The meeting of Homins ( Ryzom RL Gather in London )

I was set on for a travel throught the lands to get to a meeting that had been the words of many Homins for some time. I found this to be an interesting thing to attend to as one could see all the excitment in the Homins faces as they talked about it. So I decided that I would do what I could to find my way there. Yet I was to all alone in an unknown land ? I remembered the time when I first went to The Fount by myself, even though I knew where I was headed I did not know the way. I felt uncertain if I could make my way through to the destination. It was as these questions pondered my mind when my friend Spriteh called me over.

“Hey Drakfot, you look like that you are thinking about something again. You have that distant look in your eyes.” He said.

“Yes..ehm I was thinking of this meeting that so many Homins have been talking about. And I would like to attend it, but I do not know the lands nor the way there.” I told him as I awoke from my line of thought.

“Hahah, well that is no problems at all my friend. I am going there too and its close to my homelands, which I have travelled quite a lot. Ill be your guide there dont worry.” Spriteh said smiling.

I gladly accepted his offer now knowing that I had overcome the biggest problem of my journey. So I got myself ready and a few days later I was all set to travel to this place where it was to be held. I mounted Ki, my mount, and we set off through the lands in the direction where we was told to go.
As I arrived to the caveholding the portal between my lands and the homelands of Spriteh I stopped for just a second and took a deep breath. This was my first endevour in a for me unknown and before unvisited land. I walked through the portal and arrtived on the other side.

The sightings that met me there was unbelivable. It was a fantastic place, farms around, mainroads for harvesters packers, smaller villages where other Homins lived. It was like home. I had got direction that when I arrived on the other side of the portal I was to take off in a direction following one of these main roads that lead to the main city of the lands. And so I did, yet the travel across these lands was wonderful and I looked at it as much as I could.

Time went on, it was a rather long travel and I stopped just about half way giving Ki some rest. He is always faithful and kind to carry me on where I wish to go. But as I found a small pond where he could drink some water. After a shorter brake I sat up and we continued our journey.
As we closed in on the main capital I was amazed over how well it was built. You could see that parts of it still held the older markings and constructions that was built by our ancestors as they first came out from the Roots. Yet I noticed that it was in some parts built up with the newer ways of creating a building, yet these two never imposted on eachother. It was a lovely sight.
As I came closer to where Spriteh had pointed me I noticed how the streets became more lively, more Homins running around doing chores, meeting eachother or just enjoyed the day. It was a bit different from the smaller villages that was closer to where the portal was.

“Hey, that face I know” I heard a voice saying from the right side of me and as I looked there stood Spriteh smiling at me. I have found my destination.
” Lets get your Mount into the stables and then Ill take you to your room.”

Ki accepted the small Shooki candy I gave him, he had been such a good boy and fine travelmate, then he lurked into the stables started to eat his dried grass that was offered to him. Then we headed for the local inn where my room was. I was happy to know that Spriteh stayed at the same place too.

After this my stomach growled a bit and Spriteh promptly decided that it was time for us to eat. As we walked to the place to eat we stopped by at a local beverage shop and Spriteh handed me a glass.

“This is gently brewed on crushed Stinga Seeds, it gives energy back to those that have travelled far.” He said while handing over the glass.

I tasted it was I felt at once how it rushed through my body giving me energy back. We then went to a place and got something to eat. After that I felt well and accidently yawned. Spriteh looked at me and laughed.

“It has been some journey I guess, well I’ll take you back to the room so you can sleep and we’ll continue tomorrow.”

Well back at the room I fell alseep as soon as I was in the bed.
I woke up the day after and made myself ready for what to happen, I was excited. Today was the day this meeting was held, but where ?
After meeting Spriteh and some breakfast we went out into the streets of the city. It looked different from yesterday since it was light outside.
I was still as amazed by it all, the mixture of older houses together with newer ones. The Homins running around trading, selling, buying or just talking about things.

As we strolled along a street I heard another voice that I knew well.

“Hello there Homins, nice to see you. Jy act decent!” Kostika said.

“Yes Ma’am.” Jyudas quickly replied and straigthened up and extended a hand to greet us.

It was wonderful to meet even more friends in this place and I felt more and more at home. I have met Kostika and Jyudas a few times before, though now it was a little different but still like the same. We all said our hello’s and then decided that we were to go to the place where the meeting was to be held

“Just follow me, I know where it is.” Spriteh said as he took the lead of our small group. And after some time of walking we reached the place where it was.

“The Old Star” I read as its name. It was a small pub located in a corner of a large building. The old star, what a strange name I thought. Then I also thought about the sky I saw last night adn figured that it might be named from a falling star seen as they first started to build this town. Yet I cannot tell if that is why it be named as it is.

“Drakky!” I heard as we entered the room. I looked around and there I saw Seren standing and smiling at me. Before I knew it she hugged me and I hugged her back.

