The fighting Homins

There on the field, their swords they wield.
Homins of the same land, with weapons in hand.

Was this the fate, that they should feel such hate.
Strike upon strike, delivered whit sword and pike.

As it seems one would win, nearer come the Kitin.
Swords that were against each other, now was turned toward another.

One Homin turned to fight, other giving healing light.
The battle was hard and long, to honor it we sing this song.

Two against each other, now working together without bother.
The battle was fierce, as finally the armor the pike pierce.

As the beast fell to the ground, only the two Homins left to be found.
As they against each other turn, to fight they no longer yearn.

As they stood there by battle taken, their minds started to awaken.
And as this song will tell, their weapons to the ground fell.

This is a song about two Homin that was engaged in a battle against each other
for reasons so old that they could not be remembered. As they fought a third
opponent appeared, one that did seek to harm them. The Kitin. As this happened
the Homins instantly forgot about their quarrel and now joined forces to
together strike down the threat the Kitin posed. One kept arm against it while
the other provided strength.
And finally as the foul beast fell to the ground they once more turned towards
each other.
Yet now how could they fight ? How could one strike at the one that had given
him strength in a battle, and how could the other attack the one that took the
damage and wielded sword to defend them both.
In this moment they both realized that their struggle against each other had
been in vain and they let both their weapons and quarrel fall.

This is why this song is sung before great battles, this is why young Homins
learns it as children.
It is sung to honor the fighters that saw beyond.