New computer!

This Monday I received my new laptop, the new MacBook Pro 15”!
Sofar I must admit that I am quite satisfied with it, even though I have barely tested it mostly using it connected to my 24″ LED Cinema Display. Though I am running Dragon Age Origins from Bioware with all settings – except AA – set to max at 1920×1200 resolution without any problems, and Battlefield Bad Company 2 at 1440×900 with settings on medium, all this without any problems.

So I admit it to being quite a capable work horse sofar, but please bear in mind that these are just some quick “tests” made to see the difference between the new laptop and my previous 13” model (the late 2009 one) and I am quite satisfied. The main reason to update from 13” to 15” is that I no longer travel the bus and train as frequently as before, and thus do hot have the same need of portability as the 13” brought. This, and also the fact that I wanted to step up a notch or two in performance as the 15” got quite a boost in this department too. Worth mentioning also is that it has not yet become as warm during the load as I would have anticipated, also bringing a plus, but still I have to test having it in the lap for an extended period of time to check battery and, if under load, it gets too warm. The second reason was that I wanted to have a larger mobile desktop area also, for the times where I am not sitting at home doing things.
(Image courtesy of Apple)

I will not bore you with yet another review – there are many available on the net, here being one – and there is still quite a batch of things left for me to test and try out, mainly aimed towards my daily use. But rather to give an initial opinion on it was going up 2 inches from 13 to 15 while also getting more power under the hood, simply killing two birds with one stone. I also got a shell case to protect it while on the move, a Speck SeeThru Satin, something I can highly recommend if you are moving around a lot and want to protect your MacBook Pro from scratches amongst things. It’s definitely worth the extra ~$50.

Hopefully I will try and get back and update this post now and then with some more opinions and experiences as the time goes.
Please comment, ask questions and I’ll try and get back asap.