The followers - part 2

The followers
Part II

“There, finally the last nail is in place.” Chao-Li said as he wiped the sweat from his forehead.

“Well, for the roof at least.” Feier’an replied as he smiled towards Chao-Li.

“Well, it wasn’t there two days ago. So its progress.” Chao-Li replied knowing that Feier’an was intentionally teasing him a little, it was not uncommon and it was in fact something that he had took a liking to. The free minds of the Trykers.

“Haha, yes indeed it is, great work there tall man. Haha.” Feier’an said as he gathered the tools they had used during the day.

The warm sun slowly moved along the sky followed by another orbiting planet which rings sparkled as the rays from the sun shined through them. It took just a moment to finish up the place and the tools and the materials were all lying next to the construction. It had taken some wait and some hard work, made difficult thanks to the warm sun, but finally the frame was done and crossing boards supported it. The roof was done so that it would stop the sun from reaching the ground in the middle and also hold off what rain that fell onto it. Even though it was not entirely finished, the trough’s were missing and the food holder, it had already started serving its purpose; underneath the roof their mounts and packers stood together enjoying the fresh breeze in the shadow. They delightedly grunted as Feier’an places a large bucket of water in front of them and they gladly drank the nice cold water.

“You have both done well.” Naom’Chi said as the approached them holding a tray with two large glasses. She was accompanied by Nih’na and Feuor who each held smaller glasses which they were drinking from.

“Here, have some refreshments.” She said as she held up the tray for them to take the glasses.

“Mmm, this brew sure is great to put the energy lost back into the body. I guess that we have to thank the Fyros for that one, haha” Feier’an said with a laugh as he took a huge sip.

“Yes, it is quite tasteful this brew this one.” Chao-Li agreed as he tasted it.

“Daddy, can I have some ?” Feuor asked as he had seen how delighted his father had been drinking from the glass, yet not knowing what was in it.

“Yes you can.” Feier’an replied.

“How strange, I knew of Tryker to be spirited and free in mind. But free as this ?” Chao-Li asked himself as soon as he heard Feier’ans reply.

“When you are older my son. For now this is just for me and Chao-Li.” Feier’an added and by saying so also sooted Chao-Li’s mind.

“Daaaaddy…” Feuor said a bit disappointed.

“There, there. In time you will understand. Now finish your glass, its good for you.” Feier’an said as he grabbed Feuor and lifted him up into his arms. “You want to be as strong as dad don’t you.”

Feuor nodded yes while he was almost gulping from his glass. Soon Limeh came to them holding a bag. In it she had packed some bread and food put on bread to make a sandwich, it was time to celebrate the almost completion of the third building in their little place.
The first two buildings ever raised in this place was the two houses. After they had met in the cave they had chosen to travel together to find a new home. They had wandered through the lands seeking for a nice place to settle down and they had found one not far off from a small town. Just across a small mountain near the waters they had started to gather materials to start their build. Some kind Homins had lend them rooms to sleep in while they were working on the houses. Everyone had helped as much as they cold, Chao-Li and Feier’an had found jobs to get dappers for tools and materials. During weekends they had worked on the houses and hunted to gather materials from the animals around, both for craft and to rid them and make it safer.
It had turned out that the area held many materials of fine qualities and they had harvested as much as time allowed them to, and it had given both Naom’Chi and Limeh items to use in their crafting.
Naom’Chi was very skilled in making jewelry of all kinds while Limeh was working on her armors.
It had taken them some time, but as they saw the first house being completed it felt as time had flown them by. They had moved in the same day, both families in the same house while they were finishing the second one. It had been a fun time form them all, specially since it was something they could never have imagined the first time they met.

“Aahh, that was a good drink.” Feier’an said as he placed the empty glass on the tray and grabbed another sandwich.

“Mmm” Chao-Li replied as he closed his eyes and took another sip.

“Seems like they like the effort we placed in it.” Feier’an said as he looked at the construction and the Mektoubs in it. It had been a great relief the day they finally could afford the packers. It made the transportation of materials much easier for them, and it had turned out that word of mouth had made both Limeh and Naom’Chi a bit famous for their crafts as Homins had asked what they would charge for various sets of armors and jewels. Nih’na and Feuor had worked hard to help their mothers handing them materials fetching new from the store room or cleaning up the left overs.
And now the area had increased with another building thanks to the effort of everyone and the habitants of it seemed very pleased even though it was still not fully completed.

“How was your craft today ?” Chao-Li asked his wife.

“It was very successful, it seems as my hard work and concentration have given well results.” Naom’Chi replied.

“Yes, very successful, I even wore out my tool. I need to buy another one tomorrow.” Limeh filled in as she saw that Feier’an was about to ask her.

“Haha, how many does that make this last week?” Feier’an asked her teasingly.

“Lucky for you that my goods sell so we can afford to buy new.” Limeh said to him and extended her tounge towards him and pinched his arm.

“Ouch, guess I deserved that.” Feier’an said with a happy laugh.

Chao-Li smiled to himself as he took the last sip from the glass.

“These Trykers are fun ones, never thought I would end up like this.” He thought to himself as he opened his eyes and looked at his family and his friends around him. “This is a good life.”