Monster - Part 3

It took her quite a while, but finally she had found some medications to bring home to treat the little dog in her apartment. She had to make an effort in order to find anyone whom could give her advice on what might be the reason for the dog to have fallen so ill as it had done. Yet still she knew that it was nothing more than remote estimations based on her description of the symptoms and in order to get a more definitve answer she had to bring it to a vet. Unfortuneately, as this was rather a small village, there were none open during the weekend. None but a possible emergency number, which turned out to be hard to find. So she had put her hopes to some general paracetamol that would at least lessen the fever for the little one until she was able to find a more suitable solution. She hurried home as fast as she could from the convenience store. While walking with a quick pace she was scouring the internet via her phone in the best manner she managed in order to find some answers on what it might be, or at least how to carefully treat the animal in order to lessen its pain. But just having fever as a symptom turned out to be harder than it looked as it seems as just any illness had it among its characteristics. But still, if she was able to lessen this symptom, it would perhaps suffice enought to make things bareable. She stumbled herself realising that this cause had thrown her off the daily worry of home work and other chores qiute quickly. She quickly rummaged through her to do list in her mind checking off any item she had already sorted and found herself to actually have some spare time indeed. Perhaps this automation was something that suited her.

As she turned into the gateway towards the buidling complex she noticed that her balcony door was open, but she had closed it before she left her apartment had she not? Perhaps she had forgotten in her rush. She hurried up the stairs and unlocked the door to her apartment. The little dog was still lying on the pillow, sleeping with some unrest. It was almost as it was having a bad dream, moving from what seemed to be running over a field playing with friends, to what seemed to be a frightened battle of life and death.
She found a towel and soaked it in cold water and gently placed it on the dog hoping that it would lessen the fever at least to some point while she was preparing a quick treat stuffed with medication that would, hopefully, give more aid. It seemed as the towel did indeed relax the dog for a moment. but it was still clear that some sort of treatment was necessary. She gazed at the clock and saw that it was quite late and as soon as she had managed to give some medicine to the dog she prepared for a nights sleep. She closed the balcony door, again?, leaving just a little opening so that some fresh night air would be able to reach the dog and then she went to sleep.

It was an odd room, or was it a room after all? There were walls, floor and a roof of some sort. It looked like a room, had the proportions of a room, and most certainly remainded her of a room. But still she had the notion that it was all just a charade, a mirage. She looked around – it was almost the same as her apartment for some reason – so she decided to test the door to see if it still led to the outside. As she opened the door she found herself in a beautiful garden filled with flowers blooming of various colors. Each flower having its own unique color and attribute, yet still they all seemed to fit together nicely. She looked around to see if she was able to find the door she had just passed through, but there was nothing around that would reassemble any such thing. She kept looking around but all she could find in the garden was a bench not far from a path of lovely flowers that seemed to dance in the wind. She approached the bench and sat down. She looked at the flowers and for a second it was almost as she had slumbered a moment. Suddenly a thought struck her that falling asleep here would perhaps not be as restful as it might seem at first. She reminded herself to keep awake, and to be keen at what might possibly appear around her. There was nothing about though, the only motion she could detect was the flowers gently leaning with the wind, changing direction as the wind changed. This was quite a lovely place indeed, even for a dream it felt quite comfortable she thought to herself. Yet still she refrained from falling asleep.

“You seems to be aware, good..” It was a familiar voice as she suddenly woke up. She looked around and saw that she was in her apartment again, and it was an early Sunday morning. It had been just a dream, perhaps one that felt quite real, but yet still a dream she thought to herself as she got up and checked on the little dog. It seemed as the medication had actually worked well as she saw how it was lying on its side, breathing calmly and with a good rythm. She snapped a qiuck picture of it as it was lying there sound asleep. She would need that picture in order to create some flyers she intended to put to find its original ownwer. There must be some one out there worrying about their dog by now. She put her things away as quitet as she was able to in order not to disturb the little dog’s sleep and then sat down and wrote up a quick flyer and printed about twenty of them. The sound of the laser printer did seem to wake up the dog and she petted it a bit before she grabbed some ingredients from the fridge making herself and the dog some breakfast. It seemed as the nights sleep had at least given it some comfort as it seemed to be more upbeat today, as if it had regained some of its energy again, which was good.
She gave it a quick walk outside the apartment and it seemed to be more attentative and eager to explore its surroundings so she decided to walk around the green area outside the apartment a bit longer. But then it would be back to reality again and she went up, with the dog, to fetch the flyers she had made. She had given the local area map a quick glance earlier and deciced to limit the area where she’d put up the flyers to a few blocks hoping that it would suffice. So she, and the little one, started their journey around the neighborhood putting up flyers everywhere that seemed to be a good eye catcher and a few hours later they both returned to her apartment, both somewhat exhausted. She had noted that the dog was still limping, but there was now a regained glow in its eyes. So she preapred something quick to eat for them both, this time also giving the dog some more medicine to aid it. She then sat down and looked over her homework again in preparation of tomorrow’s school day. She had also notified her landlord that she was currently having a dog in her apartment, but that she was only caring for it until she found its original owner.
She dove into the home work and looked through her notes taking short brakes in order to have something to drink, or to walk the dog outside. It seemed as time amost flew away as around 9pm she got a text from her friend Nikomie asking if they should meet up halfway to school as usual tomorrow. As Akemi sent her reply she brought out the sleeping gear, prepared her lunch for tomorrow and also giving the little dog some supper before giving it a quick walk before bed. To her discontent she noticed that the fever was now back so she gave it another pill hoping that it would easen the pain. She then made sure that it was lying comfortably on the pillow, having water nearby etc, before she went to bed herself.

