The followers - part 12

The followers
Part XII

It didn’t take them long to find a stand which was filled to the brim with candy. Feuor was eyeing all the different sorts hardly being able to decide what he would pick while Nih’na and Dinah quickly ordered a large pouch with candied Stinga Seeds. They were a quite simple kind of candy but was still loved by many Homins for their sweet, long lasting taste, and chewy.

As promised Feuor swiftly got his bag with dappers from his belt and paid the merchant for the goods purchased before they started walking through the town to see what they would do next, or just for a place to sit and enjoy the sweets. There was a glare of happiness as the Homins sat down on a fence not far away from one of the smaller exists of the little town and feasted on the candy.

“Thank you Feuor, for the nice treat!” Dinah said smiling and chewing.

“Yes, thank you Sir Source!” Nih’na added and it almost caused them bot to turn into candy fountains as they started giggling loudly.

Feuor just looked at the two girls in front of him and smiled as he took another seed from his bag of mixed candy and started chewing happily.

“Say girl, want to come with us for some fun?” A tall Fyros boy said to Dinah as he placed his hand around her arm.

“No, let me go!” She replied as she pulled herself loose. “Why don’t you stop bothering me please… is not doing it at school enough for you?”

“Haha, bother. I am no bother to such a nice girl as you. In fact, I am a reward well in the same worth as your cuteness.” The boy said and grabbed both her hands.

“Remove your hands from the lady…” There was a harsh voice from behind the Fyros boy suddenly. Nih’na knew this voice in an instant…

“What, who said that… you, little you down there?” the Fyros said mockingly towards Feuor while still holding both of Dinah’s arms steadily.

“She is a lady not a gi…” Feuor started saying

“What?! I cant hear you down there from up here, little boy. Scram! Get lost!” The Fyros interrupted him.

Then it happened…

As in a sudden flash, too fast for them to really see what happened, grips were exchanged and when they saw the result they would not believe their eyes. Feuor had grabbed the big tall Fyros boy by his chest and was now lifting him up over himself while staring into his eyes. Nih’na shuddered as she once more saw the eyes she had seen in that alley. Those burning eyes.

“I said, she is not a girl. She is a lady. So I asked you to remove your hands from the lady. Yet you did not listen and now it ended up like this.” Feuor was talking with a low voice as he knew he had the Fyros full attention.

“Hey guys, don’t just stand there! Help me!” The Fyros shouted to his friends who stood nearby, and as they heard his words they came to senses and rushed towards Feuor and their friend.
As the first one was about to land a punch at Feuor someone grabbed his arm and changed the direction of its movements as she flinged him around making him land heavily on his back, coughing. The other one did not come much further as he was stopped by a hard punch in his stomach relieving his lungs of air for a short moment as he fell to his knees.

“Seems like I should leave this one in your care ladies.” Feuor said as he had returned to his normal self again. The Fyros had seen what had happened to his friends and his face clearly showed how terrified he was by the sight.

Feuor let him down in his feet again, staring into his eyes.

“Two things: One, never offend these ladies again, or any lady for that matter and two, See to your friends.” Was all Feuor said to the terrified Fyros whom only nodded once and quickly moved to his friends. As soon as all of them could stand up they vanished into the crowd.

“I cannot bear the sight of friends being bullied.” Feuor said as he turned towards the two girls. “Where on Atys did you learn to do that Nih’na? And you Dinah?” He asked with wondering eyes.

“Well, my father have taught me a few things about the power and force, how they move and how it can be used in dire situations.” Nih’na said slowly, she was blushing.

Dinah just looked at her fist, then at Feuor and smiled. “You get hard fists from beating Gingos and Ragus all day.”

“Haha, I almost feel sorry for the poor animals!” Feuor shouted as they all joined up and walked away.

They returned to the town and continued to browse the stands and talk to merchants for a good while before they decided to return homeward to Feuor and Nih’na for a good meal. They finally got through the large crowd of Homin in the street and was headed for the exit nearest the road back home. As they came closer they all saw that there was a smaller crowd gathered around one of the noticeboards placed there.

“Let’s hurry home Feuor, I am getting hungry!” Nih’na prayed as she tried to drag him away from the commotion. But he was too curious and wanted to find out what it was everyone was talking about. Still Feuor did not give up and after a bit of pushing he reached the board. On it was a parchment with the following text :


In the Atys year of 2512 much peace have prospered throughout the lands and our hearts. The path leading us here have been one filled with danger, bravery, courage, sorrows and loss. But it has also been carried by kindness, friendship and loyalty, preferences which have proven to be the strongest of weapons. Homins you are now once more asked to heed the call of your fate, in this very moment forces are rallied all over the lands to form one mighty army. An army with the strength of Homin’s devotion for a safe Atys and bright future, to battle the Kitins whom has stormed in the lands of Knot of Dementia and Dunes of Exile.

All hands that can do their part in battle or beside the front lines are asked to join up in this cause to liberate Atys of this foul threat!

Go speak with your local guardsman and he will direct all you brave further.

“This means… mother..” Dinah said as she ran off towards the nearest exit.

“Dinah! Stop… wait!” Nih’na said but it was too late as Dinah was already too far away to hear her.


“Yes, I am afraid that your worries are correct Nih’na. Come, we must hurry home also.” He said and grabbed her hand and they started running.

They both ran as fast as their legs could carry them and as they reached their homes they met a guard riding a mount. He nodded towards them but they both froze the moment the had seen him.

“Children, come here.” Chao-Li shouted to them. His voice brought them back to reality and they ran to their parents whom were waiting outside the houses.

“Father, does this mean that…” Feuor started saying to Feier’an. Nih’na was looking at her parents and her eyes showed that she held the same question as Feuor.

“Yes son. There has been a call for all Homin whom can to battle the Kitin swarms.” Feier’an did not let the look of his son go. They both stared at each other for a short moment before Feuor spoke.

“Father, take me with you. I am good and holding the spear and also trained in swordsmanship. I want to help!”

“No, Feuor, my son. You have a much greater task waiting for you here.” Feier’an replied calmly.
“You must stay here and complete your training and studies, but foremost Chao-Li and Naom’Chi will leave their greatest treasure in your care.”

Feuor stared at his father.. then Chao-Li spoke :

“Feuor, as we are also to leave, we wish that you care for Nih’na.” He said as he held his family close to himself. “Will you do us the favour, please.”

Feuor nodded instinctively but did still not understand why he was left behind.

“I see that you have many questions on your mind my son. But remember that a battle is already lost if you are not well prepared. Rushing into it foolishly is a certain defeat, this is why you must remain here. The both of you.” Feuor said as he placed his hands on Feuor’s shoulders.

“Feier’an speaks the truth. And you must also complete your training Nih’na. You both young ones have shared a bond since the day we first met and this bond will grow as you grow. We want to see that your future is one where you can both live happy and free. This is why we do this.” Chao-Li said as he comfortably placed his hand on Nih’na’s shoulder.

Suddenly Feuor felt a grip around his hand and he knew that it was Nih’na without looking. He responded by holding the grip even firmer. They were right, and he had no intentions of letting go, nor disappoint them.