New Years Poem (2008)

A happy new year, been said all around with great cheer.
For it has turned to be, that a new year we will see.
Through the past we did prevail, and so without fail.
Now we celebrate as one, for the new tides to come.

A year is is a great time, and such one we lived just fine.
Throughout every land and every town, from the jungle to the Atys crown.
A word is spread through the word of mouth, from Atys north to its south.
The tide be high and so the spirit, this be the way Homins will live it.

No matter what it be nor how it show, any matter we will overcome.
Friends to meet at every place, together howl a cheer to cover every space.
Adversities if any, together we have overcome many.
And whatever the future will bring, still we stand for a new year to sing.

Homins near and Homins far, together to celebrate we all are.
This day to leave the old behind, and to our future to find.
Raise your voice and hold hand, to welcome a new year onto our land.
So raise your voice and your glass, to farewell the past and welcome a new year to pass!

Dear friends, another year we have now seen on the lands of Atys, and on this day we all celebrarte such passing. Throughout the times we have seen many things happen to both the lands we love, and the places beyond. For the planet that lives this is a cycle that passed every so often and so it also be part of our lives.
Dear friends, I wish to thank you all for the time passed, and also thank you for the time to come that we will spend together on Atys, the living planet.