The changes of Atys ( Atys Chronicles Writing )

The changes of Atys.

It had been whispered for some time, Homins felt that something was happening.
Something that they could not clearly articulate what it might be or what it was
to be. But there was something there, something that all of a sudden would
change. But what was it?

And so one day as Homins woke up in the lands of Atys, something was not right,
something had changed from the time when they had fallen asleep the night
before. But had the Homins changed? Were they not the same as when they had
fallen asleep? So what was this strange notion that was growing in the back of
their minds as they started to do their morning chores? Nothing out of the
ordinary was seen in the presences around, no strange new buildings or anything
around in fact that could give a hint about what it was. So many thought that it
was just a miscarried notion that had traveled astray in the winds and across
the lands. But there was something new…

Some Homins were greatly surprised when they found that they were not longer
able to make a pact with either The Kami or The Karavan, even though they had
done this very act the previous day.

“Ye must seek within where to place your faith before we can allow such pacts to
once more be made” was the answer they were given when asking the representative
What might this mean?

So what was this change that they had all felt? Did the Homins change or was it
something else.
Some sat down and talked about this, trying to ascertain what needed to be done
to redeem this happening. They were now forced to change some of their views if
they wished for a continued cooperation with the Gods.
It was said that it was not the Homins that changed, but the way the Gods looked
upon the Homins.

Some Homins knew what they wished to do, on what God to place their trust and
faith in. They had known this for some time already. Others were greatly
confused as they would not want to see a choice forced upon them that would tear
them apart from friends they had made since so long ago.
Why would this now come to such need that choices of this kind had to be made?

When looking upon what options that was presented to them, many made a choice to
stay aside and not be affected by this. Many Homins chose to place their trust
and faith in their friends. Gods had little effect on this. They were still
grateful to what aid the Gods gave and therefore showed both sides that they
remembered the help they had received so many times before. They knew though
that the bonds they have with their friends are not something that even a God
can untie. To honor their long known friends and show praise to the Gods they
chose to walk the path of the neutral.

But being neutral is nothing that can be placed under a definition, since there
are as many views on this as there are Homins. Perhaps saying that some prefer
to put friendship above any God could be one way of putting it. Still it is
something that each Homin has to define for themselves.

So what was then the impact of this sudden change? What effect did it have on
the Homins and the lands they live in? This was yet to be discovered. One that
chose to walk a certain path of a God is also inclined to act in ways asked by
the God in order to prove the trust and faith that the follower has.
The changes made it a different path to travel upon Atys for many. Some tribes
that before had ignored the presence of some Homins now had a harsher attitude
against Homins and instantly asked them which God they followed. And if the
answer was wrong then they were immediately seen as enemies and the tribes
sought to harm them. Others were confused that some of the envoys of the Gods
now refused them to make pacts of travel with them any more, mumbling something
about “You have to prove your faith towards us before such pacts can be made.”

Time moves on, it always does no matter what happens in its presence. Perhaps
time is one of the very few constant things that exist in Atys, the living
planet. This was a proof that changes are there and will always be, even if we
cannot spot them with our eyes.

So what will it all become? Yes there will now be new routes to travel
throughout Atys as some places now have become easier to reach, while others
have turned and now are more troublesome destinations. Yes it was a change
indeed and many still find it confusing, asking themselves why this has
occurred. A planet that lives is also a planet that changes. Some changes we can
affect and others we cannot, still Atys remains what it is; a living planet.

Homins and friends, stay together. For as we all have proved so many times
before, whatever happens we will always be walking the surface of Atys.

I will continue to watch and learn.