The followers - part 5

The followers
Part V

Some time had passed since the day they had met the Homin handing out pamphlets in the town.
The evening had brought a bit pressed mood since it was a serious matter to discuss. At first Limeh had refused to even listen to the pleads of Feier’an and even Feuor. It was dangerous to have the children to walk in the town alone she had said and Feier’an had agreed but also pointed out that it was not the subject of the discussion. But after a few moments she had gained her calm and listened to what they both had to say. And as sense came into she realized that it was probably what was best for them all, in these dire times it is essential for a Homin to be able to defend and protect oneself. And when hearing of the Defencia Academia it sounded as if it was safer and controlled for her. It had been hard but she had finally agreed to let Feuor apply for training there. When hearing that Chao-Li held the same thoughts for Nih’na she seemed to change from worried into a more confident mother.

For Nih’na it had been easier as her father, Chao-Li, had embraced the idea of scholar his child and when he spoke to Naom’Chi he had such calm and confidence in his voice that she heard that his mind was set and that he had spend time thinking it through. He had told her that not only had Nih’na inherited her mothers beauty, but also her skill in the magical area. When he told about how she had healed the wound Feuor had got earlier that day and that not even a scratch was left Naom’Chi had smiled at her and nodded. She had been happy when both her parents had agreed to allow her to join the Academia together with Feuor. She had happily studied the books that her mother had fetched from the small library, just one shelf in the larger living quarters, they had and she had instantly taken the book in which she found the healing spell.

The coming days the parents had not seen much of their children as they had been busy with their chores while Feuor had been given an old dagger, a sword and a pike that Feier’an had purchased a long time ago when they had just started to settle in. He had used them to rid the area of the dangerous animals that roamed. With these old weapons Feuor spent as much time as he could training what his father told him to. Since he knew what was awaiting him he trained harder and more focused sometimes reminding himself of the accident that day they had spoken to the tall pale man. Feier’an had shown him the standard stanza from which to begin the wielding and had made sure that he had managed it before teaching any other moves. “Bases are the basic” He had said as Feuor had complained about the monotone training, and after learning it he had understood what his father had meant. The more he trained the easier it was to wield the weapons and soon he was practicing switching between them in a fast pace in case it was ever needed.

Nih’na had studied most of the books her mother had handed her, she had read them as fast while as careful as she could. They were not only books about how to quickly cure wounds in battle but also how one should focus the energy in order to extract stamina and increase the sap flowing in Homins. A few of the books she later was handed, from her father, spoke of the other kind of magical skills to learn; the destructive ones. He had told her that she should also study them as to know how and what kind of damage they would inflict on their target. It was good to know since some animals could easily resist some sorts of magic yet be very vulnerable to other magic But it was also very useful information when one was healing. It had been quite much for her to study and the first days she had hardly left her room except for food and drinks. But after about a week she had read most of the books with basic knowledge and gotten tired of always sitting inside so she had taken some books out and sat near where Feuor was training. At times, with his consent, she had tried the heal on him. It had been small bursts only but he had felt the difference with them.

One day her Chao-Li and Feier’an had come to them as they were training. Chao-Li had extended two large glove like things to Nih’na. She had looked at them strangely, she recognize them as they appeared to be like the old ones her father had lying on the shelf with all the books. But she had never asked what it was. When he asked her to put them on she was surprised, why wear gloves on such warm day ? But as she had put them on she felt that they were not warm at all, in fact they seemed not to be as heavy as their appearance made them look. Chao-Li had told her that it was magical amplifiers whom was crafted especially for her by him. She was stunned as she had never known of her father to be able to make such things. But she knew that it was probably one of many things she did not know of. She had tried them on Feuor even though he was not ready for it and the sudden rush that went through his body as Nih’na levitated , turned in the air and shot a larger blue bolt right on him, made him feel even more refreshed then he had before. He had almost stumbled and fell when he felt the rush accompanied with a “Whoaa”. Chao-Li had smiled while Feier’an had laughed and thrown something to him while saying “Here, better use this to support yourself my boy”.

Feuor had grabbed the stick but as soon as he regained the balance he had seen what it really was. It was a well crafted pike made in the finest of ways. He looked at it in awe and then at his father who just nodded and said : “Yes, it is yours my son.”. He looked at it closely, the materials seemed to be of such fine kind that Feuor had not seen it around. The edges of the small spears at the top shined in the sun and their looks told him that they would pass through any sort of armor its wielder placed them against. As he looked at the staff of it he found an inscription : “A pike as mighty as its user”.
Nih’na looked at her amps as she removed them and she also noted that they held an inscription : “To cure and give strength is to care”.

They had both wondered what these inscriptions meant but their fathers had just shaken their heads telling them that in time they would know their meaning. At the same time their mothers joined them.
They both brought more items, Naom’Chi had secretly worked hard to find and to craft two sets of jewels in which she had weaved sap crystals that gave their bearer the ability to receive more hits.
They were pretty jewels and Nih’na accepted them proud over the fact that she was wearing the craft of her parents. Feuor had been surprised when Naom’Chi had also handed him another set with the same preferences. As he put them on he felt the same kind of rush as when Nih’na had casted her healing spells, but this time it was a slower sensation.
Now Limeh approached him and unfolded a light armour made with the softest of cloth and hardest of threads. Also she had weaved sap crystals into the cloth so it held the same ability as the jewels. When Feuor had changed into his armour she had turned to Nih’na with a smile as she hand given her a light armour too, but if differed from Feuor’s not only that it was crafted for females, it was also made in the traditional Zoraï way and when Feuor saw Nih’na as she came back after changing into it he was stunned to see hoe beautiful it was, and so was the one wearing it.

This day their practice had ended with this ceremony as the parents had prepared a huge meal on a long table outside the houses. It was a time for feast and to celebrate they coming day. They wanted to show their children how proud they were for their studies and how well they thought of them. It was a feast indeed as it held so many dishes that it could easily fill any Trykers stomach and sooth a Zoraï spirit.
They had spent the afternoon by the table eating and talking. As the evening came the parents started to clean the table and prepare for the night while Nih’na and Feuor, still carrying their armours and jewels, walked off a bit to a spot they used to sit when both were reading. They lied in the grass for a moment and looked at the stars.

“So, tomorrow it is then, its when it begins” Feuor said.

“Yes, tomorrow a new part of our lives begins.” Nih’na replied.

The day after they stood at the gates of Defencia Academia looking at the gate wondering what was behind it.

This was two years ago.