Monster - Part 4

“If that is your class room I suggest that you go directly to the auditorium. We will inform all the students of your class about a temporary solution. Now hurry on!” The headmaster said trying to hide a clear sensation of stress, failing utterly.

Somehow Akemi felt very doubtful to all this. It seemed to be so familiar somehow, yet she could not put her finger on what it was. But the feeling was strange somehow. She and Nikome headed towards the auditorium looking at each other with confusion.

“Do you know whats up Akemi?” Nikome asked her while grabbing her phone to see if any of the social media etc had any further information.

“I.. I have no idea what this is all about.” Akemi excused herself as she decided not to share her uneasy feelings to Nikome just yet. After all, it could just be some odd coincidence.

As they walked towards the auditorium they noticed that there were not just students from their class that was heading the same way, but rather it seemed as it was also persons from other classes which had their class rooms on the third floor. A bit odd as it was only room 3F that was, supposedly, closed off for some reason. The odd chatter that she intercepted during the walk seemed to sum up to that something horrible had happened in class room 3F, but that the school and police wanted to keep a lid on it and keep speculation to a minimum.
Akemi thought that she heard something about a girl from another class had come to the school early and made the supposed horrible discovery. But it was all school yard chatter sofar so she decided to focus on getting to the auditorium and tried not to think about what might possibly could have happened. And definately not to think about the strange dream she had a few days ago.

As they entered they saw that there was, in fact, more students than those from just her class, but rather from the other classes as well. There were even class representants from those whos class rooms were on floor one and two present. The chatter and rumours increased as the room filled with people but Akemi focused on not thinking about anything in particular as she knew that word travelled quite fast in the school, and that it quite often turned up to be quite skewed from the original meaning in the end. But it was still a worrying feeling that slowly crept over her as they waited for the headmaster to arrive.
It took about twenty minutes or so before the doors closed behind them and the headmaster took his stance on the podium. Akemi could easily see that he was very nervous and that he did not really know what to say next. He cleared his throat.

“Students, as you all have heard and seen, the third floor of the second building has been closed off and is currently under the supervision of the police. We stress that you do not try to enter this floor under any circomstance while it is being closed off. This is for your own safety, so please keep this in mind. Also know that the stairs leading up to the roof are also closed in this building for the time being. If you have any belonings of affects that you need retrieved from your class room, please let us know and we will hand it over to you as soon as we can.” It was clear that this was just standard talk about safety and damage control. What he had to say next was definitely the toughest part of it, nervousity showed as he spoke with a nearly trembling voice trying to hide the truth behind a white lie.
“As the school opened today we noticed that there had been some substantial damage to class room 3F, therefore we decided to seal it off. But as we looked into it further we deemed the other class rooms unfit also while we investigate what the cause of this destruction is. To be extra precatious we decided to have the police looking into it also as we suspect that it might be related to bad construction, that and in combination with all the heavy rain we had during the year they are investigating on their part if any fault has been made. Therefore we also decided to seal off the rest of the class rooms and the roof. We hope to have this sorted as soon as possible so that we all can go back to how it was. Meanwhile, the students whoms class rooms are on the third floor will be given homework to be done during the coming weeks, while the auditorium will be open for those that wish to come and talk to their teachers etc about the homework and other studies. You will be given your homework from your teachers before leaving the auditorium, you will also have the rest of the day off unless you wish to stay here aferwards and speak to your teachers.” He quickly exited the podium, but then quickly turned around and got back up on it again. “Oh, and please. Do not speculate or believe in any rumors floating around about why the rooms are sealed off. They are just that, rumors, and all official information will be coming from us. That is all that you need to know for now.” He then quickly exited the podium and started talking to the group of teachers that had been standing behind him.

Akemi looked around as the chatter started to increase again, many checking their phones to see if anything had been posted on the social networks etc. She had never really taken part in those as it was mostly just chatter and gossip there, nothing that she really fancied. She preferred calling or texting instead. But it seemed as there were no “rumors” available just yet. Which did intesify the notion among the ther students that something was up. She noticed that the cell phones was quickly put away, after what was likely the standard updates regarding having the day off, something odd is happening at the school etc. Then a few started dropping off and Akemi got into the line to get her homework handed to her before she exited the auditorium.

“Hey, you want to get a coffee or something Akemi?” Nikome suddenly said making Akemi twitch just a little. “Hey, you there? Did I scare you?” She continued teasingly.
“Sorry, my mind wandered off a bit. What were you asking?” Akemi said suddenly realising that something was amiss. “Yeah, a coffee sounds good.” Suddenly she felt the need to clear her mind of something. She could not explain why she suddenly felt so occupied, it was almost as if something was telling her that there is something strange going on. Like there were signs everywhere telling her so, but she could just not see it.

They both went to a popular coffee shop not far from school. The place was quite crowded now as many other students seemed to have the same idea as they suddenly had their day off. Akemi almost felt a bit claustrophobic and asked if they could get the coffee to go instead. Nikomie did not object so they ordered up and went outside. They walked for a moment before they stopped and sat down on the lawn near the canal. It was quite calm and relaxing as they both started sipping on their coffee before talking a bit of what might have happened, was the building really coming down? Why would the police have such attention to some shoddy construction? None of them could find an explanation that would make them feel satisfied while being logic. But perhaps it was the thrill of a mystery that also kept them from accepting what would be a logical truth. A bit later the coffe was finished and they both felt relaxed as the tension of the morning meeting had ran off. It was almost lunchtime and they decided to head home to make their lunch. They decided to talk later that evening.
Akemi walked by the grocery store and got a few more ingreditents and some more snacks for the little dog which she almost had forgotten about. She rushed home feeling guilty for letting it slip her mind. As soon as she opened the door she was met by the sight of the little dog lying on the pillow snoozing. She gently woke it up and took it outside for a quick walk in the yard. Then they both headed back in and she started preparing the lunch while the dog was lying on the pillow happily chewing on its snack.

As thing started to boil on the stove there was a sudden, dapmened, knock on the door. Akemi washed her hands and opened the door. Outside stood a little girl holding one of her pamphlets, she looked up at Akemi with saddened eyes before she opened her mouth. “Do.. do you have my dog?” She asked cautiously.
Akemi smiled towards the little girl and crouched in front of her to not appear too frightening. “Yes, I have him right here.” She replied and pointed towards the pillow. “Tikk!” The little girl shouted and as soon as she did the dog lifted his head and saw the girl. He then got up and rushed towards the little girl and jumped up into her arms and started licking her face with joy.
After a moment the girl looked at Akemi and stuttered out a glad “Thank you, I’ve missed him”. “And he have missed you I see” Akemi replied as she handed the leash to the girl. She turned around and walked down the hall, stopping and waving thankfully towards Akemi before she exited down the stairs. Akemi then walked over towards her window and watched the little girl walk across the yard with the dog in a leash. She smiled knowing that the dog was back at its owner.

“You know she isn’t real” A sudden dark voice said from somewhere inside the apartment.