The pendant - part 2

The Pendant, part 2.

“You found this at the bottom of the waters nearby you say?” The barman gave
Daeny a surprised lock as he held the pendant in his right hand. Daeny nodded
intensively to answer his question.

The barman had now put down the glass he was holding in his left hand and
grabbed the towel on the desk and started to clean the pendant more. Perhaps it
was due to experience that he managed to remove some hardened dust from the
yellow ring that was surrounding the center of the pendant; making it reveal
something that looked like odd carvings. Daeny lifted an eyebrow when she saw
the dust come off and the carvings appear. From the distance of the other side
of the bar desk she tried to make some sort of sense of them, but she could not
even start to guess what was written on it.

“Hmm, sure looks like some odd things around it here, but I don’t have the
slightest idea of what they could mean, or even what they are..” The barman said
as she held the pendant near the light of a hanging candle on the pillar nearby.
“Perhaps it is some sort of good wish or something, or its just the turn of time
showing itself.”

“Are you sure that you cannot read it?” Daeny asked curiously.

“Read it? I am not even sure what it can be, I just said so didn’t I?”

“I know, its just that it seems like its something special, something important
for some reason. Don’t you know anyone that could be able to make sense out of
it?” Daeny asked almost begging.

“Now listen young lady, knowing you you would probably be rushing out the door
the instant I were to mention a name or place that might be even remotely
located to this pendant. Also knowing your lust for adventure it would be more
dangerous then you would understand. And I don’t want you to get yourself
involved in something dangerous young lady, you hear me?”

Daeny smiled a little to herself, even if she was an orphan she did not lack
parents it seemed.
Even though many Homins looked after her since her parents were lost in a Kitin
raid years ago (in fact it was so long ago that Daeny was not sure herself when
it happened) and she felt home just about everywhere, there was always something
telling her that there is so much more out there then just a plain and ordinary
life for her. There is something, which she could not put her finger on, that
was almost calling her from time to time. And now it was this little jewelry in
front of her that was telling her that it was not just something you could find
at the nearest vendor, no not at all, it was telling her that it had things to
reveal to her, things to show her. It had history.

“Awh! Don’t give me that look will you, you know it won’t work on me!” The
barman seemed a bit uneasy all of a sudden. “Alright, alright, you win… again.
There is a traveling Matis that usually stops by every now and then. He goes by
the name of Gaedeus. Now he has been around Atys a lot, some even claim that he
have been everywhere; that there is no place on the entire surface of Atys that
he has not visited. I cannot say if that is the truth or not, just that he might
have an idea or two about this little item here. But..”

“But what? Tell me!” Daeny said with expectation.

“Well, I am not sure where he is, no one really is. As I said he is a traveller
and that he usually stops by here now and then. His stories are always popular
in the bar, and sometimes he even brings news. But I don’t really know him more
then that. But wait a minute….” The barman said and started to count to
himself silently, even though he was still moving his lips while counting.
Daeny looked at the barman counting but when she thought that it took too long
she gave the pendant a closer look. As she slowly tilted it forward and backward
it seemed as when the light from the small candle the letters changed a bit. But
it was too swift for her to notice the change fully, just enough for her to just
take notice of it. She decided not to tell the barman though, perhaps she was
tired from all the excitement.

“Are you still here Daeny?” The barman asked.

“Uhm, what?”

“I said that you might be lucky today, it seems as Gaedeus might be passing here
sometime soon, but I cannot guarantee it though”.

Daeny had trouble sleeping that night, but it was not due to any horrible
nightmares that was hunting her or anything like such. No, what was keeping her
eagerly awake was the hope of an old Matis traveler to arrive, and a small