The presence of ghosts

( A small “intro” tale I wrote for the server merge event )

As the final blow was striked and the hidious leader of the Kitins realized
that defat was upon him and he fell into the slumber of death.
All the Homins that had gathered there that night, all those brave and bold
whom had defied the dangers, even gave their life for the sake of the safe
ongoing of their own land, they could all take a deep breath.
That night the calm was once restored to both land and all Homin hearts.
As they started to realize that they could all return home to their beloved
ones knowing that they were safe they started to laugh, louder and louder.
A laugh that if you listened carefully still echoes through the valleys, travelling
with the wind. A laughter of joy, a laughter of love, a laughter of freedom.

As the time passed on all Homins now took upon themselves the task of rebuilding
what has been destroyed by the foul Kitins and their insanity.
The work was hard, seeing all the damage that lied upson their homelands.
Broken houses, destroyed gardens and defiled fauna. The Homins saw all this and
their hearts trembled for a second. But yet they were all determined that from
this day, there is only the path forward that is set for them.

And thus their joyrney began.

Time passed by, days went and night followed, they all worked hard and focused
to rebuild what was lost and make it stronger as their hearts now are.
They started to realize the joys in life again. The joy of swimming, the joy of
the fresh breeze, the calmness of the jungle, the heat burning in both hearts
and in the desert and the wind playing in the forest.
The started to know themselves again.
Now as the order was restored and life had returned once again a great party
was held to honour the fallen, to praise the brave and to thank the bold.
It was also about remembering whom the Homins are, about their heritage and
fate. It was a day and night of joy, singing, storytelling and bonding between
Homins. This night they knew the strenght of their hearts and the power of their
hearts working together.

But still yet there was something that was not really clear, something was
nagging in the back of their minds. Did they do all this by themselves, their
hands slayed the Kitins indeed. But was there someone else strengthening them?
Reflecting back upon the sad happening Homins started to get the notion of not
being alone, not being as few as was counted that day.
Some remembered times when fighting and they were close to give up, someone or
something made them stand more firm on the ground and to give all they ever had
to wield their weapon once more, for the sake of all Homins.
But how could this be, there was no voice. Or was there ? There were no one
behind them all. But still there was something that made them stronger,
something that removed the fear from their hearts as they were about to give up.
Something that gave them strength when they hardly could take another breath.
There was something..

These things troubled some Homins, not in the bad way, rather in the more
curious way of finding what it was. Some of the greatest thinkers joined up
in a venture to seek it out. Many nights and days they thought about the matter,
in many places they seeked answers. They struggled hard and long.

As when the time for them to gather once more came, they were all a bit confused
for no clear answer was found. As of yet they kept discussing this all day and
night. Still there was no answer that could assure them of it.
Then one said, “Have they been with us all along, never left our side?. For
I have felt this “presence” growing stronger these days. I cannot say exactly
what it is, but I know that it is a fellow Homin. Its almost like there are
ghosts here on Atys. And now they have come to see us in person.”