The followers - part 11

The followers
Part XI

That evening when they returned they were all warmly welcomed by their parents and the surprise gifts made them both proud and glad over the progression their children were doing.
As the evening settled in they sat down outside as a dinner feast was prepared to share the happiness brought home this day: the gifts from the children, the success sales of crafts and the refilled food storage.

There were many laughs during this time as old tales where retold, some of them who seemed to appear in the conversation every time such occasion as this occurred, and others whom the young ones had not heard before. Perhaps it was intended as some of the stories carried wisdom to its listeners giving advices and guidance if one listened carefully enough. Still it was a evening of laughter, joy and festivities. Hours passed quickly so did a few pints of Shooki Ale as throats were soaked in between songs, stories and loud laughters.

When they had all finished their celebration they all helped out with the dishes and setting it back in order again. Feier’an and Chao-Li walked away together to see that the animals were safely in the stables and that all doors that needed were locked and secured. Naom’Chi and Limeh finished up the rest of the dishes and glasses together while Feuor and Nih’na took a little stroll down a nearby hill. It had almost become a habit for them to do this together now and then after eating or before saying good night. The evening seemed even nicer this time. Perhaps it was due to the successful day, the pleasant time together, the gifts or just the ale. Still it did not seem to matter to them as they looked out over the , relative small, view they had over the surrounding landscapes.

“Dinah is a bit uncertain about herself isn’t she?” Feuor suddenly asked.

“I think so. But I can understand her, I mean she does not seem to have it as easy at home as we. It must be hard for a Matis lady to sustain under the pressure of novelty.”

“What do you mean ? You know we haven’t had it easy either, specially not you.” He kept staring forward into the distance.

“I know, and I should have let you know earlier too. But I felt more of a burden and that is why I think that I understand how Dinah might be feeling. Matis is a proud people whom keeps honour and aesthetics as high values. Dinah knows this all to well, yet she does not seem to care as much about it as others. I believe that she might be struggling with both satisfying people around her while caring for herself.” Nih’na said thoughtfully.

“What do you mean? That she couldn’t afford the armour by herself ?”

“In a way. I think that I have seen her once before during a training session. Her dress got a little ripped on the leg and others just dismissed it by saying she should just buy a new one. She laughed with them and said that they were probable right. But later that day I saw her sitting alone not far away where she asked if she could join us, sewing her armour carefully. She did a well job as far I could see as I just passed in a hurry home. But there was something I think I saw in her eye…”

“What was that Nih’na?” Feuor asked curiously as this was not something he knew about.

“Tears Feuor… tears” Her voice were sad all of a sudden.

“So, she was crying because the armour was torn ?”

“No, seeing her today explained it to me Feuor. It was not because it was torn, I think it was because it was a precious gift. Perhaps she got it from her mother a long time ago, you know they are not as wealthy and sometimes have to struggle. I guess that it was probably a gift from her mother and that they do not have dappers enough to replace it. You still have your first dagger right?”

“You mean the one I used to stab that Kincher as a kid? Yeah I have it in my room.”

“Then you realize how Dinah must feel.” Nih’na said and looked at Feuor.

“Yeah, I guess I do.” He answered her.

They stood there silent for another moment and looked at the land as its colour slowly started to shift to a darker tan.

“You know Nih’na, jewels…” Feuor started saying.

“Yes, what about them ?” She asked him wondering at what he was hinting.

“They are made by adding certain kinds of raw materials, created from what at first sight seems to be just a pile of junk. Still they are moulded and refined to a small little glistening stone which then is placed in a necklace, pendant or ring.” He said.

“Yes, why ?” She was still a bit confused about what it was he was talking about.

“We are her friends right. Then who are better suited to mould her and refine her into the wonderfully glistening stone she really is but us?” He asked her and suddenly had a grin on his face.

“You know Feuor, you seem to never cease to amaze me by saying things like that at the most unexpected moments. And yes you are right about her. She is truly a nice Homin, she just needs to know it herself.” Nih’na said as she grabbed Feuor by the arm and stood next to him while they watched the sun slowly hide behind the trees in the distant to finally disappear behind the horizon.

The morning came early but both Feuor and Nih’na were up early and headed towards the town as they had decided to meet Dinah on their day off. They passed the crossroad and headed towards the gates of the town. Well there they headed towards the fence not far away from the merchants stands where they had decided to meet up with Dinah. She had already arrived and when she saw them approach she smiled the widest she ever could. The dress seemed to have been appreciated.

“Hello there Dinah, you seem cheerful today.” Feuor said with a grin.

“Oh yes, you will not believe how happy my mother was for the dress. It took some time for her to believe that it was really hers. She is not used to receive gifts like that. Thank you, both of you.”

“It was a pleasure, besides we worked together!” Nih’na said happily cheerful seeing Dinah smile.

“Haha, indeed we did. Though it seems as those sources were tougher then I thought.” Feuor added which made both the girls start giggling frantically.

“Oh, haha. It’s not that funny” He said and extended his tounge towards them in a teasing manner.

This just made the girls laugh even more as they recalled the mighty hero battling the enemy on the source field.

“What should we call him do you think?” Nih’na asked Dinah.
“He is brave and valiant.. and cute” Dinah said blushing slightly as she said it “what about Sir Source?”

The girls bursted out in a heartful laughter and Feuor could no longer restrain himself and joined them.

“Ok you two, lets go find some sweets. Its on me!” He almost shouted to be heard over all the laughter.