The tale of A piece of Amber

The tale of a piece of amber

Another sunny day in Fairhaven turned into evening and Drakfot was rumming
through one of Joob’s backpacks. He was the first packer she bought from the
Stable boy. From the start Joob was not for sale as he had fallen ill once and
hurt his right back leg. This had made him not so popular for the younger
harvesters to purchase as he was not fit to travel long distances.
But Drakfot had felt sad for him and chosed to buy him and care for him, she
made this decision as soon as she saw him standing there in the stable.
The stable boy had not want to dispose of him either, but had found it hard to
get him a new home.

Since that day Drakfot and Joob had spent some time together, she often took him
out on small travels so that he was to see the surroundings. But she had also
noticed that he felt rather comfortable in the stable with the other Mektoub’s.
She had then chosen to find him two friends to keep him company. So now there
were Joob, his two friends and Ki, her mount in the stables.

As she was looking through the bag the sun sank lower and the small lights on
the stable gave off a stronger shine in attempt to lit a beacon for the Homins
to find. As she lifted the vest of a green light armour that she had crafted a
time ago she noticed something was shimmering in the bag.
She reached down and grabbed a piece of amber. An important piece.

“My dear Drakfot, this is not much but I want to give it to you.” He had said
that evening when he had handed it over to her. And it had since then meant the
world to her.

This amber was given to her by the one she loves so dearly. Tyilin had fought
hard to find such lively piece of amber so that he could give it to her. Some
might have seen it as just another material to craft, but not Drakfot. For her
this little piece of stone meant so much that she always carried it with her
whenever she could. For some time later he had told her that he had to leave for
a long journey. She had asked him if she could join in, to be by his side. He
had then smiled towards her and said :

“Dear Drakfot, you will be by my side. But this is a journey that I myself have
to travel alone. This is something that I have to do. But I will never be alone
for you will always be in my heart and mind.”

A few days later he left. During this time Drakfot sometimes felt lonely, but
she always held the amber close and her friends kept her spirit up and always
placed a smile on the face. He pet Yubo always came to her when she sat on the
hill watching the view of Fairhaven. She had brought the small ones, whom had
grown up by now and freely roamed the hill and its surroundings. They had been
around her, crawling up in her lap and fallen asleep. She used to sit there and
gently stroke them and listen to their calm breaths. It had sometimes reminded
her of the calmness he gave her every time she fell asleep in his arms. To hear
his breath and feel his warmth. These thoughts had sometimes brought a small
tear of missing. But she had then squeezed the amber and felt calm again, he was
always with her.

She had since then focused on her harvesting and crafting a bit to be able to
refine her knowledge in making well suited and protecting light armour, the one
craft she do. She often spend time in Enchanted Isle together with her Matisian
friend Juxta, they were a great team in harvest. She had also been there with
Seanchai and it always turned out to be a blast of joy. Yes she had been
harvesting for quite some time and worked on her skills in that area. She
decided that she would make an as equal set as she could when she crafted and
knew that to learn to do this it would take much materials and even more time.
But she could wait, she had all the time in the world for she was waiting for
him to return.
Sometimes she heard words from traveling merchants or scouts that they had met
Tyilin. But often they could not say much more than that. But the thought of him
being alive always lived within her.
He had told her that he had to travel this distant by himself, and this she
understood and waited patiently.

So now she stood there looking at the little piece of amber in her hand. She
placed it in her pocket and gathered the remains of the armour she had in the
bag, Joob looked at her innocently and reached for her face with his trunk. He
was such nice and kind Mektoub, never ran off, always stayed close. She never
had to put a leash on him for he had always listened to her calling and she had
always let him roam freely around if he felt for it. His trunk landed carefully
on her shoulder and she exchanged a look with him then she smiled.

“You are a kind one Joob, thank you” She said and closed the bag. Joob
successfully snatched a candered Stinga seed from her other pocket and chewed it
happily. She laughed a bit and went to talk to the stable boy. He often bought
her goods and was a kind man.

After a small conversation with him she handed over her armour. She had choosen
to sell them at a lower prize so that more Homins could afford them. And the
merchant had happily agreed to once more act as the middle hand.

The evening turned its shift into darker and became the beginning of night. The
sky was clear and gloomy. The start shined bright and clear so she decided that
she would walk to her favorite place on the hill where she could see the entire
view of Fairhaven. She did not own a apartment, she rarely would spend time
there anyway. Tyilin had bought one in Fairhaven though and she had been there
some times. Often they had spend some time there after a hard days work.
Drinking some tea based on leaves that Tyilin had brought from the jungle, oh
she missed is lovely tea.
But she had always found joy to sleep outdoors.

She appeared on the hill and took a right turn as usual and reached the small
cliff. She stood there for a moment and let her view wander over the town. It
was still lively and energetic even though it was almost night. Some Homins
never slept it seemed. The bar was already half filled with thirsty harvesters
and the material merchants were checking of today’s inventory and what was to be
sent out tomorrow. The item merchants either polished some goods or did as the
material merchants, checking goods. Yes another usual night in Fairhaven it
would turn out to be.

She sat down and took out the amber from her pocket and looked at it as she had
done so many times before. It shined so lovely in the evening light as it turned
into moonlight. It held so many nice colors that she seemed to find a new one
for every time she looked at it. The stars reflected themselves in it and the
moon joined them. Yes it did remind her of him

She didn’t know long she had been sitting there staring at the amber, she
sometimes got lost in it. But she suddenly heard a small sound from behind, she
did not care about it as she thought that it was a Yubo sneaking up in her as
they usually do. But then suddenly she saw a colored reflection in the amber but
before she knew something came down and surrounded her, hugging her from behind
and a voice she knew so well whispered in her ear :

“My dearest, I am home..”