The New Lands part III - Closure of the lands

( Another writeup that has been posted on Atys Chronicles )

The new lands part III – Closure of lands.

As land after land now have been emptied for the raw materials needed by the
Homins to craft the parts wanted to build temples, the envoys of the God once
more spoke to them. They thanked the Homins for the hard work and effort they
had placed in this task and let them know that the Gods looked well upon it. The
Gods has also, to prove their good intentions it was said, helped the Homins
with building some parts of the temple. And now it was time to close the
transportal gates which led the Homins back to the lands of the old. These lands
whom had created such disturbance among many now was finally to close. But would
all the ill leave by such act ? Perhaps it might do just that, perhaps it might
find itself some rest for then to later surface once more and shake the
foundations. Of this no one can tell.

Yet as the lands were closed and the constructional site were emptied from the
guards whom at first had separated Homin by the choice of faith, the merchants
whom had wanted materials that they could refine for Homins to craft parts, the
mission givers whom handed out the orders of the Gods. All these were now gone.
The remainder of all efforts that was left was what seemed to be an unfinished
temple and the statue standing on the board whom supposedly holds the names of
those the Gods favor the most. Yet, what do a board really say ? Many Homins
still wondered about this, was this all there was to the words of the great Gods
? Many was satisfied with the calm that now came back onto the lands. Despite
the time from when they were closed until now was short, Homins got back to
their daily life, harvesting, providing merchants with tradeable items or just
to stop by to talk to them. It seems as even though the life of Atys had taken a
rough turn it quickly regained its lost strength and was even fortified by the
return of Homins that had went out on a journey. Even though hardship had been
tough, the will of Atys to continue to live never died nor faded a bit.

Later the call for Homins told them that the Gods now wanted to provide them
with their thanks in return for their favors. They were to meet at Emperors Dune
close to Pyr, where the Kami temple had been built. Many wondered why this was
to happen as the words reached them that the Karavan also called their faithful
to a place just outside Yrkanis where their temple was raised. But this was to
be the day after, was something about ? Those that followed the Kami impatiently
awaited the words of the Gods and was greeted by a Preacher and his underlings.
They gave out words of praise and thanks to all those whom rightfully followed
Ma-Duk and Mabreka and that they came bearing gifts to all the loyal servants.
As those that had worked hard for their God was now to reap the rewards. With
them they brought many strange items that was not to be seen other place on
Atys, for those that was Homins of the soil there were picks extra ordinere whom
was both lighter and easier to use. Those that found themselves to excel in
battle found armour to wear that was protective and gave the bearer before
unknown enhancements as aid in battle. There seemed to be rewards for all Homins
that did their part.

Yet still some Homins felt left aside in all the glory of the Gods. Those Homins
that had seen beyond the senseless slaughter and bloodshed that arised in the
elder lands, those that found in their heart not to separate friends from
friends and not make friends foe by the fact of what belief they had. These felt
as if they had spoken to deaf ears and now was left out as those that abide to
the foul acts now could gain such items for acts that was in the eyes of a
Hominist’s was foul and ill. They knew that many Homins did not take part in the
battles but merely harvested and crafted as much as they could, they worked
their ways peacefully. These Homins were greatly honored by them as they sought
the simple goal to together build these temples.

If a God be as good as proclaimed by the followers, if they were as kind and
gentle as said. Then why could they not grasp the simple thing as respect they
asked ? A God’s mind is divine and apparent and a Homin is never to understand
the minds of the Gods. Then how come that the simple minds of Homins had grasp
such thing as the respect they hold for each other ? While the envoys of the
Gods claimed that those whom did not follow their God was not worthy to walk the
lands of Atys, some Homins said that they would not give surrender to this. They
would continue to believe in their friends no matter what God they chosen to
trust. How come that Homins mind in this matter had surpassed the minds of the
Gods ? Such many questions were raised by all this and it brought wonders to the
minds of many. Perhaps it be from the remaining tension that was built up during
all this that now took it toll on the Homins. Perhaps stirred emotions still
traveled the breeze and made its impact. The aftermath of war is often worse
than the war itself. And war does not tell whom is right, it only leaves the
suffering victims. For in war everyone is at loss.

But still , there can be hope. The lands are closed now, they are now part of
the history of Atys and shall so remain as no one can ever change the happenings
of the past. Now is the time to face what lies ahead, the future is out there
awaiting us. Homins have gone through the hardest of time as of late, perhaps
harder than the Great Swarming. But they prevailed, as they once emerged from
the Roots onto the surface of Atys, they now still stands here to realize that
they have overcome yet another great challenge in the path of Atys, the living