“Lovely to meet you” Neun said. I was astouned, even more of my friends were here. What a day to meet so many lovely Homins.

We took place in a room what lied just down some stairs, we sat down and was just about to talk a bit more when another Homins entered the small room.

“Hi eveyone, I am Rakujitsu nice to meet you. Soma and Oshido are just around the corner and on their way.” Rakujitsu said and waved.

Just after he had finished his sentence Soma and Oshido came into the room and they all said hi and then sat down by us.
If the evening was great then, it only got better and better as time passed on.
It felt like time flew off and all of a sudden I heard a voice that I have not heard for some time, a voice that had been dearly missed in my heart.

“Drak!! Darling Drakky!” Phaedrea said and we joined in a hug of joy, laughing.

“Here is Tigane and Flump too.” Phaedrea said and showed me to them. They were as nice as I remembered them. Thy kindly greeted me and we sat down to talk.

You know, time can be a funny thing. It is said that the more fun you have, the faster the time goes. Well if it is so, then years became seconds for so much fun that I had now I have not had for a long time.

“This is Soulsnatcher Drakfot” Phaedrea said. I have heard of him and was a little scared of him for some strange reason. “Dont worry he is a kind Homin.”

As I turned around and saw him standing there. He was a tall Matis, proud looking. You could see in his eyes that he carried much respect from others and authority. Then he smiled towards me.

“Its nice to meet you Drakfot, I am Soulsnatcher.” He said and shook my hand. What a nice Homin he is.

As time continued its unnatural speed through the evening more and more Homins came to the meeting. We were so many that I cannot even begin to name all of them, but some. Later at the evening you could see Nail, Jamela, Mioette, Meena, Xanavan, Razz and Teddy just to mention a few , all sit there together talking and having lots of fun. There was so much laughter and happy spirits in the room that there was no possible way that anything could ever make us sad.

Then Soulsnatcher stood up and took the word.

“Homins, please meet Jessica Mulligan. She has come here this evening to be with us and to talk and answer your questions in the best way that she can.” He said.

There she was, one of the most expected Homins, one of the persons that many of us had come here to meet this evening. She said hello and walked around and introduced herself to everyone. She was a fine tall and kind Homin and she always listened to what everyone had to ask or talk about. Even though she was seen as one of the most powerful of the Homins at the meeting none of that shown as she was more as a friend to us all. A great friend.

I talked much with Oshido from Ballistic Mystix, a very nice Homin. We had many thoughts about what to be happening with Atys, why things were as the were and so on. It was a really interesting talk indeed.
I also talked much with Rashan. Though you might think that he is only your friend if you hand him some dappers you are wrong. He is a great Homin always nice and friendly. We had many laughs together this evening.

Yes som many Homins gathered in one place, it reminded of the pubnights that Samsara use to have. There were much laughter and joy, friends that became even more friends and new bounds made. Yes this was a night that will be written about in the chronicles and the laughters will echo in those rooms we sat in.
A night with laughter, joy, memories and Homins.

“I am sorry friends, but I must close the bar now.” The barman said.

So this was the time when this meeting will come to its end. So we all gathered up and started walking out from the pub. So now it was time for a goodbye. It was a bit sad to have to leave such great friends behind. But still I was overthrown with joy that I have met them this special evening. We said goodbye all knowing that we will meet again, a part sad but with another part looking into the future.

Rashan offered to follow us to the place where we were to sleep and we continued to talk when we arrived there. After some time he took his goodbye and I went to sleep. I woke up a bit later and packed what different Light Armours I had brought for the travel and made myself ready. I met Spriteh outside and we joined up for a small breakfast. Then it was also time for me to say my goodbye’s not just to Spriteh but also to this land that I had travelled to for the first time. I gave Spriteh a hug goodbye and looked at him as he walked away towards his home, I take it that he was longing to get home to his beloved Therowan whom unfortunately could not join us for the meeting.

So then, after this I went to the stables and fetched Ki. He was as happy as ever to see me and as soon as the stable boy let go of his leash he came running to me giving me a big hug with his trunk. Yes now it was time for me to take my way back home to my own lands. So I mounted Ki and off we went.
After a few minutes I turned around and looked at the town. It was as it smiled back at me with all the happiness that I had felt during my stay, the emotions swirled in me and I smiled.

“So Ki, lets find that portal and get back home..”

As Homins the word get, a well recived and well met.
They gather up some things, travel to a place that a gather brings.
In a place that is in the distant far, yet alone one never are.

A new world to explore, to read and learn its lore.
Recived with a smile and friendly arms, in a land that your heart charms.
Together with friends, laughter and joy until the day ends.

One travel there alone not knowing where, meet up with friends and a great time share.
Of this wonderful day, many Homins words of greatness will say.
On the way home a thing that will last for a while, this will be a happy smile.

Thank you dear Homins and friends for a lovely evening.