The tale of a christmas gift

Time grew shorter and short for him as the day passed slowly. He had been
working hard trying to find just the right amber to continue his craft. It has
not been easy, running around all over the planes, digging source after source
after source. But in the end it had been worth is as he now held the most
beautiful piece of amber he had ever seen in his hand. Just looking at it told
him that it would make the perfect jewel, for the perfect Homin.

The night had already started to fall over the beaches as he packed his
harvesting gear and sat up on his mount heading homeward. Soon, very soon, he
would be able to start polishing it into the perfect shape which could only be
done with this excellent amber. He could barely wait until he got back to his
apartment to start working on this very special item. Ah yes time, it had been
growing shorter and shorter he thought as he rode back home looking at the snow
that gently fell from the skies onto the soil. The Mektoub’s tracks were soon
filled with snow.

The moment he arrived back home he hurried to get the mount into the stables and
then dashed towards his apartment. It was in a rather mess as he had spent the
last weeks studying the craftsmanship of jewelry in order to be able to finish
this special gift. He dodged the books that were spread out and finally reached
his desk with tools and items to fulfil his task. He removed some of the chaos
on the desk and placed the amber wrapped in a cloth on the middle and sat down
to start his work. Little did he notice how time went by as he started working
on the little piece of amber, slowly and gently molding it into its intended
shape, and before he knew it it was already the beams of the morning sun coming
into his window from the water outside.

It had been a hard nights work, but it had payed off greatly for him; in is hand
he now held the perfect shaped amber. Now there was only one last thing to do,
to find Bra’egger to help him fit it into a ring. He had already told Bra’egger
his plans so he was prepared to meet him in short notice.

He quickly walked through the town towards the merchants stands where Bra’egger
usually stood and soon found him trading some of his jewels for an exchange of

“Ah, you boy. There you are. Are you done already ?” Bra’egger asked him as he

“Yes, I have it here. Do you have the time to help me now?”

“Young sir, not only do I have the time. But also the finest of rings at your
disposal.” Bra’egger said and showed him a wonderfully crafted ring which he
lifted from his pocket.

“That is truly the mastership of a true craftsman Bra’egger. With a beauty as
few, still I doubt my amount of dappers will suit in a trade for it…” He
started to say..

“Haha, perhaps it be so. Then again, it was never my intention to ask for
payment for this ring, it is yours to have as the value of your act in your
heart as you hand this over is far greater then any amount of dappers on entire
Atys!” He said as he placed the ring in his had with a deep laugh.

It took some time for him to allow the surprise to vanish so they could get to
work and he did show his appreciation several times to Bra’egger whom almost
were on the verge to tell him to stop. Still knowing what his intentions was
with this ring he allowed him to continue. They both studied the ring and the
piece of amber in order to make them fit the best. This work took them the most
of the day, but as with the amber piece this craft turned into the finest one
could find this side of Atys. Both of them shined with pride as he left
Bra’egger heading towards his apartment. He hurried to bed as he was tired and
longed for the day to come.

The morning arised and so did he as soon as he woke up, today was the day he
were to gift it away, to her. They had already decided where to meet so all he
needed was to see Bra’egger to get the ring before he would see her. He even
sent her a note yesterday: “To the sweetest Homin on Atys. Will you please meet
me on the little cliff just outside Fairhaven, there is something I wish to give
you.” was all it had said.

He quickly ran to Bra’egger whom handed him the finished ring with a smile and
then he headed towards the cliff. As he was so focused on getting there he did
not see the herd of Messabs wandering outside the town as he ran right into them
and got pushed around. As the commotion settled and the Messabs saw that it was
nothing dangerous, they continued their walk around the area as he continued
towards the hill.

As he got there she was already there waiting for him and he could not hold back
a smile when he saw her. She was the most beautiful he had ever seen and his
heart started pounding of nervosity. Now was the time he had prepared so hard
for. He walked up to her:

“My wonderful lady. I am so glad to see you today” He said.

“Oh, there you are. I am glad to see you too. You had something to give me?” She
asked as she looked at him with loving eyes.

“Yes, there is in fact two things I wish to give you” now he got nervous, this
is it! “One thing that you have had since the start, and something else to show
you how much you mean to me…” where?! where is it?! The ring, its gone ! It
was right in his pocket and now it is not there anymore. He started poking
around in his pockets looking for it as he was most certain that he had placed
it in the front pocket as he left Bra’egger. But it was nowhere to find.

“What is it, you seem unease dear?” She asked him

“Ye.. yeah.. I was supposed to give you something which I had in this pocket…
but now its gone… I must have lost it.. ” He said with a lowered voice.

“Well, if I already have one of the things, like you said, and it is what I hope
it is, then I have all I could ever ask for. I love you” She said with a smile
as she embraced him compassionately. He just smiled as he felt the warmth
rushing through his entire body as the snow gently started to fall down over the

“Yes, you have always had my heart. And always will” He said as he held her hand
as they watched the scenery.

After a little moment she felt something grabbing her right leg, pulling it a
little. She looked down on the ground to find a little Yubo standing there
looking at her with its tail wagging. It was like it was smiling.

“What do you want little friend? Some snack perhaps.” She said as she picked a
Shooki CandySeed from her pocket. As she was to hand it to her the Yubo stood up
on its rear legs and let its front paws rest on her leg. There was something
stuck, wrapped around its ear that was glistening, and it was not snow. It was a
beautiful ring!

“Was this… is this the… second thing you wanted to give me?” She asked him

“Oh, there it is. Yes, this was what I was looking for earlier. How lucky that
this little one found it, and you.” He said surprised over the event that just
took place, but he was also relieved over everything.

She gently removed the ring around the Yubos ear and gave it some Shooki seeds
as thanks before she looked at it.

“It is wonderful, thank you soo much. I will treasure this moment forever.” She
said as he put the ring on her finger and she kissed him. She let her head rest
on his should as they once more admired the scenery.

The little Yubo ran off towards its friends, still chewing the sweet candy.

This dear Homins is the tale of a christmas gift.