Once more the devious alarm clock was giving off it’s sound of doom and Akemi managed to find the snooze button this time. But as it rang a second time just minutes later she succumbed to its torture and rose up out of her bed. She looked and saw that the dog was still sleeping on the pillow, once more quite peacefully and relaxed. Akemi quitely got up and stuffed her gear away and then took a quick shower before dressing up for school. Before she left she gave the dog a walk outside and another pill telling it that she would soon return as this day there were only classes half of the day. She looked at her phone and saw that there were no new messages on it, sadly she had hoped that perhaps the dogs owner would have called or texted her. But the flyers had only been up for a few hours so perhaps sometime during the day she hoped as she locked the door. Another text told her that Nikomie was waiting for her on the usual spot, and that she was not a bit late and had to hurry. She had made certain that the room would be comfortable for the dog by opening the balcony door just a little, attaching the hatch so that it would not open any further.

“Hey there, sleepy head!” Nikomie greeted her as she approached the meeting point.

“Yeah, I know. Been a strange weekend.” Akemi replied making a tired face.

“Well, considering all the homework we were drowned in on Friday I agree. Took me aaaages to finish.” Nikomie said making sort of a silly face.

“Yeah, took me a while also. But that is not all. Another strange thing happened too..” Akemi said but was interrupted by Nikomie’s eager voice telling her that she wanted to say something important . “Allright, spill the beans.”

“You know Yu? The cutest guy ever?” Nikomie said teasingly.

“The one that you secretly have a crush on?” Akemi asked with a friendly sarcasm in her voice.

“YES! Thats the one! You know what? You know what?” She was jumping up and down clapping her hands as she asked.

“No..What?” Akemi said, still with a friendly sarcasm. She could easily guess what Nikomie would say next.

“I got a text from him this weekend, A TEXT!” The joy in her voice could not be misstaken.

“A text, what did it say?” Akemi politely asked, while trying to keep some sort of calm and distance. Nikomie was a good friend, and she had taken Akemi under her wings since day one, yet still she wanted to keep some sort of distance, without alienate herself of course.

“Well, it’s a secret!” Nikomie teased her.

“Hey, ain’t I your friend? Should you not tell me these things?” Akemi decided to tease back.

“Hihi, yes you are. But before I tell you my secret, you have to tell me yours!” Nikomie was once more teasing her in some odd, friendly, way.

“What secret?” Akemi asked, feeling a bit stumped.

“You said that you had a strange weekend too? He didn’t text you too did he?” Nikomie suddenly looked very serious.

“What? No, no he did not. I haven’t got a text all weekend. But something else happened though.” Akemi said. “I found a dog outside my apartment building, it was in a bad shape so I took care of it. It’s lying in my apartment now.

“A dog? Whee, a DOG!” Nikomie was back to her cheery self again. “Can I see it? Please, please!” She begged.

“Well, I have put up flyers hoping to find the owner, hoping to hear from them today. But if I haven’t heard anything by tomorrow you could follow me home and see it?”

“Sure. I hope that no one calls you today then!” Nikomie said with a cheer, meaning well.

As they spoke they turned into the school yard and was met with a police restriction line.
It seemed to be some sort of disturbance among the students, but the head master was standing at the gate beside a police officer calming the students. Akemi suddenly felt a cold rush passing through her body as if she knew why there would be a block. But she shrugged it off quickly and they both approached the head master.

“Hey there kids. Nothing to worry about. There was an accident on Friday and the police is here to make sure that everything is okay.” The headmaster calmed the students as they walked through the gate into the school yard.

“Uhm, excuse me sir. What has happened?” Akemi asked both spurred and cuious for some odd reason.

“Nothing to worry about, just an accident in room 3F. We are just taking precautions to make sure that everything is ok.” The way the headmaster said it made it feel like a faked reassurance.

“But, thats our classroom” Akemi said as an odd chill rose along her spine.