Playing Blackwell Epiphany on Mac

Finally the good people over at Wadjet Eye Games – known for games like The Shivah,Primordia,Gemini Rue and Resonance – have finally released Blackwell Epiphany, the last of the Blackwell series. And what a grand finale it is!

I noticed that if you purchased the game via you would also get a Mac version of the game. But if you pre-ordered (via Humble Bundle) or got it via Steam there is no client for OSX available. So I sent out a tweet to WadjetEye Games asking why had a client for the Mac, while the others did not. And they replied quite quickly letting me know that it was the Windows client wrapped. Likely something that done as an (awesome) service to their members.

This got me thinking about Wineskin which I fiddled with some year(s) ago and directly I downloaded it and made a wrapper in which I installed The Blackwell Epiphany and got on to play.
And just now I finished the game using the wrapper I created, and it worked flawless, not a single hiccup at all as far as I could see. By default it even places the save files in your ~/Documents folder for you.

Here’s a quick guide to create your own wrapper:

  1. Download the Wineskin wrapper from their homepage1. Unzip and run the Wineskin file and click the “+”-sign and chose to “Download and install” the most recent Wine engine. In my case it was “WS9Wine1.7.17”.
  2. Click the “Create New Blank Wrapper” 1. Name it to something of your preference. I called min The Blackwell Epiphany.
  3. If you have the firewall activated you may get a question asking if the application should allow incoming transmissions. I clicked Allow here.
  4. As the wrapper is finished you will get a popup. 1. Click View wrapper in Finder
  5. Doubleclick the newly created wrapper that appears in the Finder window. 1. First click Set Screen Options.
  6. Uncheck all the checkboxes on the lower right side (two should be checked by default) and then click Done. 1. If you want to spice up the wrapper a bit with a custom icon you can do this under the Advanced section. Click the button and on the lower right there is an Icon section. Click Browse and select the icon you wish the wrapper to have. I have created my own from an image I found on the internet. I have attached it here.
  7. Click Install Software and then Choose Setup Executable and browse to your already downloaded installer for windows (BlackwellEpiphany_windows.exe).
  8. Click Next until the button changes into Install, click it and wait until it has finished (no need to change any of the predefines settings in the installer).
  9. When the installer have finished, uncheck the Launch Blackwell Epiphany checkbox and then click Finish.
  10. In the Choose Executeable window that appears accept the default setting by clicking OK.
  11. The game is now installed and ready to play! Just doubleclick your newly created wrapper and the game will startup in a few seconds.