The followers - part 10

The followers
Part X

Some times passed along as the three Homins continued their exploration of what was hidden in the Atysian soil. Dinah’s skills in prospection turned out to be quite useful to them, she did not always find what was sought after, but even so the sources they dug up could be used for their crafting lesson. Time seemed to be running away from them as they moved from source to source, digging up as many materials they could possibly extract from them. Soon they had gathered piles of materials that was large enough that they had to stop since their bags were filled to the brim, they looked at the piles as a cracking sound was heard from behind, followed by an “aaw” from Feuor.

He had managed to hit the last source so hard that his pick had finally given in. It was not totally unexpected since it was an older one, and that he had treated it more like a sword then a pick in the beginning. Nih’na and Dinah just smiled at the brave warrior struggling against the ground as he did his best to use the remains of the pick to scramble up the little he could from the source. As he was done they just walked up to him and hugged him.

“Oh, ah hey you guy… uhm girls… thanks.” Feuor said a bit surprised by the sudden act of the girls but he was not late in replying by hugging them back.

“Seems like we managed to gather quite a bunch of materials, eh?” He said as he stood up and looked at the piles of materials lying around them.

“Yes, it was fun..” Nih’na said as she opened her bag.

“Yes, quite a measurement of how much fun we had together today!” Dinah said smiling towards them.

“Haha, yes it was great fun. Personally I liked the finale” Feuor said and smiled broadly referring to the hug.

They started to gather all the piles in order to put them in the bags when they noted that they had harvested too much and had to leave some behind since they did not fit in their bags. Just as Feuor tied the last bag together they were approached by a Fyros man whom seemed to be heading towards them. Just as Feuor tossed the, now heavy, bag on his back the man reached them and greeted.

“Well met, I am Cyraco a merchant by profession and a travelling Homin by heart. May I have a moment of your time perhaps ?” Cyraco said with a kind voice as he bowed.

“Uhm, sure. What can we do for you ?” Feuor asked the man after he had stopped his bow.

Dinah and Nih’na stood a little behind Feuor as they had helped each other to get their bags in order.

“I was just wondering, I see that you all travel with a full inventory but also that there are some piles of materials left here on the ground. Are they yours by any chance ?” Cyraco asked politely.

“Yes, we seemed to have been a bit too eager in our harvest.” Nih’na answered him.

“Ah, I see. Then I have a proposal to give you regarding these items here.” Cyraco said. “You see I am travelling these lands in search for materials. I work closely with the merchants in the bigger towns and have been informed that they would welcome a range of different materials such as the ones you have here. So , if you are not going to bring them with you, I suggest that you let me purchase them for a sum of dappers. Does this sound interesting ?” he continued.

Dinah, Nih’na and Feuor looked at each other with a bit of a surprise, they had not thought so far as to sell the materials. But then again with their bags full they would not been able to carry it to the nearest merchant, so Cyraco’s appearance was both timed and lucky.

“I guess that would be fine with us.” Feuor said to Cyraco.

“Great, then what would be a fair price to you ?” He asked as he reached for his pouch with dappers and took out an amount.

“Nih’na, I don’t… know how much to ask.” Nih’na said

“Me neither. I rarely… visit the merchants… ehm..” Dinah added but seemed to have stopped in the middle of a sentence.

“Ah, then how about , lets say 60 000 dappers for these piles ? Do that sound like a fair price to you ?” Cyraco said with an honest smile.

“Fair enough, its a deal!” Feuor said and extended his hand to shake.

Cyraco answered the gesture and as they shook hands he handed over the said amount which Feuor proceeded to distribute between the three of them. Cyraco thanked them and bowed deeply again.

“Uhm..How will you be able to transport these materials ?” Nih’na asked carefully.

“Oh, hehe I have my packers just on the other side of the hill here. They are resting and drinking a bit. I just took a little stroll when I noticed you three were about to leave.” Cyraco answered. “I will go and fetch them now so I can put these materials in their bags. A pleasure making business with you!” He said as he turned around and headed towards the hill.

As they walked along the road Feuor and Nih’na seemed very happy over the days result. Dinah on the other hand walked a little behind them staring at the ground. What they did not see was that she held a firm grip of her pouch where her share of the dappers were. Little did they know that it had been such time since she had last seen such amount of dappers.
As they came to the crossroad leading one way to the town, the other into the city they stopped for a second and discussed if they should head home at once of if they would take a detour into the town and see if they could get something nice for their dappers. Perhaps even a present to their parents as a surprise. It was an easy decision since Dinah had to pass through the town anyhow in order to get home so Feuor and Nih’na decided that they would follow her on the way.

After a bit of a walk they entered the town and headed for the market square and looked at all the stands if they could find something to buy. Feuor headed to the weapons crafter looking for a nice dagger to give to his father and found one at a bargain and he also found a crafting needle that shimmered lightly. The merchant told him that if it was used right it could have a special effect in the armour crafted, what it was though the salesman did not want to reveal. It was cause enough for Feuor to but it for his mother.
Nih’na had found a herbal tea which was made on special Stinga which was said to have a calming effect which she purchased to her father, to her mother she found a lovely hairpin.
They both met up with Dinah who was standing at the Armour merchant staring at a White Matis Light Armour with big eyes. If they were not mistaken she had probably been standing there all the time while they had run off shopping. She was holding both her hands together in front of her chest squeezing her pouch with dappers hard.

“That is a lovely dress Dinah.” Nih’na said as she came closer.

“Yes, it is. It would look lovely on my mother.” Dinah replied a bit distant as if she was picturing her mother wearing it.

“Then why don’t you buy it for her ?” Feuor asked as he stood behind the girls.

“I would so much like to.. but… it is costly.” Dinah said and lowered her head in a bit of shame.

“Well, the price says 28 000 dappers.” Feuor said as he looked at the armour.

“Yes… but I only have…” Dinah replied as she showed them her pouch.

“So, you lack what, 8 000 dappers ?” Feuor asked and got a little push in the side from Nih’na for being so direct.

“Yes…” A silent reply from Dinah.

“That is easily sorted I think. Excuse me, could you please hand that lovely armour to this girl here?” Nih’na said to the merchant who proceeded to get the armour off the hook and handing it to Dinah.

“But.. but I don’t… afford..” She said but got silent the moment she got to hold the armour. It was smooth and light, it became even more beautiful as she got to hold it compared to when she had seen it on display.

“Haha, of course you can afford it Dinah. It is for your mother am I right ?” Feuor said as he poured some dappers from his pouch into Dinah’s right hand.

He was soon followed by Nih’na who added her share of dappers. The merchant accepted the amount and went to help some other customers a bit away.

“A gift of heart cannot be measured in dappers my friend. Give this to your mother as a gift from a loving daughter.” Nih’na said as she saw how Dinah both blushed and shined up of happiness, at last she was able to give something beautiful to her mother.

“But.. how can I … repay you both..” She asked them.

“Did you have fun today Dinah, with us ?” Feuor asked her.

“Yes.. I had much fun. More then I can remember for years..” She honestly replied.

“That is payment enough my friend.” Nih’na said and smiled.