The followers - part 1

Something I wrote for the Atys Chronicle a long time ago. I hope you enjoy it.

The followers
Part I

“Its quite a sunny day today isn’t it Chao-Li?”

“Yes, it’s a perfect day to set up this new stable here. Pass me the hammer will you Feier’an”

“Here you go, good thing that you are the tall one here right, haha”

“Well, I am a Zoraï as tall as they come.”

“Yeah, and I am just the sneaky Tryker, I know I know.”

“Yeah, sneaky alright, hold the plank still so I can nail it here will you.”

It was a warm day this summer day. Even the animals around them seemed to be affected by this sudden heat, but for them it was also welcome. They could spend some time to continue to build the stables, which was long overdue since the weather had been bad recently, and it would also do good for their crops as the rain had nearly drenched their small meadows. But it seemed as the tide of luck had finally swept the other way around and brought them some good weather.
It was not long ago since they had left the old homes in order to find a new place to call home, a safer place for their children to grow up. A place where everyone could get old together and hold found memories of days passed.
It was pure accident that had placed them together, these two families; one of Tryker and one of Zoraï. Through the interference of a Kitin they had been molded together in friendship and trust.

It had been a rainy day a bit over a year ago as they had met near a tunnel’s exit out through a cave. Not more then the courteous greeting had been their first impression, but that was to change quite rapidly. Not far outside the entrance to the cave from which they emerged there had been a Kincher roaming around, and as they came unknowing of its presence it had caught their scent. And set out for the easiest target; their children.

Nih’na and Feuor were young then, so young that they had not seen any of the Kitin previously. And when one came running towards them they had not seen its dangers, but seen an animal rushing to greet them. They were used to have their parents tell them not to touch anything, so they ignored their calls and happily waited for the funny thing to come to them.
As Nih’na was the longer of them she was the one it saw first. They smiled and laughed as it came closer and in a flash it held Nih’na in its claws. She screamed from the surprise and the sudden pain around her waist, it was not until now that Feuor grasped the serious in the situation, he fell back on his back and fear struck through his body. He could not move. Another scream from Nih’na told them about the hardening grip it had.

Another bellowed scream roared of a sudden and Nih’na fell to the ground, next to the Kincher stood Feier’an holding a a sword, he just looked at the Kincher as its blood came running out from the deep cut he had made in its arm. IT turned to him, but he did not notice its leg as it came swooping around and hit him hard over the head, he fell backwards and tried to stand up immediately. The world spun around him, it had been a fierce hit and he had taken serious damage, he needed time to recover. Time he did not have as the Kincher now laid its eyes on Feuor.
He started a rush, but he knew that he would not make it in time yet he ran. Suddenly a bolt came flying through the air hitting the Kincher placing it out of its course, but it was soon back up again and continued. Another bolt stunned it and as it staggered around confused roots shot up from the ground gripping it and pulling it down holding it hard. This was all that Feier’an needed as he now was at the Kincher, a jump and a concentrated attack on the Kinchers head made the battle short.
As the roots let go of their hold the Kincher stood up then to fall down onto the ground, dead.

It was then Feier’an noticed the small dagger in the Kinchers leg. He knew that dagger, it was Feuor’s.
Nih’na had some bruises on her waist but she seemed to have got no more wounds other then the shock. Same was for Feuor, he was still shaking as he came into his mother arms comforting him and soothingly talking to him.

“Daddy, it was bad to her.” He said through his shakes.

“Yes, it was bad for us all. You have to be more careful and listen to your parents Feuor.” He said smiling at the little one lying safely in his mothers arms.

“You might be short, but you are brave.” A voice behind Feier’an said.

“Short yes, but our temper and will cannot be measured in height.” Feier’an said as he turned and looked up at the Zoraï facing him. He knew the origin and beliefs of them, as he was certain they knew his.

The Zoraï moves his hands and Feier’an made himself ready to counter any attack, he was surprised. The Zoraï removed his amps and extended his hand.

“I am Chao-Li, thank you for rescuing my daughter from this Kitin.” He said.

Feier’an was stunned at first, this was the first time he had met a Zoraï on such grounds. Not that he had met many before, but those had been more hostile.

“I am Feier’an.” He said as he extended his hand and shook the hand of the Zoraï. He could instantly feel that this was a true and honest gesture with no hidden notions. How strange.

“I am glad that your brave little one is well too.” The Chao-Li said as he turned and looked at Feuor.

“Yes, thank you for your aid. How is your daughter?” Feier’an asked still surprised over what had happened.

“She is well, thank you. She is cared for by her mother, my wife, Naom’Chi. Her name is Nih’na.”

“My son’s name is Feuor and his mothers name is Limeh.” Feier’an replied to answer the courteous gesture.

Since that day much had happened and many things had passed. Through these interventions of the Kitin they had become friends. They had decided to continue the journey together from that point as they knew that together they would have had a bigger chance to survive and manage. It had also turned out that they were both almost looking for the same thing, a new home. And weeks later they had found a place near a village and they were not working on building the stable for their mounts to rest in at nights. For what mission they had undertaken it seemed as the two families had grown more and more together, this day something started to move.