also curious I see. For being an easy pray you sure are talkative. Perhaps I should humour you then.” It replied, would this nightmare ever end?
It took a deep breath.
“Red means certain death, there is no escape. Blue would be its opposite; salvation if you’d like. One cannot exist without the other. But for them to coexist, now that is quite another matter indeed.” There was a hint of certainy in its voice.

“What do you mean, coexist?” She asked daringly. Ther was no turning back now. The end is nigh and she was determined to meet it proudly.

“Do you really think that you would have the luxury of asking questions, prey? You are but a breath away from your last, yet still you challenge your fate by asking more questions.” It took another slow lap around her, stopping in front of her. Her eyes had adapted to the dark as much as possible to the dark around her, momentarilly disturbed by the odd lightning, yet still she had a hard time discerning what it was standing in front of her. This was either the end, or a bad dream she thought to herself.

“It is not a dream” It said as if it cold read her mind. “And yes, your thoughts are quite clear. Many questions I see, even though you are aware of most things you are intelligent enough to see beyond the mundane and question the unknown. But the core issue now is, will this be your undoing?” She could almost feel the smugness as it talked to her. But would she dare to anger herself?

“I.. I do not know how to answer that. Other than saying that if this was to be my last moment, then I would like to know as much as I can about the one who is about to end my life.” She gambled.

“Who said that this would be the end? Perhaps it is a road stop on the way?” It remarked.

“I do not know, for all I know this is just another bad dream for me.” She did another gamble, trying to verify to herself if this was just another bad dream or not.

“I assure you, this is not what you would call a dream. It is happening, in one way or another.” It snarkly remarked as it took yet another lap around her. It was almost as if this was the victory lap.

“What do that mean? Am I to be devoured by you now? Is this my final moment?” This would likely be her last gamble before fate would engulf her.

“You are odd and interesting, I’ll give you that. And perhaps this is your final hour here, perhaps the breath you just took is your last. Perhaps time will tell, and perhaps time is not on your side, human!” It said as it prepared to attack.

“WAIT!” She suddenly shouted.

“Oh, more questions I see. I’ll indulge you this one last time.” For some reason she felt that this was more courteous than before, that there were something deeper than just mere threats in its voice. Perhaps it was her last breath, perhaps it was the end. And if it was what would her last question be?

“I would like to know the name of the one who is about to end me.” Was all that she managed to say before she exhaled and felt how life was exiting her body.

“A last request I see. Then know this; the one who moved you from this realm into the next one was known as Kaen”. It said before it leapt towards her. Then all the contours suddenly disappeared, the lightning suddenly went quiet and ther was no more sound around her. The last thing she saw before it all went all black and quiet was two eyes, filled with the color of red and blue.