The followers - part 9

The followers
Part IX

Soon the three Homins were swimming in the little lake not far from where they had been fighting the fauna in order to get their materials. They swam around for a bit, not being too energetic as they had just finished eating and their bodies were also handling the food. They were splashing at each other while laughing as much as their lungs allowed them too. They had quite the good time and soon they were surprised by how much of the time that had passed since they sat down to eat.
They hastily moved up from the water going through their bags to find the second set of armours they had brought. It was time to search the soil for usable materials to complete the piles they had already gathered.

Feuor and Nih’na had armours made by Limeh, they were both a set of crafted Tryker Light Armour and a set of Zoraï Light Armour. They were made with utmost precision and sewed with a careful hand. They fitted as they should and both Feuor and Nih’na were soon dressed and ready for extraction.
Dinah was less fortunate as she unpacked her harvesting dress. The vest and caster pants were made of medium Matis Light Armour while the gloves was of low Fyros Light Armour and the boots were low Tryker kind. She looked so embarrassed when she had put it all on that she did not dare to look at them while they were staring at her.

“What’s wrong Dinah?” Nih’na asked gently as she could not understand why she was turning away from them, for a second she thought that she might have done something wrong.

“I am… this dress… I..” Dinah started saying but was abrupt by Feuor.

“It is truly not the armour that makes the Homin, but the Homin that makes the armour!” He almost shouted out in a happy voice. “I have never seen such good looking armour previous to today!”

Dinah, whom understood what he really meant, could not help but to blush when she heard him saying it. Maybe it was what he said, maybe how he said it. Or what he meant by saying it. Even though it was not the finest armour that was available around, but it did increase in value to Dinah when she heard her friends reaction.

“It was given to me from my father, from one of his travels. I have tried to care for it as much as I could. But if not use took its part of it, time eventually did.” Dinah said and looked at the Tryker and Zoraï.

“It really means a lot to you Dinah” Nih’na said and looked at her seriously.

“Yes, it was one of the last things he gave me before he….. before he vanished without a trace nor a word of heading.” She said and lowered her head gently caressed the caster pants.

“Then it should be placed somewhere special I say.” Feuor said and smiled.
Nih’na looked at him and he answered her look with the eyes she knew. He had a plan.

“Yes, it should be placed where it means the most to you Dinah.” She said just waiting for Feuor’s reply.

“But.. but… I have no other dress to… harvest in… and I cannot do it only in just the underwear..” Dinah said with a voice telling that she agreed to them both, but that she had no choice in the matter.

“That is easily solved Dinah. My mother is a great crafterette of Light Armours. If you do not mind wearing Tryker or Zoraï she will make you a lovely one!” Feuor said smiling, this was the idea he have had.

“And my mother are not far of a master of jewel crafting. She will make you some jewels to wear.” Nih’na added.

“But… we are… dappers..” Dinah started saying, she was almost stuttering. It would be a great thing to have such thing as a new armour and a set of jewels. But there was this thing that kept her from having it.

“It is a gift to a friend.” Both Nih’na and Feuor said simultaneously then looking at each other almost bursting out into laughter realizing they thought and said the same thing.

“Is it… really true ?” Dinah asked and looked at them with eyes filled of hope and thankfulness.

“Sure?! It is obvious that you should have it my friend. We are friends after all!” Feuor said smiling reassuring towards Dinah. Nih’na nodded towards her agreeing.

Suddenly Dinah’s face changed from being a serous, a little ashamed, one into a big smile as she realized what she had just been offered. No one had previously been showing such kindness towards her, but she had herself to blame in a way. Perhaps it was pride, or even fear, that had made her staying away from getting closer to Homins since her family did not have more dappers then being able to put food on the tables each day, less to buy new armours with. She smiled again.

It didn’t take them long to get into order to find materials. In this it seemed as both Nih’na and Dinah was more prepared then Feuor as he choose to care for their sources while they harvested. He had not studied it as much as they had since his combat training required more time then was free so he had chosen to work harder on it since he seemed to have a natural talent for it.
Dinah once more surprised them when she closed her hands and formed her hands into a globe that gave off a shining light, but one of its directions were shining even brighter, and when she opened her eyes again she pointed in the direction where it had shined the strongest.

“About 30 meters that way we will find sources to dig from.” She said and started walking in that direction.

“How did you do that ?” Feuor asked her with a surprised voice.

“It is a technique to focus the source to reveal itself to you, even though it is not near. It seeks the ground for stronger sap flows that are usually found near sources. It will then show a direction where it sense the strongest flow.” Dinah explained to them both.

“It’s amazing that is what it is.” Feuor replied as he walked behind them both subconsciously counting the steps from where they stood until they reached where Dinah had pointed. It was 32 steps exactly.

Dinah once more formed her hands into a globe and now it shined equally all around and suddenly the ground rumbled little as small, green rocks climbed up though it. This he had seen before but found it as surprising every time. They sat down and started harvesting while Feuor was busy running between them removing small rubble, sap that was so compressed that it could cause an explosion it it was hit hard enough with the pick and clearing off other materials. This while he was looking into the small harvester guide he had in his pocket trying to figure out what the materials was and what they were used for.

“Ah, this is shell. That we can use for the Light Armour, right!” Feuor said after a moment when they had dug some sources. He was peeking into his book that was lying a bit away.

“No, you cannot use those shells to make a Light Armour Feuor.” Nih’na said.

“But.. this book we got from the teachers says so?” He replied as he stopped caring for Dinah’s source and looked at Nih’na.

“The book is upside down, Feuor.” She replied with a grin.

“Gah! Feuor watch out!” Dinah suddenly shouted as the source gave off a short boom and the shock wave pushed them both to the ground. They were okay as the blow was more a pressure wave then a harmful hit.

“Ooops” Feuor said when he lied on the ground.

Dinah and Nih’na bursted into laughter when they saw how great Feuor was when he valiantly battled the sources compared to how great he was in combat. Soon he also realized that this would be a really fun adventure and joined them.