The pendant - part 3

The Pendant – Part 3

It seemed as the morning did not come fast enough for Daeny. She lied in her bed
trying to get some rest but all that she could do was to hope that perhaps
tomorrow Gaedeus would appear somewhere in Fairhaven, or at least some place
near Fairhaven, as she would quickly be running to see him and show him the
pendant. Suddenly she realised that she was lying awake in the middle of the
night ,after a day of much labour, thinking about an old Matis. And all this
because of a small pendant she found earlier when taking a bath? How come this
little item had caused her such efforts? There are plenty of pendants, rings,
jewels and so to get at the local vendor. Still none of them had recognized the
pendant when she showed it to them, some had given her a, fairly good it would
seem, price for it while others had refused buying it (she had just asked them
for fun, she had no intention of selling it. Not until she discover its origin
and why it was interesting her so much anyway.)

The more she was thinking about it, the more she wanted to find out about the
pendant. She somehow knew that Gaedeus would find it to be an interesting and
remarkable piece of craft. Perhaps he could tell her its story and lighten her
interest for it enough so that she could get back on focusing her mind on her
daily life. Those materials wasn’t going to dig themselves up and walk to the
vendors anyway. Hopefully her life would get back to the same old rhythm soon,
hopefully. Still she could not entirely let the thought of the pendant go away
so that she could sleep. Daeny was awake for another hour before she finally
gave in and fell sound asleep.

Somewhere a voice echoed softly, barely noticeable “Recall the past to teach the

Daeny woke up with a quick sensation of being very late to something. She gave a
quick look out through the window in her underwater apartment in Fairhaven and
noticed that the rays from the sun was leaning slightly to the right, which mean
that she had well overslept for her work!
She rushed up from the bed, fast enough to also make the pillow take a short
flight landing some metres away from the bed itself. She quickly put on her
Trykoth Light Armour Caster Pants, specifically designed to increase Focus, and
was reaching for the vest as she saw the pendant hanging on the handle. Then she
realized that this was her day off! It seems as the night played more then one
trick on her; first not being able to sleep, and now making her think that she
was late! Or was it the pendant?

She knocked of the silly thought of it being the little thing hanging on the
handle that was the source of this. It was not the first time that she had had a
hard time sleeping, usually bringing the normal side effect of her waking up
later (not something that was liked by some vendors as they valued punctuality),
or waking up in time but being half absent minded the rest of the day due to
tiredness. She changed her choice of clothes to something more lighter and
headed outside hoping to run into an old Matis sometime soon.
She was hoping that he might have arrived already, or at least was so soon, so
she made up her mind to see if he had or not- With determined steps Daeny
started walking from Lorias towards the stables outside Fairhaven. Perhaps the
man there would know, or someone around the stables (for some reason it was
quite the meeting place for many, if not all Homins) could tell her of Gaedeus
whereabouts. She already knew that the barman would let her know the moment
Gaedeus entered the vicinity and he saw Daeny, so she decided to take the way
around the bar to ask, and to get some breakfast. That stinga soup he sold was
the best!

Said and done and so she made sure that the pendant was hanging around her neck
and off she wandered. It didn’t take her many minutes to reach her destination,
the bar was just nearby and it seems as it was the time of the day where most
Homins were already busy with their own doings. She also remembered that there
would be some travels through Atys this day, where those that are young and not
entirely able to travel on their own would have a chance to finally see Atys and
travel to the other lands. Much like Homins like herself. She had always wanted
to travel outside Aeden, but first things first. When she had arrived to
Fairhaven she had quickly noticed that the local vendors was lacking some
special kinds of crafting materials and so she had taken it as her job, of some
sorts, to provide them with such materials. Likely she had stuck in that pattern
for some time as she had already become quite good at harvesting the materials,
and also being able to spot them in the ground without too much searching. Guess
she had forgotten about her wish to travel a bit in the midst of her work.

Daeny shook her head, now was not the time to divide over that, first things
first. And that was to get to the stable via the bar for some information, and
And so she set off down the wooden lane leading from her apartment in Lorias
Rise onto the left one to the plateau where the trainers were having their shops
and studies. Past the trainers and now forward to the centrepiece of the
platform straight ahead where one of the bars were located, and a good meal.

“Good morning Daeny, how are you this morning?” The barman asked her as soon as
she entered the bar. “Anxious I bet”

“Hello, why would I be that ?” She asked him and sat down

“You are probably waiting for Gaedeus and I am sorry that I have no good news to
tell you. I still have not heard from him, or that he is nearby.” He said as he
put a glass of Messab Milk on the bardisk and started pouring some soup.

“Yeah, you’re right. I was actually going to ask you if you had heard anything,
although I already knew the answer I suppose. I am going to give the stables a
try after this breakfast delight.” Daeny replied as she went up to get the bowl
and glass.

“For being so young you are quite grown up young Daeny, you always bring a fresh
breeze wherever you go and delight should be your second name.” The barman said
with somewhat of a poetic voice.

“What do you mean?” Daeny replied with a bit of childish wonder as if she had
not fully understood what he just said.

“What I mean is, that even though the days are dark and damp you make them
bright and warm Deny. You always have a smile on your lips and a resolution to
never give up. The more resistance you meet, the more do your wish for success
grow. It is a good thing to be able to see the opportunities everywhere. But
beware so that you will not take water over your head.” He said with a smile.

“I am a Tryker you know, we like water! By the way, are you sure that you are
really a barman? That sounded quite profound and wise for being a man of your
profession?” She said as she sipped up the last of the milk. The soup had been
finished already.

“Serving grogs and the occasional meal is what I do ma´m, its what I do and
nothing more. Now hurry over to the stables, there seems to be some sort of
gathering there!” He replied with a wink in his eye.