The tale of a ghost walking

Dear Homins, have you heard the tale of a ghost walking ?

Once in Fairhaven there was a guard named Fim Da’Garm whom duty was to watch
over Lorias Rise which was to held great meetings. These meetings required a
place of much importance and a central point for all to gather upon.
This center was the chair whom you can see if you walk to the platform behind
the house. In this chair Still Wyler himself sat when these meetings were hold.
It was here that he received the ring of trust from King Yrkanis when he took him
under his protection. It was here that new trading routes were made and hard
decisions taken.

For these meetings security was tightened for many important persons were here
to attend. And this was the job of Fim Da’Garm, the head chief of security in
Fairhaven. And he took this job very serious, even too serious sometimes
according to his friends. Yet he was a nice and kind man devoted to his duty.
Rumor has it that he even shared a bottle for firewine or stinga rum with
Still Wyler a few times. Friendship has many bonds.

Fim was married to a beautiful girl named Flimmer. One of his reasons for being
so careful with his guard duties was that he and Flimmer shared a something
important, something great. Flimmer was pregnant. This was a great joy for Fim
and Flimmer. Of course Fim wanted a boy that could take over his duties the day
he was to past them on. Flimmer often laughed when she heard Fim tell about his
great plans for the boy. And often she answered “It is a great responsibility
and honour, but dear the child is not born yet.”

One night Fim was talking to Wyler about the layout for the meeting next day and
he also showed him how he planned for the guards to stand. He gave Wyler the
whole plan and you could see that Wyler almost fell asleep while listening.

“Yes Fim, it is good indeed, but this is is just a small meeting about new
trading routes tomorrow. Its nothing big and will not hold people of
importance. Why all this planning?”

“People of no importance, Still Wyler himself will be here tomorrow.” Fim said
while smiling at Wyler.

“Haha yes indeed he will be.” Wyler replied with a laugh. “Well I entrust you
with this as usual my friend. I shall now go to rest for the evening.”

The night took over from the day and brought darkness to Fairhaven as the sun
slowly hide behind the mountains. Fim walked along the bridge towards his home
and he smiled. He was on his way home to his family.

“Welcome dear, I’m sorry that I cannot come to meet you for my stomach has been
heavy today and my back is hurting.” Flimmer said when he got through the door.

“Flimmer, you should go see the doctor about it tomorrow. You have carried our
child long enough now, it is as I am about to get worried for you dear.” Fim
replied gently.

“Yes I will do it tomorrow, did you know that i felt it kicking today.” Flimmer
said with a little laugh. “I am sorry that you missed it though. Perhaps you
will feel it tonight.”

“I really hope so.” Fim said.

And so the dawn of the next morning came to Fairhaven. Fim got up early and gave
Flimmer a kiss and a smile as goodbye as he always did.
He went to the guardhouse to inspect and see to that everything was in order.
Then he sent two guards to accompany Wyler to the meeting. This was more for a
show than for guard. When everyone had gathered for the meeting and Wyler sat
in his chair it started. Fim looked over it for a few minutes and then began his
walk around the premise.

“Stop him, let him not pass through” a guard at the bridge screamed.

Fim threw a glance at the bridge and saw a tall, thin man running towards the
meeting. Fim reacted in an instant and ran towards Wyler. As the tall man was
about 20 meters away from Wyler he drew a weapon and pointed it towards Wyler.
As it went off it seemed as a silence came over them all. The guards threw
themselves over the tall man, but he dodged them and jumped into the water with
the guards running after him.

“Well it seems as everything is fine, and your guards will have that man in
custody in no time Fim.” Wyler said.

“Yes” Fim replied and then fell to the floor. The bullet had found a target and it
was him.

“By Jena, Fim answer me, Fim” Wyler said when he saw this.

“It seems as my duties ends here Wyler. Take care of them. Be safe.”
Was the last words of Fim before he closed his eyes and fell to eternal sleep.

That night Flimmer gave birth to their child. A beautiful girl and she named her
Loria after the place where Fim had done his last duty. This was her way of
honour and love him. Until this day Homins that have walked or sat by Lorias
Rise sometimes have felt something passing them by or heard the sounds of
footsteps, yet they have been all by themselves. Some say that this is the sounds
of Fim walking up and down along Lorias Rise guarding them. Others say that they
are right.

This is the tale of A Ghost Walking.