Quick Note: Playing Moebius: Empire rising on Mac? Be careful with your save files!

So Moebius – the latest creation of adventure veteran Jane Jensen – is finally out and also available on Mac!
Just a quick note regarding the save files on OSX (Mac) which I found out the hard way.
First some background info on how I made this discovery: I was playing the demo and saving my progress as per usual and all was well. But two days ago when I was planning on finishing the demo before the game was released my save files were suddenly nowhere to be found. Nothing in the game to load etc.
After a mention on Twitter I got a reply from Jane Jensen herself (how awesome is that!) She pointed me towards a kind gent over at Phoenix Online Studios to aid me in troubleshooting the issue. After a quick email the reason to why the save files were missing was found; it was due to where the OSX client saves them.
Namely under “~/Library/Caches/unity.Phoenix Online Studios.Moebius

And the reason for them just disappearing? Well, earlier that same day I had CleanMyMac to go through my machine and clean out some old files etc. Which in turn means that the “~/Library/Caches/”-folder had been cleaned out. Thus this small note for all you out there playing Moebius: Empire rising on Mac to be careful when/if running maintenance software like CleanMyMac etc. I have looked, but it seems like there is no way to exclude the “~/Library/Caches/unity.Phoenix Online Studios.Moebius” in CleanMyMac easily from what I have found (the ~/Library folder is hidden by default, hence not showing in the gui when trying to add it as an excluded folder).

So if you are uncertain if your maintenance is doing the same, make a backup of the “~/Library/Caches/unity.Phoenix Online Studios.Moebius” folder and you should be all safe. In the Finder press Option while clicking the “Go” menu and “Lirbary” should appear in the list (it is hidden by default). From there browse to the “Caches” folder and within that you should find the “unity.Phoenix Online Studios.Moebius” near the bottom (if you sort by name). Copy that somewhere safe and all should be ok.