The tale of A day in a barmans life

A day in a barmans life.

You might think that it is a breeze to stand here handing out liquor to
passing Homins, to hand out a glass and get a fistful of dappers in return.
So it might seem, but if you think so, then you are gravely misstaken.

Did you know that the stinga seeds are best to take between autumn and
winter ? That you should store them in a rather tempered room, not too
dry and not not moist? Did you know that it takes over an hour just to clean
the bar, if there have been no trouble, or if the bar is not open around the
clock as it usually is.
Yes a barman’s life seems easy, if you are the customer.

It was an ordinary evening at an ordinary bar on Atys, everything was normal,
except for that what was changed.

“Marshal Rehn, have you not got enought yet ? Isnt that your seventh bottle
already, I am suprised that you still can sit up. Please go home and get some
rest now. You are the only one left here.” The barman said to Marshal Rehn
that sat in a corner in the bar in Fairhaven.

“Yea-hiccup-sschir if your floor would stop schpinn a bit Ill get hiccup
home, or at leascht in thezz way my home is.. hic” The Marshal replied

“Ok, I see, well you will not leave without this little last drink my friend”
The barman said and put a glass in front of Marshal Rehn. He knew that
even though Rehn was a tough drinker, heck he’d be then one he would
put his dappers on if there ever was a drinking bet, had gotten lots in him
he needed a refresher for the trip.
It was his own special get-yer-ass-from-the-bar drink that he humouristically
named it.
Old stinga seeds, a pinch of warm messabmilk, Kipee secrete and a drop of
Varinx drool,how do that sound to you ? Well even though the taste is not
for every man, it sure gets them alert and able to move about. And it did work.

“Yikesch, what isch that drinkk… ouuups” Marshal Rehn said as he stood up,
too fast of course, and his head took a fast spin and he found his chair to fall over.

“Its just something that puts enough energy to move you home my friend. I
shall let the stable boy see to that you make it home, or let you sleep it off
over at his place.” The barman said while smiling.

“Yesch, that would be fine, tzankh yoh” Marshal Rehn said from below the table.

The barman went to the disk to get his cloth to clean the tables. Tonight
seemed to be a calm and nice night. There were no immidiate dangers lurking
about, and nothing particular to celebrate. Today his bar had been filled with
Homins that had spend this calm time to gather materials from all corners of
Tryker and Atys. They had been sitting in the bar moisting their thirsty
throats with his fine ale made of the finest of Shooki seeds and flowers.
They had been having a taste of his well renowed Fireglass, made partially
of Firewine from Fyros. yes it had been a fine night indeed, and now while
Homins took their leave homeward his day continued a bit more. Even
though times were calm and fine he still had work to do.

“hey you silly barman, can a Homin get a drink in these parts or are they
as dry as the dester I have been travelling?” A voice from behind said.

“And how can I know that you can handle what my glass holds Homin,
that you will not fall of that chair by mere smelling my drinks here.” The
barman said as he poured a glass of mediumwarm Messab Milk and put
down on the bar. “Its good to see you again Trahlor, how was your trip?”

“Hot, what do you think it was the desert. Hot and dry, just as I like it
hahaha” Trahlor said while drinking his Messab Milk.

Trahlor was a close friend to the barman, how they have gotten to know
eachother they did not remember clearly anymore, that is how far back
they go. Trahlor was a traveller most of the time, traveller and perhaps
even scout of new trading routes. He was a tall fierce looking Fyros with
a heart of gold. He had been at the bar many times , sometimes helping
the barman to separate guests that had gotten too much in their bellies.
But mostly he sat there talking to the barman, just talking about what
have happened. And he always drank medium warm Messab Milk.

“Oh and out in me packer I have a pair of kegs of Firewine, it is brewed
on the plants near Thesos.” Trahlor said while zipping the milk.

“Theos, my those are amongst the finest of plants for this wine of fire.
I thank you a lot for bringing me such fine liquor.” The barman replied
knowing that it was some fine assesments he was to recive.

“yeah, I let the stable boy take care of my packer, I met him outside as
he was almost carrying that Tryker fellow, whats his name?”

“Marshal Rehn” The barman replied.

“Rehn yes, so was it. It seemed as he had gotten a lot this evening.”
Trahlor said looking at the barman.

“Yes he seemed a bit down, and had a bottle or two too much I think.
I gave him a glass of my special drink to give him the boost needed to
get home.” The barman said and started to wipe some glasses.

“I bet that it made him flip a bit eh” Trahlor said and emptied his glass.

“Oh yeah, he fell over” The barman said whilst still wiping the glasses
but now he smiled.

“Put this one my tab will you, ill be heading off to bed for now. I will
come see you tomorrow and hand over the kegs. Rest well my friend.”
Trahlor said, stood up and started to walk out.

“Trahlor, you know that you have no tab here my friend.” This was an
old joke between them since Trahlor did not drink other than the Messab
Milk. “Rest well my friend and see you tomorrow.”

Yes tomorrow would be a bit exiting, he would get the firewine, and already
he started to figure out how to mix it to improve his drinks. But for now, it
was time to get some sleep for himself.
As he walked down the walkway through Fairhaven on his way to his bed
that awaited him at home he looked at the stars. It was a bright clear night
here in Tryker lands. And tomorrow would be a new exiting day.

But for now this was a day in a barmans life.