The beginning
Yours truly started his online career by playing Dark Age of Camelot, for about three weeks. After that I found out that this game was mostly designed for those that are able to logon and play most evenings of the week – at least that was how it felt back then, I do not know how it looks today – as, after being away for one week, I was no longer able to play with my in game friends. This all due to that during this week they had leveled up enough rendering my character unable to participate in the dungeons and instances they were in as it was too low level.
So I ventured forth and looked for what other kinds of leisures the vast net could offer me and my eyes stuck on a small ad somewhere (yes, I have forgotten where I first read/heard about Ryzom).

Getting there
Clicking the link took me to a download a trial page. Said and done, and about an hour later I was up and running a small, relatively unknown MMORPG. Suffice to say, I still play the game, over five year since I first began and I keep enjoying it immensely. Of course there is the random overload at work, real life claims to have booked some evenings, and other games (yes, I do some of them too at times) that keeps me away from being able to login, still I have never left Atys, the living planet.

Quick conclusion
So when I write about games I am most likely going to base some of my view on my experiences in Ryzom. This might seem a bit biased, but I will try my best to keep things in a clear perspective and not favorise in any direction, but try and keep as neutral as I can. We all know how it is when there is something we hold dear to us, it’s hard to criticize (sometimes impossible), while it is way easier to lash out at others weaknesses. So I invite you all to discuss the text’s here, share your views and opinions so that we can have a great discussion togehter!

Try it yourself!
Why don’t you head over to the download page and try it yourself! While downloading the whopping 1.4GB you can read more about the game’s history here.

Have a look
The video below is created by the lovely Ema (visit her Youtube page to see more of her great videos!).